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Forum Rules

Forum Rules

We want the forum to be a pleasant place for everyone to discuss AutoIt scripting, and we also want to protect the reputation of AutoIt. So we ask you to respect these simple rules while you are here:

Forum posting:

1. Do not ask for help with AutoIt scripts, post links to, or start discussion topics on the following subjects:
  • Malware of any form - trojan, virus, keylogger, spam tool, "joke/spoof" script, etc.
  • Bypassing of security measures - log-in and security dialogs, CAPTCHAs, anti-bot agents, software activation, etc.
  • Automation of software/sites contrary to their EULA (see Reporting bullet below).
  • Launching, automation or script interaction with games or game servers, regardless of the game.
  • Running or injecting any code (in any form) intended to alter the original functionality of another process.
  • Decompilation of AutoIt scripts or details of decompiler software.
This list is non-exhaustive - the Moderating team reserve the right to close any thread that they feel is contrary to the ethos of the forum.

2. Do not post material that could be considered pornographic, violent or explicit - or express personal opinions that would not be acceptable in a civilized society. Do not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this site.

3. To protect this community, any files posted by you are subject to checks to ensure that they do not contain malware. This includes, but is not limited to, decompilation and reverse engineering.

4. Do not flame or insult other members - and just report the thread to a Moderator (see below) if you are so attacked.

5. Do not PM other users asking for support - that is why the forum exists, so post there instead.

6. Do not create multiple accounts - if you inadvertently created multiple accounts then contact a Moderator to close the unwanted ones.

7. Do not repost the same question if the previous thread has been locked - particularly if you merely reword the question to get around one of the prohibitions listed above.

The Moderating team will do their best to act in fair and reasonable manner. Sanctions will only be applied as a last resort and any action taken will be explained in the relevant thread. If you feel that you have been unfairly moderated then contact the Moderator concerned via PM rather than opening a new thread to complain. But do be aware that we have the final word - the rules are set out by the site owner and you are only welcome here if you respect his wishes.


If you feel a post needs Moderator attention, please use the "Report" button at the bottom of the post. You can then enter details of why you have reported the post - but there is no need to include the content of the post as that is done automatically. The Moderating team will be alerted to the post and will deal with it as soon as they can.

If you suspect a EULA violation, do not expect the Moderating team to do all the work - please provide some evidence in the report such as a copy of (or link to) the EULA in question, as well as the section you believe has been violated.

Finally, please do not enter into an argument with the original poster - that is why we have Moderators.


Please do not react to spam in any way other than reporting it. Multiple reports are combined by the forum software, so there is no need to announce that you have reported the spam - in fact doing so only increases the work for the Moderator who deals with it.