AutoIt Exitcodes

Below is a complete list of the autoit exitcodes return when a Fatal error occurs if Opt("OnExitCode", 1) (default).

Value Fatal Error message
0x7FFFF068 Unable to open the script file.
0x7FFFF069 Badly formatted "Func" statement.
0x7FFFF06A Unable to parse line.
0x7FFFF06B Missing right bracket ')' in expression.
0x7FFFF06C Missing operator in expression.
0x7FFFF06D Unbalanced brackets in expression.
0x7FFFF06E Error in expression.
0x7FFFF06F Error parsing function call.
0x7FFFF070 Incorrect number of parameters in function call.
0x7FFFF071 "ReDim" used without an array variable.
0x7FFFF072 Illegal text at the end of statement (one statement per line).
0x7FFFF073 "If" statement has no matching "EndIf" statement.
0x7FFFF074 "Else" statement with no matching "If" statement.
0x7FFFF075 "EndIf" statement with no matching "If" statement.
0x7FFFF076 Too many "Else" statements for matching "If" statement.
0x7FFFF077 "While" statement has no matching "WEnd" statement.
0x7FFFF078 "WEnd" statement with no matching "While" statement.
0x7FFFF079 Variable used without being declared.
0x7FFFF07A Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.
0x7FFFF07B Array variable subscript badly formatted.
0x7FFFF07C Subscript used with non-Array variable.
0x7FFFF07D Too many subscripts used for an array.
0x7FFFF07E Missing subscript dimensions in "Dim" statement.
0x7FFFF07F No variable given for "Dim", "Local", "Global" or "Const" statement.
0x7FFFF080 Expected a "=" operator in assignment statement.
0x7FFFF081 Invalid keyword at the start of this line.
0x7FFFF082 Array maximum size exceeded.
0x7FFFF083 "Func" statement has no matching "EndFunc".
0x7FFFF084 Duplicate function name.
0x7FFFF085 Unknown function name.
0x7FFFF086 Unknown macro.
0x7FFFF087 Unable to execute the external program.
0x7FFFF08B Unknown option or bad parameter specified.
0x7FFFF08C Unable to load the internet libraries.
0x7FFFF08E Unable to open file, the maximum number of open files has been exceeded.
0x7FFFF08F Invalid file handle used.
0x7FFFF090 Invalid file filter given.
0x7FFFF091 Expected a variable in user function call.
0x7FFFF092 "Do" statement has no matching "Until" statement.
0x7FFFF093 "Until" statement with no matching "Do" statement.
0x7FFFF094 "For" statement is badly formatted.
0x7FFFF095 "Next" statement with no matching "For" statement.
0x7FFFF096 "ExitLoop/ContinueLoop" statements only valid from inside a For/Do/While loop.
0x7FFFF097 "For" statement has no matching "Next" statement.
0x7FFFF098 "Case" statement with no matching "Select"or "Switch" statement.
0x7FFFF099 "EndSelect" statement with no matching "Select" statement.
0x7FFFF09A Recursion level has been exceeded - AutoIt will quit to prevent stack overflow.
0x7FFFF09B Unable to access RunAs API.
0x7FFFF09C String missing closing quote.
0x7FFFF09E Badly formated variable or macro.
0x7FFFF09F This keyword cannot be used after a "Then" keyword.
0x7FFFF0A0 "Select" statement is missing "EndSelect" or "Case" statement.
0x7FFFF0A1 "If" statements must have a "Then" keyword.
0x7FFFF0A3 Cannot assign values to constants.
0x7FFFF0A4 Cannot make existing variables into constants.
0x7FFFF0A7 Object referenced outside a "With" statement.
0x7FFFF0A8 Nested "With" statements are not allowed.
0x7FFFF0A9 Variable must be of type "Object".
0x7FFFF0AA The requested action with this object has failed.
0x7FFFF0AB Variable appears more than once in function declaration.
0x7FFFF0AC ReDim array can not be initialized in this manner.
0x7FFFF0AD An array variable can not be used in this manner.
0x7FFFF0AE Can not redeclare a constant.
0x7FFFF0AF Can not redeclare a parameter inside a user function.
0x7FFFF0B0 Can pass constants by reference only to parameters with "Const" keyword.
0x7FFFF0B1 Can not initialize a variable with itself.
0x7FFFF0B2 Incorrect way to use this parameter.
0x7FFFF0B3 "EndSwitch" statement with no matching "Switch" statement.
0x7FFFF0B4 "Switch" statement is missing "EndSwitch" or "Case" statement.
0x7FFFF0B5 "ContinueCase" statement with no matching "Select"or "Switch" statement.
0x7FFFF0B6 Assert Failed!
0x7FFFF0B7 AutoIt has encountered a fatal crash as a result of:\r Unable to execute DllCall.
0x7FFFF0B8 Obsolete function/parameter.
0x7FFFF0B9 Invalid Exitcode (reserved for AutoIt internal use).