Function Reference


Returns information about the performance of a network connection resource

#include <WinNet.au3>
_WinNet_GetConnectionPerformance ( $sLocalName, $sRemoteName )


$sLocalName Name of a local device, such as "F:" or "LPT1", that is redirected to a network resource to be queried.
If blank, the network resource is specified in $sRemoteName.
If this parameter specifies a local device $sRemoteName is ignored.
$sRemoteName Name of the network resource to query.
The resource must currently have an established connection.
For example, if the resource is a file on a file server, then having the file open will ensure the connection.

Return Value

Success: an array with the following format:
    $aInfo[0] - Connection description. Can be one of more of the following:
        1 - The information returned applies to the performance of the network card
        2 - The connection is not being routed
        4 - The connection is over a medium that is typically slow
        8 - Some of the information returned is calculated dynamically
    $aInfo[1] - Speed of the media to the network resource, in 100 bps
    $aInfo[2] - One-way delay time introduced when sending information
    $aInfo[3] - Size of data that an application should use when making a single request to the resource
Failure: sets the @error flag to non-zero.

See Also

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