Misc. functions Reference

Below is a complete list of the functions available in AutoIt. Click on a function name for a detailed description.


Function Description
AdlibRegister Registers an Adlib function.
AdlibUnRegister Unregisters an adlib function.
AutoItSetOption Changes the operation of various AutoIt functions/parameters.
AutoItWinGetTitle Retrieves the title of the AutoIt window.
AutoItWinSetTitle Changes the title of the AutoIt window.
BlockInput Disable/enable the mouse and keyboard.
Break Enables or disables the users' ability to exit a script from the tray icon menu.
Call Calls a user-defined or built-in function contained in first parameter.
CDTray Opens or closes the CD tray.
Execute Execute an expression.
OnAutoItExitRegister Registers a function to be called when AutoIt exits.
OnAutoItExitUnRegister UnRegisters a function that was called when AutoIt exits.
SetError Manually set the value of the @error macro (and optionally @extended, and "Return Value").
SetExtended Manually set the value of the @extended macro.
VarGetType Returns the internal type representation of a variant.