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Contains scroll bar parameters to be set by the $SBM_SETSCROLLINFO message, or retrieved by the $SBM_GETSCROLLINFO message

Global Const $tagSCROLLINFO = "uint cbSize;uint fMask;int nMin;int nMax;uint nPage;int nPos;int nTrackPos"


cbSize Specifies the size, in bytes, of this structure. The caller must set this to DllStructGetSize($tagSCROLLINFO).
fMask Specifies the scroll bar parameters to set or retrieve. This member can be a combination of the following values:
    $SIF_ALL - Combination of $SIF_PAGE, $SIF_POS, $SIF_RANGE, and $SIF_TRACKPOS.
    $SIF_DISABLENOSCROLL - This value is used only when setting a scroll bar's parameters.
If the scroll bar's new parameters make the scroll bar unnecessary, disable the scroll bar instead of removing it.
    $SIF_PAGE - The nPage member contains the page size for a proportional scroll bar.
    $SIF_POS - The nPos member contains the scroll box position, which is not updated while the user drags the scroll box.
    $SIF_RANGE - The nMin and nMax members contain the minimum and maximum values for the scrolling range.
    $SIF_TRACKPOS - The nTrackPos member contains the current position of the scroll box while the user is dragging it.
nMin Specifies the minimum scrolling position.
nMax Specifies the maximum scrolling position.
nPage Specifies the page size. A scroll bar uses this value to determine the appropriate size of the proportional scroll box.
nPos Specifies the position of the scroll box.
nTrackPos Specifies the immediate position of a scroll box that the user is dragging.
An application can retrieve this value while processing the $SB_THUMBTRACK request code.
An application cannot set the immediate scroll position, the SetScrollInfo function ignores this member.


$SIF_xxxxx and $SB_XXX for scrollbar require #include <ScrollbarsConstants.au3>