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  1. Freedom added a post in a topic: UDF: _FileGetTreeList, _FileFindAllR   

    I got the copy and past to work by first pasting into wordpad and then copying and pasting that into Scite followed by Tidy! Damn that was annoying!
  2. Freedom added a post in a topic: UDF: _FileGetTreeList, _FileFindAllR   

    WoW, blindwig you are my hero! This was just what I was looking for. Thx for funcs and keep up the good work. For some reason the code tags are not working properly. When I copy and past your script it just ends up on one line. Anyway to avoid this?
  3. Freedom added a post in a topic: !=   

    AutoIt wasn't meant to compare with .Net
    And don't you have somthing better to do other than waste peoples time
  4. Freedom added a post in a topic: Navigating IE without COM   

    Good Job, It might be worth knowing that ctrl + Tab will always tab to the address bar. (Or atleast it does for me)

    The reason I bring this up is because a few months back I had a web page that wasnt always giving focus to the same control when It loaded. I dont know if it was because of IE or the webpage but it drove me nuts.

    Anyway good job on the post. I personally use com now but thats only because I have a need to understand it.