Word UDF - Script Breaking Changes

The Word UDF was completely rewritten to support new file formats and new features of Microsoft Word.
This means that scripts written for AutoIt up to version won't run with later versions and need to be modified.
The following table lists the differences between the old and the new version.
More information can be found in the wiki.

Renamed, removed and changed functions/parameters
All Functions   @extended no longer contains invalid parameter number.
_Word_VersionInfo   Removed.
_WordAttach _Word_DocAttach  
    $s_mode = HWND   Removed.
    $s_mode = Title   Removed.
      $iCase Added. Specifies case-sensitivity for search mode "Text".
_WordCreate _Word_Create It's mandatory now to call this function before any other function. You could have used _WordCreate or _WordAttach in the old Word UDF.
@extended is set if Word was already running.
    $s_FilePath   Removed. Use _Word_DocOpen or _Word_DocAdd.
    $f_takeFocus   Removed.
    $f_tryAttach   Removed.
      $bForceNew Added. Forces to create a new Word instance even if there is already a running instance.
_WordDocAdd _Word_DocAdd  
_WordDocAddLink _Word_DocLinkAdd  
_WordDocAddPicture _Word_DocPictureAdd  
_WordDocClose _Word_DocClose  
    $f_RouteDocument   Removed.
_WordDocFindReplace _Word_DocFindReplace  
_WordDocGetCollection _Word_DocGet @extended is set to the total number of documents.
_WordDocLinkGetCollection _Word_DocLinkGet @extended is set to the total number of links.
_WordDocOpen _Word_DocOpen  
_WordDocPrint _Word_DocPrint  
_WordDocPropertyGet   Removed.
_WordDocPropertySet   Removed.
_WordDocSave _Word_DocSave  
_WordDocSaveAs _Word_DocSaveAs  
    $f_LockComments   Removed.
_WordErrorHandlerDeRegister   Removed.
_WordErrorHandlerRegister   Removed.
_WordErrorNotify   Removed.
_WordMacroRun   Removed.
_WordPropertyGet   Removed.
_WordPropertySet   Removed.
_WordQuit _Word_Quit Now only closes the Word application if created by this UDF.
    $f_RouteDocument   Removed.
      $bForceClose Added. If True the Word application is closed even when it was running at _Word_Create time.

New functions
_Word_DocExport Exports the document or a range as PDF or XPS.
_Word_DocFind Runs or repeats the specified find operation.
_Word_DocRangeSet Sets or modifies a range in a document.
_Word_DocTableRead Reads a Word table into a 2D-array.
_Word_DocTableWrite Writes a 1D or 2D-array to a Word table.