Function Reference


Determines whether a string matches the specified pattern

#include <WinAPIShPath.au3>
_WinAPI_IsNameInExpression ( $sString, $sPattern [, $bCaseSensitive = False] )


$sString The string to be compared against the pattern. This string cannot contain wildcard characters.
$sPattern The pattern string. This string can contain wildcard characters.
$bCaseSensitive [optional] Specifies whether to treat the string as case sensitive when matching, valid values:
    True - The case-sensitive matching.
    False - The case-insensitive matching (Default).

Return Value

True: the string matches the specified pattern.
False: the string does not match the specified pattern.


If only one of the parameters is an empty string, the function returns 0 (False). This means that "*" does not
match an empty string. If both parameters are empty strings, the function returns 1 (True).

This function requires Windows 7 or later.

See Also

Search RtlIsNameInExpression in MSDN Library.