AutoIt3 Limits/defaults

AutoIt3 limits Value Description
MAX_BINARYSIZE 2,147,483,647 Maximum bytes of binary data.
MAX_ENVSIZE 32767 Maximum size for an ENV variable.
MAX_LINESIZE 4095 Maximum size for a line of script.
MAX_STRINGLEN 2,147,483,647 Maximum string length.
WINTEXTBUFFER 32767 WM_GETTEXT randomly fails if > 32767.
MAXCALLRECURSE 3900 limit for x64 and 1900 limit for x86 Maximum number of times the Call() function can recurse to itself.
MAXEXECUTERECURSE 5100 Maximum number of times the Execute() function can recurse to itself.
GUI_MAXCONTROLS 65532 Maximum number of controls in GUI box.
GUI_MAXPOINTS 256 Maximum number of points by graphic info page.
COM_MAXEVENT 64 Maximum number of COM events that can be buffered.
VAR_SUBSCRIPT_ELEMENTS 16,777,216 Maximum number of elements for an array.
VAR_SUBSCRIPT_MAX 64 Maximum number of subscripts for an array.
MAIN_TIMER_DELAY 750 ms Tray icon hiding/flashing/drawing is checked every 750ms.
CMDLINEPARAM_MAXLEN 4096 Each parameter can be this many characters.
TRAY_MAXITEMS 505 Maximum number of items in the tray menu.
TRAY_MAXEVENT 32 Maximum number of events that can be buffered.
TRAY_TOOLTIPWIDTH 64 Maximum number of characters displayed in a tray tooltip.


Default Value Description
ADLIB delay 250 ms Default delay in ms between ADLIB triggers. Can be defined in AdlibRegister().
    Following defaults can be changed with Opt()
MouseClickDelay 10 ms Time between mouse clicks.
MouseClickDownDelay 10 ms Time the click is held down.
MouseClickDragDelay 250 ms The delay at the start and end of a drag operation.
TCPTimeout 100 ms Time after a TCP function is aborted.