Tray functions Reference

Below is a complete list of the functions available in AutoIt. Click on a function name for a detailed description.


Function Description
TrayCreateItem Creates a menuitem control for the tray.
TrayCreateMenu Creates a menu control for the tray menu.
TrayGetMsg Polls the tray to see if any events have occurred.
TrayItemDelete Deletes a menu/item control from the tray menu.
TrayItemGetHandle Returns the handle for a tray menu(item).
TrayItemGetState Gets the current state of a control.
TrayItemGetText Gets the itemtext of a tray menu/item control.
TrayItemSetOnEvent Defines a user-defined function to be called when a tray item is clicked.
TrayItemSetState Sets the state of a tray menu/item control.
TrayItemSetText Sets the itemtext of a tray menu/item control.
TraySetClick Sets the clickmode of the tray icon - what mouseclicks will display the tray menu.
TraySetIcon Loads/Sets a specified tray icon.
TraySetOnEvent Defines a user function to be called when a special tray action happens.
TraySetPauseIcon Loads/Sets a specified tray pause icon.
TraySetState Sets the state of the tray icon.
TraySetToolTip (Re)Sets the tooltip text for the tray icon.
TrayTip Displays a balloon tip from the AutoIt Icon.