Math functions Reference

Below is a complete list of the functions available in AutoIt. Click on a function name for a detailed description.


Function Description
Abs Calculates the absolute value of a number.
ACos Calculates the arcCosine of a number.
ASin Calculates the arcsine of a number.
ATan Calculates the arctangent of a number.
BitAND Performs a bitwise AND operation.
BitNOT Performs a bitwise NOT operation.
BitOR Performs a bitwise OR operation.
BitRotate Performs a bit shifting operation, with rotation.
BitShift Performs a bit shifting operation.
BitXOR Performs a bitwise exclusive OR (XOR) operation.
Ceiling Returns a number rounded up to the next integer.
Cos Calculates the cosine of a number.
Exp Calculates e to the power of a number.
Floor Returns a number rounded down to the closest integer.
Log Calculates the natural logarithm of a number.
Mod Performs the modulus operation.
Random Generates a pseudo-random float-type number.
Round Returns a number rounded to a specified number of decimal places.
Sin Calculates the sine of a number.
Sqrt Calculates the square-root of a number.
SRandom Set Seed for random number generation.
Tan Calculates the tangent of a number.