Function Reference


Cancels an existing network connection

#include <WinNet.au3>
_WinNet_CancelConnection2 ( $sName [, $bUpdate = True [, $bForce = True]] )


$sName Name of either the redirected local device or the remote network resource to disconnect from.
When this parameter specifies a redirected local device, the function cancels only the specified device redirection.
If the parameter specifies a remote network resource, only the connections to remote networks without devices are cancelled.
$bUpdate [optional] If True, the users profile is updated with the information that the connection is no longer a persistent one.
$bForce [optional] Specifies whether or not the disconnection should occur if there are open files or jobs on the connection.
If this parameter is False, the function fails if there are open files or jobs.

Return Value

Success: True.
Failure: False.



See Also

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