Window Titles and Text (Advanced)

AutoIt operates in one of three "Window matching" modes. The modes are set with the AutoItSetOption function using the WinTitleMatchMode option.


Mode 1 (default)

Matches partial titles from the start.

In this mode, a window titled Untitled - Notepad would be matched by "Untitled - Notepad", "Untitled", "Un", etc.


@@SyntaxHighlighting@@ WinWait("Untitled") @@End@@


Mode 2

Matches any substring in the title.

In this mode, a window titled Untitled - Notepad would be matched by "Untitled - Notepad", "Untitled", "Notepad", "pad", etc.


@@SyntaxHighlighting@@ WinWait("Notepad") @@End@@


Mode 3

Exact title match.

In this mode, a window titled Untitled - Notepad would only be matched by "Untitled - Notepad".


Mode 4 (Kept for backward compatibility)

Advanced mode

Replaced by Advanced Window Descriptions which work in any mode.


Mode -1 to -4

Case insensitive match according to the other type of match.

Advanced Window Descriptions

A special description can be used as the window title parameter. This description can be used to identify a window by the following properties:

One or more properties are used in the title parameter of a window command in the format:

@@SyntaxHighlighting@@ [PROPERTY1 : Value1; PROPERTY2:Value2] @@End@@


Note : if a Value must contain a ";" it must be doubled.

e.g. Wait for a window with the classname "Notepad".

@@SyntaxHighlighting@@ WinWaitActive("[CLASS:Notepad]", "") @@End@@


e.g. Close the currently active window

@@SyntaxHighlighting@@ WinClose("[ACTIVE]", "") @@End@@


e.g. Wait for the 2nd instance of a window with title "My Window" and classname "My Class"

@@SyntaxHighlighting@@ WinWaitActive("[TITLE:My Window; CLASS:My Class; INSTANCE:2]", "") @@End@@


e.g. List windows matching Title defined by a regular expression

@@SyntaxHighlighting@@ WinList("[REGEXPTITLE:(?i)(.*SciTE.*|.*Internet Explorer.*)]") @@End@@

Window Handles / HWNDs

The variant datatype in AutoIt natively supports window handles (HWNDs).  A window handle is a special value that Windows assigns to windows each time they are created.  When you have a handle you may use it in place of the title parameter in any of the function calls that use the title/text convention.  The advantage of using window handles is that if you have multiple copies of an application open which have the same title/text then you can uniquely identify them using handles. When you use a window handle for the title parameter then the text parameter is completely ignored.

Various functions such as WinGetHandle, WinList and GUICreate return these handles. It is important to note that a window handle is not classed as a number or string - it is its own special type.

Note: Window handles will work no matter what WinTitleMatchMode is currently in use.


@@SyntaxHighlighting@@ Local $hWnd = WinGetHandle("Untitled - Notepad", "") WinClose($hWnd) @@End@@