Function Reference


Changes the size of a previously allocated block of task memory

#include <WinAPICom.au3>
_WinAPI_CoTaskMemRealloc ( $pMemory, $iSize )


$pMemory The pointer to the memory block to be reallocated.
$iSize The size of the memory block to be reallocated, in bytes.

Return Value

Success: The reallocated memory block.
Failure: 0.


If $pMemory is 0, function allocates a new memory block in the same way as the _WinAPI_CoTaskMemAlloc() function.
If $pMemory is not 0, it should be a pointer returned by a prior call to _WinAPI_CoTaskMemAlloc().

The contents of the block are unchanged up to the shorter of the new and old sizes, although the new block can be in a different location.
If $pMemory is not 0 and $iSize is 0, then the memory pointed to by $pMemory is freed.

See Also

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