Keyword Reference

Below is a complete list of the keywords available in AutoIt. Click on a keyword name for a detailed description.


Keyword Description
False / True Boolean values for use in logical expressions.
#comments-start Specify that an entire section of script should be commented out.
ContinueCase Abort the code in the current Case block and continue with the code in the next Case block when in a Select or Switch structure.
ContinueLoop Continue a While/Do/For loop.
Default Keyword value to use in function call.
Dim / Global / Local / Const Declare a variable, a constant, or create an array.
Do...Until Loop based on an expression.
Enum Enumerates constants.
Exit Terminates the script.
ExitLoop Terminate a While/Do/For loop.
For...To...Step...Next Loop based on an expression.
For...In...Next Enumerates elements in an Object collection or an Array.
Func...Return...EndFunc Defines a user-defined function that takes zero or more arguments and optionally returns a result.
If...Then Conditionally run a single statement.
If...ElseIf...Else...EndIf Conditionally run statements.
#include-once Specifies that the current file should only be included once.
#include Includes a file in the current script.
#NoTrayIcon Indicates that the AutoIt tray icon will not be shown when the script starts.
Null Keyword value to use in function call.
#OnAutoItStartRegister Registers a function to be called when AutoIt starts.
#pragma A special directive for controlling aspects of how the script is compiled.
ReDim Resize an existing array.
#RequireAdmin Specifies that the current script requires full administrator rights to run.
Select...Case...EndSelect Conditionally run statements.
Static Declare a static variable or create a static array.
Switch...Case...EndSwitch Conditionally run statements.
Volatile Function qualifier.
While...WEnd Loop based on an expression.
With...EndWith Used to reduce long references to dot-accessible type of variables.