Function Reference


Extracts an icon from the specified executable file, DLL, or icon file

#include <WinAPIIcons.au3>
_WinAPI_ExtractIcon ( $sIcon, $iIndex [, $bSmall = False] )


$sIcon The name of an executable file, DLL, or icon file from which icons will be extracted.
$iIndex The 0-based index of the icon to extract.
If this value is a negative number, the function extracts the icon whose resource identifier is equal to the absolute value of $iIndex.
$bSmall [optional] Specifies whether to extract a small icon, valid values:
    True - Extract a small icon.
    False - Extract a large icon (Default).

Return Value

Success: the handle to the extracted icon.
Failure: 0.


When you are finished using the icon, destroy it using the _WinAPI_DestroyIcon() function.



See Also

Search ExtractIconEx in MSDN Library.