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The WINDOWPOS structure contains information about the size and position of a window

Global Const $tagWINDOWPOS = "hwnd hWnd;int InsertAfter;int X;int Y;int CX;int CY;int Flags"


hWnd Handle to the window
InsertAfter Specifies the position of the window in Z order
X Specifies the position of the left edge of the window
Y Specifies the position of the top edge of the window
CX Specifies the window width, in pixels
CY Specifies the window height, in pixels
Flags Specifies the window position. This member can be one or more of the following values:
    $SWP_DRAWFRAME - Draws a frame around the window
    $SWP_FRAMECHANGED - Sends a WM_NCCALCSIZE message to the window, even if the window's size is not being changed
    $SWP_HIDEWINDOW - Hides the window
    $SWP_NOACTIVATE - Does not activate the window
    $SWP_NOCOPYBITS - Discards the entire contents of the client area
    $SWP_NOMOVE - Retains the current position (ignores the x and y parameters)
    $SWP_NOOWNERZORDER - Does not change the owner window's position in the Z order
    $SWP_NOREDRAW - Does not redraw changes
    $SWP_NOSENDCHANGING - Prevents the window from receiving the WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGING message
    $SWP_NOSIZE - Retains the current size (ignores the cx and cy parameters)
    $SWP_NOZORDER - Retains the current Z order (ignores the InsertAfter parameter)
    $SWP_SHOWWINDOW - Displays the window