Excel user defined functions Reference

Below is a complete list of the user defined functions available in AutoIt. Click on a user defined function name for a detailed description.

When using them you need to add a #include <Excel.au3>.


User Defined Function Description
_Excel_BookAttach Attaches to the first instance of a workbook where the search string matches based on the selected mode
_Excel_BookClose Closes the specified workbook
_Excel_BookList Returns a list of workbooks of a specified or all Excel instances
_Excel_BookNew Creates a new workbook
_Excel_BookOpen Opens an existing workbook
_Excel_BookOpenText Opens a text file and parses the content to a new workbook with a single sheet
_Excel_BookSave Saves the specified workbook
_Excel_BookSaveAs Saves the specified workbook with a new filename and/or type
_Excel_Close Closes all worksheets and the instance of the Excel application
_Excel_ColumnToLetter Converts the column number to letter(s)
_Excel_ColumnToNumber Converts the column letter(s) to a number
_Excel_ConvertFormula Converts cell references in a formula between A1 and R1C1 reference styles, relative and absolute reference type, or both
_Excel_Export Exports a workbook, worksheet, chart or range as PDF or XPS
_Excel_FilterGet Returns a list of set filters
_Excel_FilterSet Sets/unsets filter definitions and filters the range
_Excel_Open Connects to an existing Excel instance or creates a new one
_Excel_PictureAdd Adds a picture on the specified workbook and worksheet
_Excel_Print Prints a workbook, worksheet, chart or range
_Excel_RangeCopyPaste Cuts or copies one or multiple cells, rows or columns to a range or from/to the clipboard
_Excel_RangeDelete Deletes one or multiple cells, rows or columns from the specified worksheet
_Excel_RangeFind Finds matching cells in a range or workbook and returns an array with information about the found cells
_Excel_RangeInsert Inserts one or multiple empty cells, rows or columns into the specified worksheet
_Excel_RangeLinkAddRemove Adds or removes a hyperlink to/from a specified range
_Excel_RangeRead Reads the value, formula or displayed text from a cell or range of cells of the specified workbook and worksheet
_Excel_RangeReplace Finds and replaces matching strings in a range or worksheet
_Excel_RangeSort Sorts a cell range
_Excel_RangeValidate Adds data validation to the specified range
_Excel_RangeWrite Writes value(s) or formula(s) to a cell or a cell range on the specified workbook and worksheet
_Excel_SheetAdd Adds new sheet(s) to a workbook and sets their names
_Excel_SheetCopyMove Copies or moves the specified sheet before or after a specified sheet in the same or a different workbook
_Excel_SheetDelete Deletes the specified sheet by object, string name or by number
_Excel_SheetList Returns a list of all sheets in the specified workbook