Function Reference


Creates a memory-based enhanced-format metafile from the specified data

#include <WinAPIGdi.au3>
_WinAPI_SetEnhMetaFileBits ( $pData, $iLength )


$pData A pointer to the buffer that contains the enhanced-metafile data. To obtain the metafile data, call the
_WinAPI_GetEnhMetaFileBits() function.
$iLength The size of the buffer, in bytes.

Return Value

Success: Handle to a memory-based enhanced metafile.
Failure: 0.


When the application no longer needs an enhanced-metafile handle, it should delete the handle by calling the
_WinAPI_DeleteEnhMetaFile() function.


_WinAPI_DeleteEnhMetaFile, _WinAPI_GetEnhMetaFileBits

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