SQLite user defined functions Reference

Below is a complete list of the user defined functions available in AutoIt. Click on a user defined function name for a detailed description.

When using them you need to add a #include <SQLite.au3>.


User Defined Function Description
_SQLite_Changes Returns the number of database rows that were changed by the most recently completed statement with this connection
_SQLite_Close Close an open database
_SQLite_Display2DResult Returns or prints to Console a formated display of a 2Dimensional array
_SQLite_Encode Binary encodes a string, number or binary data for use as BLOB in SQLite statements
_SQLite_ErrCode Returns last error code (numeric)
_SQLite_ErrMsg Returns a string describing in english the error condition for the most recent sqlite3_* API call
_SQLite_Escape Escapes a string or number for use as TEXT in SQLite statements
_SQLite_Exec Executes a SQLite query, does not handle results
_SQLite_FastEncode Fast encodes binary data (exclusively) for use in SQLite statements
_SQLite_FastEscape Fast escapes a string or number for use as TEXT in SQLite statements
_SQLite_FetchData Fetches 1 row of data from a _SQLite_Query() based query
_SQLite_FetchNames Read out the Column names of a _SQLite_Query() based query
_SQLite_GetTable Passes Out a 1Dimensional Array Containing Tablenames and Data of Executed Query
_SQLite_GetTable2d Passes out a 2Dimensional array containing column names and data of executed query
_SQLite_LastInsertRowID Returns the ROWID of the most recent insert in the database by this connection
_SQLite_LibVersion Returns the version number of the library
_SQLite_Open Opens/creates a SQLite database
_SQLite_Query Prepares a SQLite Query
_SQLite_QueryFinalize Finalizes an _SQLite_Query() based query. The query is interrupted
_SQLite_QueryReset Reset a _SQLite_Query() based query
_SQLite_QuerySingleRow Read out the first row of the result from the specified query
_SQLite_SafeMode Disable or Enable Safe mode
_SQLite_SetTimeout Sets timeout for busy handler
_SQLite_Shutdown Unloads SQLite.dll
_SQLite_SQLiteExe Executes commands in sqlite3.exe
_SQLite_Startup Loads SQLite3.dll
_SQLite_TotalChanges Returns number of all changes (including via triggers and foreign keys) from start of connection