Function Reference


Waits for an instance of a named pipe to become available

#include <NamedPipes.au3>
_NamedPipes_WaitNamedPipe ( $sPipeName [, $iTimeOut = 0] )


$sPipeName The name of the named pipe. The string must include the name of the computer on which the server process is executing.
A period may be used for the servername if the pipe is local.
$iTimeout [optional] The number of milliseconds that the function will wait for the named pipe to be available.
You can also use one of the following values:
    -1 - The function does not return until an instance of the named pipe is available
    0 - The time-out interval is the default value specified by the server process

Return Value

Success: True.
Failure: False.


If no instances of the specified named pipe exist the _NamedPipes_WaitNamedPipe() function returns immediately.



See Also

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