Function Reference


Converts a logical coordinates into device coordinates

#include <WinAPIGdi.au3>
_WinAPI_LPtoDP ( $hDC, ByRef $tPOINT [, $iCount = 1] )


$hDC Handle to the device context.
$tPOINT $tagPOINT structure or structure of points ("long x1;long y1;...long xN;long yN") containing the
x- and y-coordinates to be transformed.
$iCount [optional] The number of points. Default is 1.

Return Value

Success: True
Failure: False


The _WinAPI_DPtoLP() function fails if the device coordinates exceed 27 bits, or if the converted logical coordinates
exceed 32 bits. In the case of such an overflow, the results for all the points are undefined.



See Also

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