Keyword Reference


Specifies or receives the attributes of a list-view item

Global Const $tagLVITEM = "struct; uint Mask;int Item;int SubItem;uint State;uint StateMask;ptr Text;int TextMax;int Image;lparam Param;" & _
"int Indent;int GroupID;uint Columns;ptr pColumns;ptr piColFmt;int iGroup; endstruct"


Mask Set of flags that specify which members of this structure contain data to be set or which members are being requested. This member can have one or more of the following flags set:
    $LVIF_COLFMT - The piColFmt member is valid or must be set. If this flag is used, the cColumns member is valid or must be set Windows Vista or later.
    $LVIF_COLUMNS - The Columns member is valid
    $LVIF_DI_SETITEM - The operating system should store the requested list item information
    $LVIF_GROUPID - The GroupID member is valid
    $LVIF_IMAGE - The Image member is valid
    $LVIF_INDENT - The Indent member is valid
    $LVIF_NORECOMPUTE - The control will not generate LVN_GETDISPINFO to retrieve text information
    $LVIF_PARAM - The Param member is valid
    $LVIF_STATE - The State member is valid
    $LVIF_TEXT - The Text member is valid
Item 0-based index of the item to which this structure refers
SubItem 1-based index of the subitem to which this structure refers
State Indicates the item's state, state image, and overlay image
StateMask Value specifying which bits of the state member will be retrieved or modified
Text Pointer to a string containing the item text
TextMax Number of bytes in the buffer pointed to by Text, including the string terminator
Image Index of the item's icon in the control's image list
Param Value specific to the item
Indent Number of image widths to indent the item
GroupID Identifier of the tile view group that receives the item
Columns Number of tile view columns to display for this item
pColumns Pointer to the array of column indices
piColFmt A pointer to an array of the following flags (alone or in combination, specifying the format of each subitem in extended tile view (Windows 7 and later).
Value Meaning:
    $LVCFMT_LINE_BREAK - Forces the column to wrap to the top of the next list of columns.
    $LVCFMT_FILL Fills - the remainder of the tile area. Might have a title.
    $LVCFMT_WRAP - Allows the column to wrap within the remaining space in its list of columns.
    $LVCFMT_NO_TITLE - Removes the title from the subitem.
    $LVCFMT_TILE_PLACEMENTMASK - Equivalent to a combination of $LVCFMT_LINE_BREAK and $LVCFMT_FILL.
iGroup Group index of the item. Valid only for owner data/callback (single item in multiple groups) (Windows Vista or later).