Function Reference


Retrieves a registered handle to the specified event log

#include <EventLog.au3>
_EventLog__RegisterSource ( $sServerName, $sSourceName )


$sServerName The UNC name of the server on where the event log will be opened. If blank, the operation is performed on the local computer.
$sSourceName The name of the event source whose handle is to be retrieved. The source name must be a subkey of a log under the Eventlog registry key.

Return Value

Success: the handle to an event log.
Failure: 0.


If the source name cannot be found, the event logging service uses the Application log; it does not create a new source.
Events are reported for the source, however, there are no message and category message files specified for looking up descriptions of the event identifiers for the source.
To close the handle to the event log, use the _EventLog__DeregisterSource().