Controls functions Reference

Below is a complete list of the functions available in AutoIt. Click on a function name for a detailed description.


Function Description
ControlClick Sends a mouse click command to a given control.
ControlCommand Sends a command to a control.
ControlDisable Disables or "grays-out" a control.
ControlEnable Enables a "grayed-out" control.
ControlFocus Sets input focus to a given control on a window.
ControlGetFocus Returns the ControlRef# of the control that has keyboard focus within a specified window.
ControlGetHandle Retrieves the internal handle of a control.
ControlGetPos Retrieves the position and size of a control relative to its window.
ControlGetText Retrieves text from a control.
ControlHide Hides a control.
ControlListView Sends a command to a ListView32 control.
ControlMove Moves a control within a window.
ControlSend Sends a string of characters to a control.
ControlSetText Sets text of a control.
ControlShow Shows a control that was hidden.
ControlTreeView Sends a command to a TreeView32 control.
StatusbarGetText Retrieves the text from a standard status bar control.