GUI functions Reference

Below is a complete list of the functions available in AutoIt. Click on a function name for a detailed description.

See Gui Constants include files if you need to use the related controls Constants .


Function Description
GUICreate Create a GUI window.
GUICtrlGetHandle Returns the handle for a control and some special (item) handles (Menu, ContextMenu, TreeViewItem).
GUICtrlGetState Gets the current state of a control.
GUICtrlRead Read state or data of a control.
GUICtrlRecvMsg Send a message to a control and retrieve information in lParam.
GUICtrlSendMsg Send a message to a control.
GUICtrlSendToDummy Sends a message to a Dummy control.
GUIDelete Deletes a GUI window and all controls that it contains.
GUIGetCursorInfo Gets the mouse cursor position relative to GUI window.
GUIGetMsg Polls the GUI to see if any events have occurred.
GUIGetStyle Retrieves the styles of a GUI window.
GUIRegisterMsg Register a user defined function for a known Windows Message ID (WM_MSG).
GUIStartGroup Defines that any subsequent controls that are created will be "grouped" together.
GUISwitch Switches the current window used for GUI functions.