Function Reference


Retrieves information about a specified named pipe

#include <NamedPipes.au3>
_NamedPipes_GetNamedPipeHandleState ( $hNamedPipe )


$hNamedPipe Handle to the server end of a named pipe instance

Return Value

Success: an array with the following format:
    $aState[0] - True if pipe handle is in nonblocking mode, otherwise blocking mode
    $aState[1] - True if pipe handle is in message-read mode, otherwise byte read mode
    $aState[2] - Number of current pipe instances
    $aState[3] - Maximum number of bytes to be collected on the client's computer before transmission
    $aState[4] - Maximum time, in milliseconds, that can pass before a remote named pipe transfers information over the network
    $aState[5] - User name string associated with the client application. The server can only retrieve this information if the client opened the pipe with the SECURITY_IMPERSONATION access privilege
Failure: sets the @error flag to non-zero.



See Also

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