Function Reference


Removes the fonts in the specified file from the system font table

#include <WinAPIGdi.au3>
_WinAPI_RemoveFontResourceEx ( $sFont [, $iFlag = 0 [, $bNotify = False]] )


$sFont String that names a font resource file. To remove a font whose information comes from several resource
files, they must be separated by a "|". For example, abcxxxxx.pfm|abcxxxxx.pfb.
$iFlag [optional] The characteristics of the font to be removed from the system. In order for the font to be removed, the flags
used must be the same as when the font was added with the _WinAPI_AddFontResourceEx() function.
$bNotify [optional] Specifies whether sends a WM_FONTCHANGE message, valid values:
    True - Send the WM_FONTCHANGE message to all top-level windows after changing the pool of font resources.
    False - Don't send (Default).

Return Value

Success: True
Failure: False

See Also

Search RemoveFontResourceEx in MSDN Library.