Function Reference


Retrieves a handle to one of the predefined stock pens, brushes, fonts, or palettes

#include <WinAPIHObj.au3>
_WinAPI_GetStockObject ( $iObject )


$iObject Specifies the type of stock object. This parameter can be any one of the following values:
$BLACK_BRUSH - Black brush
$DKGRAY_BRUSH - Dark gray brush
$GRAY_BRUSH - Gray brush
$HOLLOW_BRUSH - Hollow brush (equivalent to NULL_BRUSH)
$LTGRAY_BRUSH - Light gray brush
$NULL_BRUSH - Null brush (equivalent to HOLLOW_BRUSH)
$WHITE_BRUSH - White brush
$BLACK_PEN - Black pen
$NULL_PEN - Null pen
$WHITE_PEN - White pen
$ANSI_FIXED_FONT - Windows fixed-pitch (monospace) system font
$ANSI_VAR_FONT - Windows variable-pitch (proportional space) system font
$DEVICE_DEFAULT_FONT - Device-dependent font
$DEFAULT_GUI_FONT - Default font for user interface objects
$OEM_FIXED_FONT - OEM dependent fixed-pitch (monospace) font
$SYSTEM_FONT - System font
$SYSTEM_FIXED_FONT - Fixed-pitch (monospace) system font used in Windows versions earlier than 3.0
$DEFAULT_PALETTE - Default palette. This palette consists of the static colors in the system palette.

Return Value

Success: The logical object requested
Failure: 0

See Also

Search GetStockObject in MSDN Library.