GUI Control update functions Reference

Below is a complete list of the functions available in AutoIt. Click on a function name for a detailed description.

See Gui Constants include files if you need to use the related controls Constants .


Function Description
GUICtrlRegisterListViewSort Register a user defined function for an internal listview sorting callback function.
GUICtrlSetBkColor Sets the background color of a control.
GUICtrlSetColor Sets the text color of a control.
GUICtrlSetCursor Sets the mouse cursor icon for a particular control.
GUICtrlSetData Modifies the data for a control.
GUICtrlSetDefBkColor Sets the default background color of all the controls of the GUI window.
GUICtrlSetDefColor Sets the default text color of all the controls of the GUI window.
GUICtrlSetFont Sets the font for a control.
GUICtrlSetGraphic Modifies the data for a control.
GUICtrlSetImage Sets the bitmap or icon image to use for a control.
GUICtrlSetLimit Limits the number of characters/pixels for a control.
GUICtrlSetOnEvent Defines a user-defined function to be called when a control is clicked.
GUICtrlSetPos Changes the position of a control within the GUI window.
GUICtrlSetResizing Defines the resizing method used by a control.
GUICtrlSetState Changes the state of a control.
GUICtrlSetStyle Changes the style of a control.
GUICtrlSetTip Sets the tip text associated with a control.