Function Reference


Interactive VISA control to test your SCPI commands

#include <Visa.au3>
_viInteractiveControl ( [$sCommand_Save_FilePath = ""] )


$sCommand_Save_FilePath [optional] The name of the file in which the SCPI commands issued during the interactive session will be saved.
If no filename is passed the funcion asks the user where does he wants to save the issued commands.

Return Value

Returns the list of AutoIt3 VISA commands that were executed by the tool.
This is the same list that is saved into the file if the a filename is passed to the function.


Type "FIND" in the Device Descriptor query to perform a GPIB search.

This function lets you easily test your SCPI commands interactively.
It also lets you save these commands into a file.
Simply answer the questions (Device Descriptor, SCPI command and timeout).
    * If you click Cancel on the 1st question the interactive control ends.
    * If you click Cancel to the other queries, you will go back to the Device Descriptor question.