Function Reference


Starts a general browsing dialog box for connecting to network resources

#include <WinNet.au3>
_WinNet_ConnectionDialog1 ( $hWnd [, $sRemoteName = "" [, $iFlags = 2]] )


$hWnd Handle to the owner window for the dialog box
$sRemoteName [optional] Name of the network resource to connect to
$iFlags [optional] Dialog box options. Can be one or more of the following:
    1 - Display a read-only path instead of allowing the user to type in a path
    2 - Enter the most recently used paths into the combination box
    4 - Do not show the restore the connection at logon checkbox
    8 - Restore the connection at logon
    16 - Do not restore the connection at logon

Return Value

Success: the number of the connected device. The value is 1 for A:, 2 for B:, 3 for C: and so on. If the user made a deviceless connection, the value is –1.
Failure: sets the @error flag to non-zero.



See Also

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