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*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v21.316.1639.0.0 (Jos)
   - v21.316.1639.1 Fixed: running the "#autoIt3Wrapper_run_after" defined programs twice in some occasions. (23/03/2021)

*** Updated Tidy v21.316.1639.0.0 (Jos)
   - v21.316.1639.1 Fixed: hardcrash reading the new au3.api definition. (23/03/2021)

*** Merged the SciTE v 4.4.6 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
    - Change the workdir to the programdir to avoid locking up the last opened scriptfile directory.
    - Fixed Bom checking bug resulting to garbage characters in the editor for UTF encoded file other than UTF8
    - Dropped support for WinXP (Compiled with vc15, Win sdk 8.1, Toolset v141)
    - Compiled with vc15 and changed SSE instruction set to ia86 compatible.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v21.316.1639.0.0 (Jos)
    - 19.1127.1402.1 added clear errors when Tidy is ran with Ctrl+T.
    - 19.1127.1402.2 Avoid running Tidy for a second time when script needs to be run with #RequireAdmin in elevated mode.
    - 19.1127.1402.5 Added work-around to support Unicode characters in filenames for:
        - au3check
        - Tidy
        - au3stripper
    - 19.1127.1402.6 Added Win10 build to info lines. (tnx argumentum)
    - 19.1127.1402.7 Fix for support of filenames containing special ascii characters too.
    - 19.1127.1402.8 Restored some DIrectives still used for versioning and fileversion.
    - 19.1127.1402.8 Fix for  support of filenames containing special ascii characters too.
    - 19.1127.1402.9 Fix checking for "#AutoIt3Wrapper_Version"check till after the GUI is done.
    - 19.1127.1402.10 Fixed Versionupdate with /RunAfter option I use for AutoIt3Wrapper updates.
    - 19.1127.1402.11 Fixed issue with #include statements where the filename is enclosed in single quotes.
    - 19.1127.1402.13 Updated File prompt.
    - 19.1127.1402.18 added include filelist and their encoding when /debug is supplied
    - 19.1127.1402.19 Cosmetic update showing the ">Setting Program ExecutionLevel Manifest information to...." only when the directive is provided
    - 19.1127.1402.20 Fix for elevated scripts running from mapped drive
    - 19.1127.1402.21 again Fix for support of filenames containing special ascii characters.
    - 19.1127.1402.22 Fix invalid FileExist statement on line 550.
    - 19.1127.1402.26 Added #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Fileversion_Use_Template
    - 19.1127.1402.27 Changed Func ShowStdOutErr to only capture total STDOUT/ERR when required, Avoiding unnecessary memory consumption
    - 19.1127.1402.28 Fixed regression creating duplicate resource entries.

*** Updated Au3Stripper v21.316.1639.0.0 (Jos)
    - 19.1127.1402.1 Option /rsln: Added replace for @ScriptLinenumber for #includes to contain source files and original linenumber.
    -                Changed  replace for @ScriptLinenumber to only replace none literal string occurrences.
    - 19.1127.1402.3 Changed  replace for @ScriptLinenumber to only replace when not on FUNC line.
    - 19.1127.1402.5 Added directive "#Au3Stripper_Ignore_Errors_in_Func=", which will suppress any errors triggered within the defined Functions.
    - 19.1127.1402.7 Fix for Func names in FUNC parameters to avoid stripping the target function.

*** Updated SciTEConfig v21.316.1639.0.0 (Jos)
    - 19.1127.1402.1
    - Fix bug in AbbrevMan.au3 when pipe symbol is used to set cursor position.  (Melba23

*** Updated Tidy v21.316.1639.0.0 (Jos)
    - v19.1127.1402.2  fixed some issues in the /gendoc option:
        - func reference lines weren't listed
        - only show variables starting with $ or @
    - v19.1127.1402.5  Default Tabsize to SciTE-TabSize when not provided.
    - v19.1127.1402.6  Made the backp sequencenumber 2 digits. old filenames will be converted.
    - v19.1127.1402.10 Reversed the 2 digit sequencenumber as this will fail when there are more than 99 backup versions.

*** Updated Abbreviations (mLipok)
    - Updated au3abbrev.properties and helpfile page.

*** Merged the SciTE v 4.2.0 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v19.1127.1402.0 (Jos)
    - 19.102.1901.1 added encoding retrieval for UTF8/ANSI files so they are properly written back
    - 19.102.1901.2 Exit script with 999 when update resource copy failed .
    - 19.102.1901.3 Fix incrementing version number now before running au3stripper to ensure it contains the new version when increment before is requested.
    - 19.102.1901.4 increment version before au3stripper when increment before is Y
    - 19.102.1901.5 also update fileversion info in case of a3x compile when requested.
    - 19.102.1901.7 change au3check and tidy  stop on error logic to allow for other editor programs.
    - 19.102.1901.8-11 Changes to allow the program to be run by other editors.
    - 19.102.1901.12 Updates Stop and Restartconsole message to indicate in case the HotKeys aren't set in case of second instance
                     HotKeys are ony set when the Editor program has the focus to allow for multiple instances.
    - 19.102.1901.13 Updated _RefreshSystemTray, which wasn't working anymore since a long time
    - 19.102.1901.14 Added WinClose for the Shelled Script to nicely close that process before ultimately killing it when still needed.
*** Updated Au3Stripper v19.1127.1402.0 (Jos)
    - 19.102.1901.2 Fixed not removing #pragma lines from Included files.
    - 19.102.1901.5 Fixed ternary stripping issue
*** Updated SciTEConfig v19.1127.1402.0 (Jos)
    - 19.524.1057.1 Fixed creation of includes.txt in userdir and  added some extra logging for adding includes to includes.txt
*** Updated Tidy v19.1127.1402.0 (Jos)
    - 19.524.1057.1: Fix tidy issue adding space after closing > on #include statement.
*** Merged the SciTE v 4.1.2 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
    - Fixed regex issue for Alt+F in AutoItTools.lua
    - Fixed another regex issue for several functions in AutoItTools.lua
    - Fixed Header parameters now showing None when none are
    - Fixed jump to function to also jump to the right Column again.
    - Restored AutoItTools:Copy_BookMarks() functionality
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v19.102.1901.0 (Jos)
    - 18.703.1808.1 renamed "#AutoIt3Wrapper_Au3Stripper_Stop_OnError" to "#AutoIt3Wrapper_Au3Stripper_OnError" with now as options S,C,F,Stop,Continue,ForceUse
    - 18.708.1148.1 Added #include <WinAPIFiles.au3> back in the included file list to ensure backward compatibility.
    - 18.708.1148.2 Added "Tidy_Stop_OnError" support to the AutoIt3Wrapper.INI file.
                    Changed HiDPI settings for Win 10 compatibility.
    - 18.708.1148.4 Added logic to be able to display Console Output of script that have #RequireAdmin while SciTE runs at normal level.
    - 18.708.1148.5 Added support to allow to Stop Execution or Restart for scripts with #RequireAdmin while SciTE runs at normal level.
                    It won't hang anymore when you reply No on the UAC and detect the elevated process didn;t start.
    - 18.708.1148.6 Reverted HiDPI changes made in 18.708.1148.2 as problems are reported. needs investigation.
    - 18.708.1148.7 Changed check for RequireAdmin AutoIt3Wrapper startup.
    - 18.708.1148.8 Added #include <APIResConstants.au3> for backwards compatibility with AutoIt3 v3.3.14.x.
*** Updated Au3Stripper v19.102.1901.0 (Jos)
    - 18.708.1148.1 Fixed issue finding variable names on multiline statements
    - 18.708.1148.2 Added check for ending \ in the AutoIt3Dir, and remove it when there, to avoid duplication of includes.
    - recompiled with PellesC 6 to make it compatible with WinXP again.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v19.102.1901.0 (Jos)
    - 18.708.1148.1 Update to allow comments in *.SciTEConfig file lines. (JPM)
                    This update includes the updated shemes to allow changing between them.
*** Updated Tidy v19.102.1901.0 (Jos)
    - 18.708.1148.1: Fix bug handling Directivelines ending with continuation character
    - 18.708.1148.2: Fixed indentation when a "None breaking space"(C2A0) character is used in a UTF file.
    - 18.708.1148.3: Fix bug when a continuation line starts with +x, where is would add a space between +- and number.
    - 18.708.9999.x: Rewrite of some internal code to allow inlinecomments to remain at their current position.
                      Details can be found in this post: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/196221-tidy-major-update-27-10-requesting-help-with-testing/
    - 18.708.9999.22: Released to Beta.
    - 18.708.9999.23: Added option to totally skip commentblocks so now the options are:
                        #Tidy_Parameters=/tcb=0         =>only indent the whole commentblock  (default)
                                         /tcb or /tcb=1 =>Tidy inside commentblock
                                         /tcb=-1        =>leave whole commentbock alone
                       Tidy.INI:#--> Tidy commentblock 0=only indent the whole commentblock  (default=0)
                                #                      1=Tidy inside commentblock
                                #                     -1=leave whole commentbock alone
    - 18.708.9999.24: Added check for ending \ in the AutoIt3Dir and remove it when there.
    - recompiled with PellesC 6 to make it compatible with WinXP again.
    - 18.708.9999.25: Changed returncode in case of errors and no file change not to return -1 but the proper errorcode.
*** Merged the SciTE v 4.1.0 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
    This is a major change from the previous version so ensure you update all files including LUA or else you will get errors!
    - SciLexer au3: Fixed issues with nested CommentBlocks not always showing the correct color.
    - SciLexer au3: Change any line starting with # and no recognised keyword to be shown with the Pre-Processor in stead of default.
    - Changed Shortcut for AU3INFO to Ctrl+Shift+F6.
    - Moved the session restore logic for (save.session.advanced=1)into SciTE in stead of LoadSession.lua as that was clearing the recent files list of the last session
      when opening a file by double cliking it. This is fixed with this change.
      Default remains 0 so when a file is double clicked the last session isn't restored unless you add this to SciTEuser.properties:
    - updated Tools.lua replacing [s%] with [ /t] to avoid empty lines being stripped by those functions. (Thanks Enyby)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v18.708.1148.0 (Jos)
    - 17.224.935.1 Added /autoit3dir to au3stripper commandline, when provided to AutoIt3Wrapper., to ensure the included files are for the correct AutoIt3 directory
    - 17.224.935.2 Added directives:
         #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_CompanyName=          ;Company field
         #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_LegalTrademarks=      ;Trademark field
    - 17.224.935.5 Fixed Versioning when files contain backets ->  ()
    - 17.224.935.6 Added support for :
         #AutoIt3Wrapper_Au3stripper_Stop_OnError=        ;(Y/N) Continue/Stop on Warnings.(Default=N)
    - 17.224.935.7 added INI support for:
    - 17.224.935.10 Minor changes in console messages
    - 17.224.935.11 Modifications from JPM:
        - add #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Cursor_Add
        - "clean" a little bit AutoIt3Wrapper.au3
*** Updated Au3Stripper v18.708.1148.0 (Jos)
    - 17.224.935.1 Fixed crash when an include file contains longer record than 4096 characters.
    - 17.224.935.2 Changed /rsln to replace @ScriptLineNumber in the Master script with "XXX/YYY". XXX is the master script linenumber, YYY is the Merged script linenumber.
    - 17.224.935.3 Fixed issue detecting #cs #ce when a space was missing after the directive.
    - 17.224.935.4 Changed Close/Open logic for Tracelog to (hopefully) avoid the hardcrash.
    - 17.224.935.5 improved speed avoiding rereading include files to determine the max rec len.
    - 17.224.935.6 improved speed by re-coding the check for long records.
    - 17.224.935.7 Made sure the returncode is the highest from all iterations in stead of the last iteration.
    - 17.224.935.8 fix for reported bug: https://www.autoitscript.com/trac/autoit/ticket/3623#comment:4
    - 17.224.935.9 added support for #autoit3wrapper_autoit3dir
    - 17.224.935.10 Fixed support for #autoit3wrapper_autoit3dir when followed by linecomment
                    Stop processing when include file isn't found.
    - 18.624.1847.1 strip the leading and trailing double quotes from the autoit3dir directive to avoid an error when they are specified.
    - 18.624.1847.2 Fixed Hardcrash in the Include logic
    - 18.624.1847.3 Fixed Hardcrash in Func stripping logic by enlarging the base table size
    - 18.702.1556.1 Fixed regression bug with the Translate option.
    - 18.703.1808.2 Fixed regression bug with the Stripping FUNC logic for the first found FUNC.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v18.708.1148.0 (Jos)
    - 17.224.935.1 No updates
*** Updated Tidy v18.708.1148.0 (Jos)
    - 17.224.935.1 Added option  to copy comments from #CS to #CE. Default is to copy the comments.
                   Added Tidy Parameters:  /Skip_CE_Comment or /scec will skip this copy action
                   Added INI option:
                     * * *  Add comment to #CE/#CommentEnd and make it the same as the #CS/CommentStart Comments.
    - 17.224.935.2 Fix issue with Copy comments on comment start - end
    - 17.224.935.4 Fix another issue with Copy comments on comment start - end
*** Merged the SciTE v 3.7.3 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v17.224.935.0 (Jos)
    - 16.612.1119.1 Fixed #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Stop_OnError=N, avoiding to stop even when No or not  specified.
    - 16.612.1119.2 Fixed #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Stop_OnError=N, avoiding to stop even when No or not  specified.
    - 16.612.1119.3 Added warning for #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64 in case #pragma(out,..)  is used.
*** Updated Au3Stripper v17.224.935.0 (Jos)
    - 16.612.1119.1 Fixed issue which sometimes was stripping a global const incorrectly
    - 16.612.1119.2 Fixed /maxiterations parameter not recognised
    - 16.612.1119.3 Fixed increased the max #Au3Stripper_Ignore_Variables to 500 and for #Au3Stripper_Ignore_Funcs to 200
    - 16.612.1119.4 Fixed regression introduced in 16.612.1119.1
*** Updated SciTEConfig v17.224.935.0 (Jos)
    - 16.306.1119.1 ...
*** Updated Tidy v17.224.935.0 (Jos)
    - 16.612.1119.1: Fixed Sort_Func function bug when the source contains a BOM.
*** Updated CodewiZard v1.5.4.0 (Cyberyeye)
    - Fix Icon Ressource Number for Messagebox Tab & ToolTip Tab
    - Check/Fix missing includes using AutoIt3Wrapper_Add_Constants=y
    - Added Opt("MustDeclareVars", 1) to fix undeclared variables
    - Replaced msgbox() magic number by constant name
    - Added GUISetIcon var (au3.ico)
    - Removed unusefull old AutoIt3Wrapper directive
*** Updated Abbreviations (mLipok)
    - Updated au3abbrev.properties and helpfile page.
*** Merged the SciTE v 3.6.6 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v16.612.1119.0 (Jos)
    - 16.306.1237.1 Fixed hang when replying No to UAC for RunBeforeAdmin/RunAfterAdmin
    - 16.306.1237.3 Added a 500 ms pause before writing the resource updates in an effort to get less res-upd error 110's.
    - 16.306.1237.4 Added support for: #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Stop_OnError=               ;(Y/N) Stop when Returncode <> 0
    - 16.306.1237.5 Added Fold and Bookmark restore after either the GUI or Version causes the source to be externally updated.
*** Updated Au3Stripper v16.612.1119.0 (Jos)
    - 16.306.1237.1 Fix /MergeOnly avoid stripping directives.
    - 16.306.1237.2 Updated Color retrieval from properties files to be more robust
    - 16.306.1237.2 Also strip #include-once in main script
    - 16.306.1237.3 Fix line ref for Call errors
    - 16.306.1237.4 Minor change to warning text
    - 16.306.1237.5 Support FuncName* mask on #Au3Stripper_Ignore_Funcs= directives
    - 16.306.1237.5 Support #Au3Stripper_Ignore_Funcs= directives in Included files
    - 16.306.1237.6 Support #Au3Stripper_Ignore_Variables= directives in Included files
    - 16.306.1237.6 Support VarName* mask on #Au3Stripper_Ignore_Variables= directives
*** Updated SciTEConfig v16.612.1119.0 (Jos)
    - 16.306.1237.1 added style.error.0 config.
*** Updated Tidy v16.612.1119.0 (Jos)
    - 16.306.1237.1 Minor fix removing space infront of Then when on a line itself.
*** Updated Abbreviations (mLipok)
    - Updated au3abbrev.properties and helpfile page.
*** Merged the SciTE v 3.6.2 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v16.306.1237.0 (Jos)
    - 15.920.938.1 removed the check for utf8 for au3check as that is supported
    - 15.920.938.2 removed the check for utf8 for au3check as that is supported
    - 15.920.938.3 Reverted __ConsoleWrite() to ConsoleWrite for ShowStdOutErr()
    - 15.920.938.4 added info for codepage and utf8 check to header.
    - 15.920.938.5 Only warn about #RequireAdmin for Run option.
    - 15.920.938.6 fixed issue when these were  used together:
    - 15.920.938.8 Modifications from DickG for the GUI Control locations and sizes to fit other screen sizes.
*** Updated Au3Stripper v16.306.1237.0 (Jos)
    - 15.920.938.2 Fixed error line number for statements using unresolved func name
                   Added logic to remove the () behind the Func in case of this type of lines: Call(Example3(), 'fff')   NewFoundWord$ is then="Example3()"
    - 15.920.938.3 Added minus sign support to preexpand variables.
    - 15.920.938.4 Fixed crash in the get firstword logic to limit the returned length to 500.
    - 15.920.938.5 Fixed /PE replacing the variable in a For $x=  statement.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v16.306.1237.0 (Jos)
    - 15.920.938.1 hide/unhide when opening Tidy.ini to avoid a hidden msgbox haging SciTEConfig.au3
    - 15.920.938.2 Added the creation of includes.txt for AutoComplete Standard UDFs when "#include" is typed.
    - 15.920.938.3 Fixed for CallTip not always updating correctly.
*** Updated Tidy v16.306.1237.0 (Jos)
    - 15.920.938.1 Fixed issue with space removal between [ and Then
    - 15.920.938.2 #forceref and #forcedef now also tidied.
    - 15.920.938.3 Enfoces a single space between end-of-line and inline comment
    - 15.920.938.4 Fixed regression extra space between EndFunc and #EndRegion and the added comments.
*** Merged the SciTE v 3.6.0 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
    - More fixes to outputpane lexing to ensure FuncTrace generated lines work again.
    - Added utf8.auto.check=4 default to SciTEGlobal. properties to check files when opened for their encoding or else use utf8 w/o BOM ad default.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v15.920.938.0 (Jos)
    - 15.729.1555.1: Fixed /Watcher and /Jump2FirstError mechanism to kill the script when Ctrl+Break or via the Menu the script should be terminated.
    - 15.729.1555.2: Added Win10 to the Manifest and made that the default similar to what aut2exe does.
    - 15.729.1555.3: 15.729.1555.4 "Version Diff Source" now properly handling UTF encoded files.
    - 15.729.1555.4: Internal mods.
    - 15.729.1555.5: Added /RunAfter to copy to Programdir and Versioning without compiling.
    - 15.729.1555.6: Changes to the tempfiles generated to allow for concurrent sessions of Autot3Wrapper.
    - 15.729.1555.7: cleanup some tempfile remaining behind.
    - 15.729.1555.8: Fixed consolewrite in debug mode.
    - 15.729.1555.9: killed extra autoit3 pid when restarting the script.
    - 15.729.1555.10: Removed Compiled support statements.
    - 15.729.1555.11: Added a console message when Script requires Admin and SciTE is running on normal level that no console output will be displayed.
*** Updated Au3Stripper v15.920.938.0 (Jos)
    - 15.729.1555.2: Fixed issue for Include files with BOM encoding not recognizing #Include-once on the first line.
    - 15.729.1555.3: Fixed hardcrash in case de au3stripper didn't exist and /debug was specified.
    - 15.729.1555.4: Minor internal changes.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v15.920.938.0 (Jos)
    - added scheme OLD_LCD.SciTEConfig  (mLipok)
*** Updated Au3Stripper v15.729.1555.0 (Jos)
    - 15.729.1555.1: Fixed hardcrash in case an Include is used with BOM and #include-once on the first line.
*** Updated Tidy v15.920.938.0 (Jos)
    - 15.729.1555.1: Fixed hardcrash adding Gobal Const to the variable tables.
This release has all the compiled scripts pulled out of the setup and we are now only using AutoIt3.exe to run the source for all the script utilities.
Main reason for making the change is the regular reports of False Positive Virus warmings.
Please report any issues due to this change of approach.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v15.729.1555.0 (Jos)
*** Updated Au3Stripper v15.729.1555.0 (Jos)
*** Updated SciTEConfig v15.729.1555.0 (Jos)
*** Updated Au3Stripper v15.729.1555.0 (Jos)
*** Updated Tidy v15.729.1555.0 (Jos)
    - Removed the inline errors and only report Console Tidy Errors.
*** SciTE v 3.5.4. (Jos)
    Fixed regression for highlight.current.word.stoponspace not working after last merge.
    Fixed regression in AutoItAutoComplete.lua.
    Implemented a separate lexerstyle (style.au3.16) for the UserUDF's table, an lexer feature available since 2009.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v15.725.1310.0 (Jos)
    - 15.503.1200.1: Removed obsolete Debug console messages.
    - 15.503.1200.2: Updated dropdownlist with scrollbar. (argumentum)
    - 15.503.1200.3: Added logic to ensure we have the proper SciTE Director handle in case of multiple instances.
    - 15.503.1200.4: updated the GUI with the proper available options for au3stripper.
*** Updated Au3Stripper v15.725.1310.0 (Jos)
    - 15.503.1200.1: Added check for File encoding for include files and strip the BOM which was leading to an invalid merged script.
    - 15.503.1200.2: Updated some logic for /SV /SF /RM and removed /SOI as that was broken beyond repair
    - 15.503.1200.3: Fixed regression with Commentbloxks leaving the #CE causing an au3check warning.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v15.725.1310.0 (Jos)
    - 15.503.1200.1: Implemented the User UDF separate Lexing style already available since 2009 :) .
*** Updated abbrev.properties. (mLipok)
    - Cleaned up and added some abbreviations and updated the documentation in the helpfile.
*** Merged the SciTE v 3.5.4 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
    Added  utf8.auto.check which will autodetect UTF8 encoded files without BOM and files containing Highvalue ASCII characters and setting the correct encoding.
        We have set the default to 4 which means that the encoding is set to UTF8 without BOM for any script containing normal ASCII characters.
        #~ Enhance function of auto checking utf8: providing two methods
        #~ utf8.auto.check=1: detect utf8 and add BOM automatically
        #~ utf8.auto.check=2: detect utf8 and do not add BOM
        #~ utf8.auto.check=3: detect ascii high characters and if none found set default encoding to UTF8 and add BOM
        utf8.auto.check=4: detect ascii high characters and if none found set default encoding to UTF8 and do not add BOM
*** Updated Au3Stripper v15.503.1200.0 (Jos)
    - 14.801.2025.1: Fix for AdlibUnRegister() without parameter avoid warning and hardcrash.
    - 14.801.2025.2: Fix handling ".\" relatives paths in #include statements.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v15.503.1200.0 (Jos)
    - 14.801.2025.1: Fix for #2851 -> au3records returning some SciTE console info that shouldn't be there.
    - 14.801.2025.2: Added support for UTF8 without BOM scripts to be able to update the version and GUI information.
    - 14.801.2025.3: Decode %xx% in the OutputFile Directives
    - 14.801.2025.4: Make single line script with directive work
    - 14.801.2025.5: Added check for AUT2EXE failure adding FileInstall() files. and set return code to 1.
    - 14.801.2025.6: Fix error trigered by "#AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Debug_Mode=Y " when script contains Switch-Case-EndSwitch
    - 14.801.2025.7: #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Fileversion_AutoIncrement=Y will now also increment #pragma compile(Fileversion, 0.62) statements.
                     Also now support for:
    - 14.801.2025.8: Added: #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_HiDpi=                      ;(Y/N) Compile for high DPI. Default=N (Idea: unexpectedpanda)
    - 14.801.2025.9: Fixed regression in .7
    - 14.801.2025.10: Fixed missing info in the HiDpi data
    - 14.801.2025.11: Added 2 keywords for AutoIt3Wrapper.ini which can set the Restart and StopExecuting Hotkeys in AutoIt3Wrapper: (mLipok)
*** Updated Tidy v15.725.1310.0 (Jos)
    - Fixed regression for #include-once statements
    - Fixed Spacing for #include statements
    - Fixed bug with #tidy_On/#Tidy_Off
    - Fixed hardcrash with longfilenames.
    - Changed SortFunc option from 15 to 65 characters of the FuncName to sort on.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v15.503.1200.0 (Jos)
    - 14.801.2025.1 Fixed issue with setting CallTip dynamically.
    - 14.801.2025.2 Added About button.
    - 14.801.2025.3 Fix UserCallTip Manager big (Melba23)
    - 14.801.2025.4 added Alpha level for Selected line background and changed the logoic for displaying the Alpha value label.
    - 14.801.2025.5 Added checks for SciTEUSer info to Option "Run AutoIt3/SciTE Check".
                    showing SciTEUser file location at the bottom. (mLipok)
    - 14.801.2025.6 Added option to open AutoIt3Wrapper.ini and Tidy.Ini
General: Changed the Fileversion numbers for the installer and programs I support to make the te same.
Format is: YY.(M)MDD.(H)HMM.0 for the installer release version. Betas will be increments of the 4th number.
*** Merged the SciTE v 3.4.4 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
    - Added Options:
        #~ highlight.current.word.stoponspace=0        // 1 is the default behaviour.
    - Added Ctrl+E shortcut which will open Explorer in the ScriptDir and select the filename being edited.
    - Added Shift+F7 to just compile the script for testing without running any other utility. Similar to #AutoIt3Wrapper_Testing=y
    - Added logic to better determine the current CallTip parameter being edited by testing for the delimiter style define with:
*** Updated SciTE4AutoIt3 installer v15.503.1200.0 (Jos)
    - Changed code to update the SCITE_USERHOME enviroment variable.
    - Added Restore option for SciTE-Lite when uninstalling this Full version.
*** Updated SciTE4AutoIt3 helpfile (Jos)
    - Added Directive sections to the index.
    - Updated AutoIt3Help.exe to automatically open this helpfile when the keyword contains #autoit3wrapper_ , #au3stripper or #tidy_.
*** Updated Au3Stripper v15.503.1200.0 (Jos)
    - Fixed lexing typo with /RenameMinimum commandline parameter.
    - Fixed to be able to handle more levels of Include files and avoid a stackspace crash .
    - Added #Au3Stripper_Parameters Parameter:
        - /rsln -> Replace @ScriptLineNumber with the actual line number for source debug purposes with compiled scripts. (Idea of mLipok)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v15.503.1200.0 (Jos)
    - Changed the re-start shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+Break.
    - Added /test parameter to allow shortcut to compile script in test without running anything else than AUT2XE.
    - Added UPX support for x64 scripts since it is now supported.
    - Added ShowProgress INI option and #AutoIt3Wrapper_ShowProgress directive to allow disable of Progress Window.
    - Added directives to allow forcing the #RequireAdmin for Run_Before or Run_After statements:
        #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Before_Admin=               ;(Y/N) Run subsequent Run_Before statements with #RequireAdmin. Default=N
        #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_After_Admin=                ;(Y/N) Run subsequent Run_After statements with #RequireAdmin. Default=N
    - Added directives to allow Fileversion increase before compilation:
        #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Fileversion_First_Increment ;(Y/N) AutoIncrement Y=Before or N=After compile. Default=N
*** Updated SciTEConfig v15.503.1200.0 (Jos)
    - Fixed several small bugs. (Jos)
*** Updated Tidy v15.503.1200.0 (Jos)
    - Fixed regression when the FUNC keyword is on a #region line
*** Updated CodeWizard v1.5.3.1 (Jos)
    - Fixed to make use of the new SCITE_USERHOME env variable and several other syntax updates.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper (Jos)
    - Reverted the changes made for Environment variables translation due to a regression when using the GUI.
*** Updated Tidy v2.4.1.6 (Jos)
    - Fixes regression when Delim=0 in some occasions adding a extra "(" character.
*** Updated Syntax files to latest production version (Jos)
*** Updated several small Helpfile issues.
*** Included the proper latest version of the totally re-written AutoItIndentFix.lua.
*** Updated our version of SciTE v 3.4.1 by Neil Hodgson. (Jos)
   - Fixed hardcrash in case a very long error line is displayed without spaces.
*** Totally re-written the logic used in AutoItIndentFix.lua to better handle Auto Indent corrections.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper (Jos)
    - Added to option to add Environment variables to #AutoIt3Wrapper directives.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6.11.13
    - Fixed issue with Save+Apply asking again to update the settings. (Jos)
    - Fixed issue with 3 Checkboxes causing a flicker of the Status field. (Jos)
    - Fixed issue in UCTManager. (Melba23)
*** Updated Tidy v2.4.1.5 (Jos)
    - Several minor spacing fixes with new syntax variations.
    - Changed the logic to restore the Folds, Bookmarks, initial line displayed and caret position to make it
      work on multiple instances of SciTE and better restore the original layout.
    - Fixed bug when using more than 200 include files.
    - Fixed writing Indent characters in Commentblocks for empty lines.
    - Fixed writing ending CRLF in case End_With_NewLine=0 when in commentblock or on commentline.
*** Updated Au3Stripper v1.2.1.0 (Jos)
    - Fixed lexing issue which was in some occasions stripping variables while being used.
    - Fixed issue when /MO is specified to ensure no other option is performed crippling the output script.
    - Fixed bug when using more than 200 include files.
*** Updated SciTEJump to the latest version v2.18.103.243 (guinness)
*** Headlines:
    Ended all support for Obfuscator and removed from the installation!
    Added Au3Stripper which replaces Obfuscators /StripOnly Function.
    Changed SciTE & AutoIt3Wrapper & SciTEConfig to use SCITE_USERHOME as the home or all config files.
    The installer will set SCITE_USERHOME to %LOCALAPPDATA%\AutoIt v3\SciTE.
    Each Utility will have its own subdirectory in this directory.
    In case SCITE_USERHOME is not supplied will SciTE default to the SciTE program directory for SciteUserHome to make SciTE portable.
    Updated the ZIP file to allow it to run portable as is after unzipping.
*** Merged the SciTE v 3.4.1 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
   - Added support for environment variable SCITE_USERHOME.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper (Jos)
    - Added support for AU3Stripper directives:
    - Added support for SCITE_USERHOME.
    - Removed support for Obfuscator
    - Fixed issue Resourceupdates giving error: LastError:1359:
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6.11.7
    - Updated tab for Genereal settings into 2 Tabs and added extra options. (Melba23)
    - Updates for Abbrev manager and User Calltip Manager. (Melba23)
    - Added support for SCITE_USERHOME. (Melba23)
*** Updated Tidy v2.4.0.1 (Jos)
    - Added support for SCITE_USERHOME.
*** Updated Au3Stripper v1.2.0.0 (Jos)
    - Added support for SCITE_USERHOME.
    - Added support for the following #Directives:
            - No parameter specified on this directive means /StripOnly or /SO will be performed.
            - /StripOnly Or /SO -> Sets the options to:/SF=1 /SV=1 which is now also the default when no parameters are specified.
            - /StripUnusedFunc Or /SF -> Remove unused Funcs (Default when no options are specified)
            - /StripUnusedVars Or /SV -> Remove unused Global variable declarations (Default when no options are specified)
            - /MergeOnly Or /MO -> Will produce a scriptfile as AUT2EXE includes in the Compiled EXE.This allows you to find the proper linenumber when errors are reported.
            - /RenameMinimum Or /RM -> Generates a much smaller file by substituting function and variable names with unique 2+-character names
            - /PreExpand pr /PE -> This will preexpand Global Const variables. Thanks guinness for the idea.
            - /MaxIterations= Or /MI= -> Sets the maximum Iterations Au3Stripper will perform. Default is 5.
                    Au3Stripper will continue until it hasn't stripped any lines or done this number of Iterations.
*** Updated SciTEJump to the latest version v2.17.103.242 (guinness)
    - Added support for SCITE_USERHOME.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v2.1.4.5 (Jos)
    - Fixed issue with undecleared variable error when using /Versioning_Commit
    - Recompiled with version because could give a hardcrash.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6.11.1 (Jos)
    - Recompiled with version because could give a hardcrash.
*** Fixed missing SciTEConfig in SciTE4AutoIt3 installer.
*** Merged the updates of SciTE v 3.3.7 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
*** Updated Production config files to
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v2.1.4.0 (Jos)
    - Use "%LOCALAPPDATA%\AutoIt v3\Aut2Exe" as Temp directory for compiling and resource updating like aut2exe.
    - Fixed issue with Compile both and Pragma(x64,true)
    - Fixed inputfile in case Obfuscator needs to run but is skipped due to unsupported utf format.
    - Fixed UPX selection option to default to N and adding the Directive when checkbox is checked.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.31.1 (Jos)
    - Changed the code to leave #include statements that include a a3x file.
*** Merged the updates of SciTE v 3.3.6 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
    - Added check to avoid double shelling of the script via shortcuts of the tools menu items.
    - Added Properties option to set the default encoding of new files:
    - Fixed issue in AU3 lexer to show the last correctly when the previous line is a commentline, commentblock, Special and Directives.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v2.1.3.0 (Jos)
    - Fixed issue where a tempfile was left behind when files was checked by au3check and UTF encoded.
    - Added support for the #PRAGMA statement to avoid any conflicts. Warnings are now displayed in the Console output.
    - Added SciTE version to the displayed info in the Console Output.
    - Added #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Remove (wraithdu)
    - Added File compression for Resource Files (wraithdu)
        #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_File_Add=%in%, 10, UNCOMPRESSED
        #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_File_Add=%in%, -10, COMPRESSED
    - Updated option to change the TempDir in the INI file. Default changed to @UserProfileDir. (wraithdu)
    - Fixed adding /Beta to the Obfuscator line when using the /Beta on the commandline of Autoit3wrapper.
    - Fixed to ensure UPX is ran when needed.
    - Fixed: Allow | in run_before and Run_After directives.
*** Updated Tidy v2.4.0.0 (Jos)
    - Added support for 3.3.9.x changes.
    - Changed default EOF setting to add the CRLF. (End_With_NewLine=1)
    - Fixed removal of spaces for new Var/Func notation
    - Fixed crash caused by Function table load.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6.11.0
    - Updates for Abbrev manager and User Calltip Manager (Melba23)
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.31.0 (Jos)
    - Fixed ensure #pragma statements are not stripped.
    - Fixed Regression internal code cleanup done before. The Obfuscation was broken
    - Fixed #include logic for #Include not first checking the Directory where the file containing the include is located.
    - Added check for max 4100 character record len without causing a crash.
*** Added support for personal LUA functions. Look at "PersonalTools.lua" in your @UserProfileDir subdir for details.
*** Updated SciTEJump to the latest version v2.13.103.227 (guinness)
*** Major update of the SciTE4AutoIt3 helpfile... a big Thank you to Melba23 for the reformating/rewriting of many sections. :)
*** Merged the updates of SciTE v 3.3.0 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
    - Updated AU3 lexer to support future AutoIt3 syntax currently in Alpha.
    - Fixed Open Include File which sometimes failed opening the correct file. (wraithdu)
    - Added modification to be able to hit F1 while script is running without restarting a second instance of the script.
*** Updated Tidy v2.3.0.8 (Jos)
    - Added support for current AutoIt3 Alpha syntax changes, which are likely to stay.
    - Fixed check to be able to handle #Include without filename specified.
    - Fixed logic for #Tidy_on / #Tidy_off
    - Fixed bug in the generated report (/gen_doc) where the linenumbers for FUNC references where missing.
    - Added Indent support for #AutoIt3Wrapper_If_Run
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v2.1.2.x (Jos)
    - Changed the AUT2EXE, ResourceUpdate and UPX process to use a Tempfile to avoid the issue with Explorer locking the file and making the process fail.
    - Added #AutoIt3Wrapper_Testing directive. This Directive allows you to avoids having to comment Directives for Tidy/Obfuscator and Versioning each time you are testing/developing.
        #AutoIt3Wrapper_testing=n   ;(Y/N) skip Tidy, Obfuscator, ResourceUpdates & Versioning for speed while testing. Default=N
    - Added #AutoIt3Wrapper_Jump_To_First_Error directive to allow you to select not to jump to the first error found by Au3Check.
        #AutoIt3Wrapper_Jump_To_First_Error=    ;(Y/N) Jump to the first found error. Default=Y
    - Added #AutoIt3Wrapper_If_* option to have selective Directives for Run and Compile as an option.
    - Updated the resources functions to support the changes in Aut2exe v
    - Added Buildin Versioning. Check the helpfile for the details.
        Dropped the external cvsWrapper support and these directives replace the cvswrapper directives:
        ; Versioning settings
        #AutoIt3Wrapper_Versioning=                     ;(Y/N/V) Run cvsWrapper to update the script source. default=N
        ;                                                 V=only when version is increased by #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_FileVersion_AutoIncrement.
        #AutoIt3Wrapper_Versioning_Parameters=          ; /NoPrompt  : Will skip the cvsComments prompt
        ;                                                 /Comments  : Text to added in the cvsComments. It can also contain the below variables.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.30.4 (Jos)
    - Fixed several reported bugs.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6.10.0
    - updates for the included Abbrev manager and Calltip manager - (Melba23)
    - Fixed Tools config when the tool is generic and not AU3 specific.
    - Added option to enable/disable the inline errors in sciTE.
*** Updated SciTEJump to the latest version V2.2.97.189 (guinness)
    - Changed shortcut to Alt+Q
*** Merged the updates of SciTE v 3.20 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
*** Added following to SciTE:
    - Support for "(" in filenames on error lines to fix the issue were double clicking these error lines wouldn't work.
    - Jump to Line and Column now when double clicking the error from au3Check.
    - Fold in Commentblocks fixes for the AU3 lexer.
    - Word Highlighting modifications:
        #Standard SciTE options
        #Added Options:
        #~ highlight.current.word.autoselectword=1
        #~ highlight.current.word.wholeword=1
        #~ highlight.current.word.matchcase=1
        #~ highlight.current.word.minlength=2
    - CallTip modifications (Idea LaCastiglione) :
        # Display the calltip above the function
        # Set the fore and back color of the calltip window
        # Set the highlight color of the function argument
*** Updated Tidy v2.2.2.0 (Jos)
    - Added option /End_With_NewLine or /ewnl.
    - Only update the source file and create backup when there were actually changes made.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6.9.0
    - Added check for SciTE_HOME environment and use that when defined like SciTE does.
    - Fixed bug with "Check for Updates" button showing a color picking window.
    - Recoded most of the internals to store all updates to SciTEUser.properties avoiding the need for admin mode for these changes.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v2.1.0.33 (Jos)
    - Added restart option for running scripts.
    - Added automation for displaying inline errors in SciTE for AU3Check and Tidy.
    - Added /NoStatus commandline option to suppress the Progress window.
    - Fixed Version information in the GUI when BETA was selected.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.30.1 (Jos)
    - Added /MergeOnly or /MO which just stripts the comments and merges the continuationlines.
      This simulates what aut2exe does andt he linenumbers should be te same in case you get an AutoIt3 error.
    - Fixed bug stripping continuationlines that contained used variables.
    - Several minor issues fixed.
*** Discontinued FuncPopup due to lack of development.
*** Discontinued AutoItMacroGenerator due to lack of development.
*** Merged the updates of SciTE v 2.28 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
*** Updated the default color scheme to the new scheme matching the helpfile.
    Anybody that set their personal scheme will have to manuall change it when they want with SciTEConfig.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v2.1.0.7 (Jos)
    - Made it portable (independent  of the registry).
    - Added AU3Check support for UTF encoded by copying the file to a ANSI file and running au3check against that.
      The filename is updated in the generated output to the original script filename.
    - added /x86 to the commandline options.
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.2.1.6 (Jos)
    - Added support for inline deactivation of Tidy through these directives:
        #Tidy_Off ;Stop the Tidy process below this line
        #Tidy_On ;Start the Tidy process below this line
    - Added the process to restore Bookmarks and Fold in the Tidied script by doing the following steps through the SciTE Director Interface:
        1. savesession: to %temp%\tidyscite.session
        2. replace the original file with the tidied file
        3. SciTE Revert command to force the reload of the file.
        4. Read the saved bookmarks and Fold of the current File and add these back.
    Two limitation remarks about this feature:
    1. When there are multiple instances of SciTE then the commands will be send to the first found SciTE director window which could mean the bookmarks get lost.
    2. when lines are removed by tidy due to the /REM option, the bookmarks/Fold will be on the wrong line for those bookmarks located after the removed lines.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.29.5 (Jos)
    - Fixed bug with /StripOnly when the Last lines are a CommentBlock
    - Fixed bug with 2 double Quotes withing a doublequoted string
*** Added SciTEJump (Ctrl+Alt+J) to the Installer.
    Thanks: guinness for finalising it, Ashalshaikh for starting the project and Melba23 for all input/updates.
*** Updated abbrev.properties. (Jos)
    - Removed the au3abbrev information from abbrev.properties and replaced that with "import au3abbrev".
    - The installer will rename your current abbrev.properties to abbrev_save.properties.
*** Merged the updates of SciTE v 2.27 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
    - Fixed AutoItTools.lua to remove CR & LF from selected variable for debug statements.
    - Fixed AutoItTools.lua to ensure the PROPER funct is only ran when one of these characters is typed: "[ =(]".
    - Fixed Jump-to-Func in AutoItGotoDefinition.lua so it aloso works when there is a comment after the #include statement.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v2.0.3.0 (Jos)
    - Added support for UTF files. (jchd)
    - Added #Autoit3Wrapper_compile_both to compile both version of an EXE (x86&x64).
    - Added #Autoit3Wrapper_outfile_x64.
    - Added %outx64% to the replace variables.
    - Added #AutoIt3Wrapper_run_debug=Off/On
    - Added #AutoIt3Wrapper_res_compatibility=Windows7,Vista
    - Updated AutoIt3Wrapper to properly support RT_STRING resource input via INI file input. (Wraithdu)
    - Fixed a GUI change counter when cvsWrapper isn't installed resulting in updates of the sourcecode.
    - Fixed regex for handling multiple spaces infront of Directives
    - Updated the generated directives section to better remove old lines.
    - Change stringreplace to regex for header and footer of Autoit3wrapper gui.
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.2.1.0 (Jos)
    - Removed the 4096 record limit.
    - Added support for UTF8 with BOM files.
    - Added option /region_indent or /ri which will indent #region-#endregion sections.
    - Set variable name case for variables as defined in the Constants included files.
       Parameter /prc or /properconstants support is added for this function because it will slow down the Tidy process and by default it is off.
       e.g.: #Tidy_Parameters=/prc=1
        * * * (tabchar) Indent setting: 0 = Tabs > 0 = Number of Space
        tabchar = 0
        * * * Update Functions / Keywords / Macros / UDFs To Proper Case
        proper = 1
        * * * Update Constants defined in the "constant Include files"
        properconstants = 0
    - Fixed proper casing Keywords when they "look like a Function" e.g. switch ($a=1)
    - Fixed space removal after ( when /Delim=0
    - Fixed space addition Between sting and closing brace in case of a Dot after the Brace.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.29.0 (Jos)
    - Fixed assign/execute warnings in case parameter /sf=1 is specified.
    - Fixed multi layer #CS / #CE
    - Added support for #OnAutoItStartRegister
    - Added skip for #noautoit3execute to ensure it stays in the obfuscated script
    - Fixed mem corruption when long records are used in Func's
    - Fixed made the variables in the decode funcs random to avoid false positives.
    - Added Check for #Obfuscation_Off & On when scanning for FUNC names to avoid Obfuscation of this func
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6.8.0
    - Updated Run/Edit option to also update the beta hive in the registry. (Jos)
    - Added option to modify the selected line fore/background and opage settings. (Melba23)
*** Updated Koda v (lazycat)
   - Release build 252 (2010-07-30)
*** Updated csnippet (GeoSoft)
    - Updated the source to ensure it works again in the current release.
*** Added Get_AU3_RegistrySettings.au3 which will list the current reg settings and can be used to find issue.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v2.0.1.24 (Jos)
    - Made changes to support installation that didn't use installer
    - Fixed autocomplete for #autoit3wrapper directives by adding au3.autoit3wrapper.api file and updating au3.properties
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v2.0.1.23 (Jos)
    - Fixed /beta/beta warning for Obfuscator when from Ctrl+F7 Beta was selected
    - Re-Actived support for the following directives to be able to override the defaukts for a particular script:
      #AutoIt3Wrapper_Autoit3Dir=    ;Optionally override the base AutoIt3 install directory.
      #AutoIt3Wrapper_Aut2exe=       ;Optionally override the Aut2exe.exe to use for this script
      #AutoIt3Wrapper_AutoIt3=       ;Optionally override the Autoit3.exe to use for this script
*** SciTE General installation. (Jos)
    - Added missing autoit3wrapper.keywords.properties to installer.
*** SciTE General installation. (Jos)
    - Updated AutoItTools.lua to use internal call for Abbreviation expansion.
    - Updated AutoItTools.lua to avoid the need for updating au3.properties.
    - Removed seracl.exe from installer and am Not changing the Security of the SciTE directory for the Users group anymore.
      The Installer previous would run SetAcl to change the ACL/security for the SciTE install directory and files to "Full" for
      the groups "Users" and "Power Users" avoiding security issues when updates need to be made to au3.properties etc.
      This Security setting will have to be manually remove when you wish to do so and revert back to the defaults!!
    - Removed au3record from the installer as this is now supplied by the Autoit3 installer.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v2.0.1.21 (Jos)
    - Added support for running the correct version of AU3Info now supplied by the Autoit3 Installer.
    - Added support for running the correct version of AU3Record now supplied by the Autoit3 Installer.
    - Updated internal resource update functions which now also support nonstandard Sections and languagecodes. (wraithdu/Jos)
    - Removed AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui and integrated the code into AutoIt3Wrapper.exe.
    - Added support for the following directives:
       #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_SciTE_Minimized=            ;(Y/N) Minimize SciTE while script is running. (Default=n)
       #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_SciTE_OutputPane_Minimized= ;(Y/N) Toggle SciTE output pane at run time so its not shown by default.(Default=n)
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.1.0.0 (Jos)
    - Speed improvements up to 50%.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.28.7 (Jos)
    - Speed improvements up to 30%.
    - Fixed a reported stack corruption.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6.7.5 (Jos)
    - Updated typo in text of a messagebox.
*** Some Helpfile updates. (Jos)
    - Added documentation for SciTEConfig.
*** Updated Koda v (lazycat)
   - Release build 180 (2009-06-27)
*** Updated FuncPopup v (jos)
   - Change the use of the helpfile to autoit3.chm to avoid page-not-found error.
*** Merged the updates of SciTE v 1.79 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
    - Change to allow bigger properties files.
    - Updated AutoHScroll.lua. (Valik)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v2.0.0.3 (Jos)
    - Minor updates
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.29.0 (Jos)
    - changed logic to check for au3.api in the scite/api directory for updates.
    - fixed extra space infront of a variable that ended with an underscore.
    - fixed invalid minus-character tidying when behind Case.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.27.0 (Jos)
    - All lines between #obfuscator_off/on will now not be stripped anymore.
    - Fixed a reported stack corruption.
    - Fixed never to remove Func that are used in a Func defined in #Obfuscator_Ignore_Funcs
    - Fixed: Handle scientific notation properly in the Obfuscation process.
    - Fixed excluding #include<> statements inside of comment blocks
    - Fixed /OM parameter creating a func like ABS() duplication an internal func name
    - Fixed StripOnly check for LineLength when only Parameters are used.  (/so = /SF /SV /CV=0 /CF=0 /CS=0 /CN=0)
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6.7.0 (Jos)
    - Updated the downloadpage link.
*** Some Helpfile updates.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.26.13 (Jos)
    - Fixed obuscation problem with COM variables.
*** Merged the updates of SciTE v 1.78 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE. (Jos)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v2.0.0.1 (Jos)
    - Removed ANSI support since that is not supported anymore with AutoIt3!
    - Fixed Registry check for AutoIt3_X64 version. (Thanks JPM)
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.28.3 (Jos)
    - Added option "/r_extra_empty_lines" or "/reel" which will remove all emptyline but will leave at least one.
    - Added check to skip files that are encoded with UTF8.
    - Changed: the way the Keywords and Functions tables are loaded which speeds up Tidy by a few seconds.
    - Fixed Crash when Variable definition was initialised with a long strings over multiple lines.
    - Fixed skip propercasing COM variable sections after the initial $var to avoid COM errors.
    - Fixed check for max syntax linelenght.
    - Added check for UTF8 encoded input files and stop the process.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.26.11 (Jos)
    - Added support for #OnAutoItStartRegister and #ignorefunc. the funcs defined in these directives are not stripped.
    - Allow max length lines when doing a /striponly.
    - Several fixes for #Obfuscator_Ignore_Variables and #Obfuscator_Ignore_Funcs
    - Fixed character input counting error with include files.
    - Fixed issue with space being removed before Continuation character.
    - Added check for UTF8 encoded input files and stop the process.
*** Some Helpfile updates.
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.24.4 (Jos)
    - Changed the way the Keywords and Functions tables are loaded which speeds up Tidy by a few seconds.
    - Fixed Crash when Variable definition was initialised with a long string.
    - Fixed: some reported issues with comment block indentation.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.25.0 (Jos)
    - internal changes and fixes.
    - Fixed reported crash when a Func name is longer than 40 characters.
*** SciLexer v1.7.7.4
    - Fixed: several reported issues with folding and Syntax Highlighting.
*** UpdateDefs v1.4.4.0
    - Fixed: Fixed the security setting when updating au3.properties causing limited Users being unable to read au3.properties.
            This would result in no syntax highlighting and tools not being available.
*** Some Helpfile updates.
*** Merged the updates of SciTE v 1.77 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE v 1.77. (Jos)
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.23.24 (Jos)
    - Fixed: some reported report issues.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.24.23 (Jos)
    - internal changes and fixes.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v1.10.1.14 (Jos)
    - Fixed: Removed #RequireAdmin causing issues when running in "User" mode.
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.23.23 (Jos)
    - Added: remove comments option for EndFunc and EndRegion. (see documentation for details)
    - Fixed: recognition of ]then and )then on an line with If statement.
    - Fixed recognition of Enum declared variable and continuation character after Global.
*** SciLexer
    - Fixed: crash when script contains lines with continuation characters in a commentblock.
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.23.21 (Jos)
    - Fixed: Recognition of Enum declared variable and continuation character after Global for the Documentation.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.24.22 (Jos)
    - Fixed: possible crash when lines longer than 2047 characters.
    - Fixed: AutoIt3 reporting Array error for obfuscated script when ran multiple times at the same time.
*** SciLexer
    - Support for nested Commentblocks.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v1.10.1.11 (Jos)
    - Added: Support for #AutoIt3Wrapper_Add_Constants which will add all needed standard constants.au3 includes.
    - Updated for use with AutoIt3 version:
    - Added better support for portability.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.24.21 (Jos)
    - Added: support for /autoit3dir
    - Fixed: Avoid removal of onautoitexit by the strip unused func option.
    - Fixed: relative path issue for include files.
    - Fixed: Avoid stripping the #RequireAdmin directive when doing a Strip task.
    - Fixed an truncation bug with lines being longer than 2048 char in Included files.
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.23.20 (Jos)
    - Added: Added warnings for Indent blocks not closed at the end of the script.
    - Fixed: recognising $then as then at the end of an If line.
    - Fixed: EndRegion comments supporting nested Regions.
    - Fixed: Avoid changing the displayed filename to lowercase.
    - Fixed: Commented Variables/Funcs in a commentblock don't appear in the documentation file.
    - Fixed: Tidy doc didn't contain tidied record as saved in the script file.
    - Fixed: False error stating "If/ElseIf statement without a then.." when Then was on a seperate line.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6.6.8 (Jos)
    - Updated for use with AutoIt3 version:
*** Merged the updates of SciTE v 1.76 by Neil Hodgson with our own version of SciTE v 1.76. (Jos)
*** SciTE4AutoIt3 Installer (Jos)
    - Fixed: Start menu shortcut for SciTEConfig.
    - Removed the Included aut2exe versions since there are in latest Production version of AutoIt3.
    - Added: Dump of the installer information into Install.log which resides in the SciTE directory.
*** Updated LUA Functions:
    - Fixed: Skip added Func trace when Func is commented. (Valik)
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.23.14 (Jos)
    - Added: support for CONST on its own and in LOCAL/GLOBAL/DIM lines.
    - Fixed: command options caps problem for region comments.
    - Fixed: variable table build was skipping all variables declared on Continuation lines.
    - Added: test to skip the copy of #Region comments when the Rgegion is generated by Koda.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.24.17 (Jos)
    - Added: Commandline support for /autoit3dir.
    - Fixed: Avoid removal of onautoitexit by the strip unused func option.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v1.10.1.8 (Jos)
    - Added: Test to ensure that the Output file is Not Equal to the Input script file avoiding
             zapping the original script. (yes it happens :) )
    - Fixed: Properly remove the standard Resources in case a different language is used.
    - Fixed: Always skip UPX on a x64 system.
    - Fixed: Setting the proper default version in the resources using the Bin version.
*** Updated SciTEConfig.exe v1.6.6.8 (Jos)
    - Added: Commandline support for /autoit3dir.
*** Updated Abbreviations files and Documentation for UserCalltips and Abbreviations. (MHz)
*** Fixed WIN9x support (Jos)
*** Updated included aut2exe versions required to support the current AutoIt3 production version (Valik)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v1.10.1.6 (Jos)
    - Updated: Removed the "CompiledScript" field from the resources.
*** Updated SciTE (Valik)
    - Added: Filter option to the Save dialog.
*** Updated SciTEConfig (Mhz)
    - Fixed: reported issue with reading/writing Tools in au3.properties.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v1.10.1.4 (Jos)
    - Added: Buildin Resource update functions instead of requiring RC.exe and Reshacker.
             This also enables the resource update of x64 compiled scripts.
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.23.10 (Jos)
    - Fixed: BUG with invalid added space around square brackets.
    - Fixed: Reload Tidied script when current file was changed during tidy process.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.24.13 (Jos)
    - Fixed: Skip removing Global variables that are set to the result of a Function to fix bugreport #118
*** Updated SciTE v 1.75 (Neil Hodgson)
*** Updated LUA Functions:
    - Added directory LUA with several files containing the set of new LUA scripts written by Valik and
            modified by me to be backwards compatible and included the missing functions.
        - Added color which identifies word type to the AutoComplete ToolBox. (Valik)
        - Automatic adjusting horizontal scrollbar. (Valik)
        - The GotoFunc will not search in Commented lines. (Valik)
        - Many internal improvements. (Valik)
    - Added Dynamic tools update checking if AutoIt3 Beta is installed and only showing the tools when it is.
    - Added Ctrl+Shift+J which will jump back (multiple levels) to the spot where a last Ctrl+J was done.
    - Removed old LUA scripts file AutoIt3.LUA.
    - Added support for "autocomplete.au3.disable=" to allow the switch off off the AutoComplete functionality with AutoIt.
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.23.8 (Jos)
    - Added: Proper spacing around square brackets.
    - Added: Proper casing the known # Directives.
    - Added: Copy the Description found on #Region and add it to the #EndRegion line.
             This can be switched off by parameter /Skip_EndRegion_Comment or /serc
    - Added: /Skip_EndFunc_Comment or /sefc to stop the addition of the text to the EndFunc statement.
    - Added: /Skip_commentblock or /scb which will leave #cs-#ce commentbock alone.
    - Fixed: BUG with /SF not properly detect #ce.
    - Fixed: BUG with /SF sorting Funcs commented in a #cs-#ce block.
    - Fixed: BUG with invalid added space when variable ends with underscore character.
    - Fixed: BUG with invalid added space in For when it contained negative numbers after TO and STEP.
    - Fixed: Issue when running Tidy on a file located on a networkdrive not detecting it being changed.
    - Update: internal change to handle the added "?x" at the end of the new AU3.API layout
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.24.11 (Jos)
    - Added: /SV /StripUnusedVars  ; Remove All "Global ???" Lines when all declared variables are unused by the script. (Default = 0)
    - Added: /StripOnly option which will strip your script from all unneeded Funcs and Global Variables.
             This will be a spacesaver for your output EXE when you are using standard (many) include files.
            /So or /StripOnly Will set the options to: /SF /SV /CV=0 /CF=0 /CS=0 /CN=0
    - Fixed: Error when TABs are used Infront of Func statements causing Invalid Functionnames.
    - Fixed: issue with finding Include files in some occasions.
    - Fixed: Error for OnAutoItExit() when specified in: Opt("OnExitFunc", "OnAutoItExit")
*** SciTE4AutoIt3 Installer
    - Added: The Installer will run SetAcl to change the ACL/security for the SciTE install directory and files to "Full" for
             the groups "Users" and "Power Users" avoiding security issues when updates need to be made to au3.properties etc.
    - Moved all Properties file into the SciTE\Properties directory.
    - Moved SciTEConfig into the SciTE\SciTEConfig directory.
    - SciTE Desktop shortcut will not be created anymore by the installer.
    - Updated: SciTE program Icon replaced with the version created by Saunders.
    - Updated: Recompiled SciTE with changed Manifest to run SciTE "asInvoker".
    - Updated: Changed the override flag for LUA and most Properties to IfDiff.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v1.9.5.2 (Jos)
    - Added: Check for ResHacker path in Registry to allow the use of the Installer created by GEOSoft.
    - Added: #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64 directive to compile using the x64 bin.
    - Added: #AutoIt3Wrapper_Change2CUI which will run MakeCUI supplied by piccaso and included MakeCUI in the installer.
    - Added: #AutoIt3Wrapper_res_requestedExecutionLevel to set the output program Manifest to:
             ;None, asInvoker, highestAvailable or requireAdministrator   (default=None)
    - Added: Show Environment information in the Console output to assist with debugging.
    - Fixed: Issue with full path definitions for Ico and Outputpath.
    - Fixed: Reshacker install now also works with Vista
    - Fixed: show correct version for au3check in the GUI.
*** Updated Updatedefs.exe v1.4.3.3 (Jos)
    - Fixed: install issue with Vista
*** au3.Properties
    - Added selective display for the Beta tools.
    - Change descriptionlines so the SciTEConfig Tools menu will not update the some tools.
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.22 (Jos)
    - Fixed: BUG which was removing an ending ].
*** Installer (Jos)
    - Updated the ICO with the proposal posted by Saunders.
    - Forced the install directory to AutoIt3ProgramDir\SciTE.
    - Removed the Edit/Run option window which is now available in the AutoIt3 installer.
*** Updated UpdateDefs.exe v1.4.3.1 (Jos)
    - Updated the FileSelectFolder() to allow other disks to be selected for the AutoIt3/SciTE path.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v1.9.4 (Jos)
    - Added: Version info for the different utilities to the Tabs in AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI.
    - Fixed: Timing issue in getting STDOUT information of ran programs resulting in missing console output.
    - Fixed: Issue with Ico files not found error when adding extra Icons to the resources.
    - Fixed: Made Directives interpreter case insensitive.
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.21 (Jos)
    - Added: check for write access to input file which will now abort Tidy with console message.
    - Changed: Removed space between unknown UDFs and brace "UnknownUDFname (" and also removed space between "] )".
    - Fixed: fix E notation format bug when followed by -.
    - Fixed: Recognise #cs and #ce when not followed by a space.
    - Fixed: occasionaly crash with long lines.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.22 (Jos)
    - Fixed: fix as Obfucator to recognise #cs and #ce when not followed by a space.
    - Fixed: Error in output script when the "/CS 0"  parameter is used.
*** Updated AutoIt3.LUA (Valik)
    - Added function to size the horizontal scroll bar to the proper lenght of the lines.
*** Installer (Jos)
    - Removed GUIBuilder from installer.
*** Updated CodeSnippet v (gafrost)
*** Updated Koda v 2.0.1 (lazycat)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v1.9.3 (Jos)
    - Added: %autoitdir% support in Run_Before and Run_After directives
    - Added: Skip the Source Directives update when no changes are made in AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI.
    - Added: #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_SaveSource which will add the ScriptSource to the Output program resource section AutoIt3:ScriptSource.
    - Added: #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_File_Add which will add the specified file to the Output program resource.
    - Removed: support for #AutoIt3Wrapper_allow_decompile and #AutoIt3Wrapper_passphrase
    - Fixed: Possible issue with the Fileversion AutoIncrement replacing it on the wrong line.
    - Fixed: Bug running UPX in Win9x.
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.17 (Jos)
    - Added: rc = 99 in case any error condition occures and Tidy is abandoned.
    - Added: support for script line up to 4095 like AutoIt3.
    - Fixed: Make sure a space is added after a literal string when missing.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.20 (Jos)
    - Fixed: crash when Include file contains record longer than 2047 characters.
    - Changed: String/Number encryption logic to make it harder to de-obfuscate.
    - Make "Include not found" error clearer and show up in the console output.
    - Fixed: hardcrash when the generated output record becomes longer than 2047 characters.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui/AutoIt3Wrapper v1.9.2.2 (Jos)
    - Fixed: UNC path translation
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.15 (Jos)
    - Added: /backupdir directoy or /bdir directory support.
    - Fixed: Proper spacing of lines when string contained "#include".
*** Added AutoIt3Wrapper_Gui v1.9.2.0 (Jos)
    This is a totally new GUI based on the old GUI that was removed from AutoIt3Wrapper.
    It now supports:
       - All possible #AutoIt3Wrapper_ directives. Also Tidy, Au3Check, Obfuscator and cvsWrapper settings.
       - Option to automatically Download and install ResHacker for you.
       - The specified information is now saved as directives at the top of the script.
       - Old INI files are converted and put into the recyclebin.
       - The GUI is linked to Compile in SciTE (Ctrl+F7) and "Compile with Option"in the right click menu of AU3 files.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.9.2.0 (Jos)
    - Added: #RequireAdmin for use in Vista.
    - Added: Updated/Cleaned up Directives:
      Added: #AutoIt3Wrapper_Version And #AutoIt3Wrapper_cvsWrapper_Parameters.
    - Removed: #AutoIt3Wrapper_Prompt, #AutoIt3Wrapper_AUTOIT3, #AutoIt3Wrapper_AUT2EXE, #AutoIt3Wrapper_res_field1name
    - Removed: #AutoIt3Wrapper_res_field1value, #AutoIt3Wrapper_res_field2name, #AutoIt3Wrapper_res_field2value=
    - Changed: Many, many internal changes.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.14 (Jos)
    - Leave #autoit3wrapper_plugin_funcs line in the obfuscated source to avoid au3check errors.
*** Updated Tidy.exe v2.0.14 (Jos)
    - Added /Q parameter to run quiet.
*** Updated UpdateDefs.exe v1.4.3 (Jos)
    - Added Latest parameter which will figure out if Prod or Beta has the highest versionnumber.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.9.1.9 (Jos)
    - Added: Option to automatically update all #Compiler_ directives to #AutoIt3Wrapper_ directives.
             You will be prompted when an old #Compiler_ directives is found.
    - Added: Option "p" for #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_FileVersion_AutoIncrement.
             This option will prompt if you want to increased the versionnumber of #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Fileversion.
    - Added: option "v" for #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_cvsWrapper.
             This option will only run cvsWrapper when the Version of the source was increased by #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_FileVersion_AutoIncrement.
    - Added: directive #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Icon_Add to add extra ICO(s) to the output program resources file.
             These added Ico(s) can than be use in the scripts logic. See helpfile for a working example.
    - Added check for Scriptname.ini and offer the option to convert to #directives at the top of the script and recycle the INI file.
    - Added warning when directive #AutoIt3Wrapper_prompt=y    is found.
    - Changed the Reshacker routine to only run once now and use a "script file" with commands.
    - Fixed issue with #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Field2Name not being recognised.
    - Fixed Reshacker problem when filepath contains a comma.
    - Fixed issue handling INI settings.
    - Fixed issue with #AutoIt3Wrapper_plugin_funcs.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.13 (Jos)
    - Fixed some internal testing for /StripUnUsedFunc and warning message made more descriptive.
*** Updated Abbreviations file. (MHz)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.9.0 (Jos)
    - *** Removed GUI to set compiler options. ****. This is replaced by the #AutoIt3Wrapper_ directives in the source itself.
      Existing scriptname.au3.ini settings are still used as defaults which will be overridden by the Directives when specified.
    - Renamed the Explorer Right-Mouse-Click option from "Compile with Options" to "Compile with AutoIt3Wrapper"
    - Renamed ALL Directives from #Compiler_???? to #AutoIt3Wrapper_???? and also updated them in SciTE.
       The Old Directive names are supported for backwards compatibility.
    - Changed the Reshacker step. It will now update the output EXE generated by AUT2EXE.
    - Added an UPX step when UPX is requested. UPX is always switched off for AUT2EXE to allow ResHacker to update the resources.
    - Added check for UTF16 (Unicode) encoded files whioch will show the following warning:
       ! ***************************************************************************************************
       ! * Input file is UTF16 encoded, Au3Check/Tidy/Obfuscator do no support UNICODE and will be skipped.*
       ! ***************************************************************************************************
    - Updated the program ICO ....  thanks George (GEOSoft)
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.12 (Jos)
    - Fixed: Avoid warning message for Empty params for Special funcs.
    - Remove possible DoubleQuotes around AutoIt InstallDir and Includedir path retrieved from the registry.
    - Updated the program ICO ....  thanks George (GEOSoft)
    - Added check for UTF16 (Unicode) encoded files and stop processing when detected. (Not supported)
*** Updated Tidy v 2.0.13 (Jos)
    - Updated the program ICO ....  thanks George (GEOSoft)
    - Added check for UTF16 (Unicode) encoded files and stop processing when detected. (Not supported)
*** Updated AutoIt3.LUA (Jos)
    - Changed "Open Include" (Alt+I) And "Jump to Func" (Ctrl+J) to allow Comments behind includes eg:
       #include"filename.au3" ; comment
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.8.4.0 (Jos)
    - Fixed resource update problem when "Compile with Options" is used from Explorer or Compile from SciTE.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.11 (Jos)
    - Ignore longer than 2047 characters comment lines.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.8.3.2 (Jos)
    - Fixed resource update problem when ANSI is used.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.10 (Jos)
    - Fixed: Detection of #obfuscator_on/off when there are leading Tabs/Spaces.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.8.3.1 (Jos)
    - Added Directive: #Compiler_UseAnsi=y  ;(y/n) Use Ansi versions for AutoIt3a or AUT2EXEa. Default is n
    - Added logic to Run/Compile with Ansi version when used in Win9x or WinME.
*** Recompiled Utilities with Ansi version for Win9x/WinME support.
*** AutoIt3.lua (Jos)
    - Updated Ctrl+J which will now Jump to the Select Func and when not found in the script it will search the
      listed #include files. When found it will open the Include file and jump to the Func.
    - Added Ctrl+Alt+J. Same as Ctrl but will scan for Func in the Beta UDF files.
*** Updated Tidy v 2.0.12 (Jos)
    - Fixed possible false report of "#Tidy error" with If-ElseIf-EndIf.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.9 (Jos)
    - Fixed: Problem when #NoTrayIcon isn't located on the first line.
    - Fixed: Conversion of Eval variables.
    - Fixed: Crash with long Functions.
    - Fixed: Occasional wrong bracket interpretation.
*** Updated SciTEConfig.exe v1.6.5 (Mhz)
    - Added Standard Color scheme selections with 2 included standard setting files.
    - Added SciteTools.ini which will retain the setting between SciTE4AutoIt3 upgrades.
*** Updated Abbreviations file. (MHz)
*** Updated PROD definitions to AutoIt3 v
*** Added au3.Auto3lib.calltips.api to au3.properties to support Auto3Lib UDFs.
*** Updated Tidy v 2.0.11 (Jos)
    - Added /keepnversions /kv support to #tidy_parameters= directive.
    - Added /Sort_funcs /sf support which will sort Sort all Func-Endfunc Blocks in sequence
        and when #Region-#EndRegion is used sort them within that scope.
    - Added /sort_funcs_comments /sfc support which will sort Sort all Func-Endfunc Blocks in sequence.
        It uses the first 10 characters of the comment on the Func statemnt as sortkey before the FuncName.
        When #Region-#EndRegion is used, sort them within that scope.
    - Added support for other then .au3 file extensions.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.8.3 (Jos)
    - Fixed problem when filepath contained .au3.
    - Added support for other then .au3 file extensions.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.7 (Jos)
    - Fixed: Avoid removal of #NoTrayIcon.
    - Fixed: Fix problem with literal Strings longer than 2000 characters generating too long Obfuscated string.
    - Fixed: possible "Variable not declared" error when AdLib is used.
    - Added support for other then .au3 file extensions.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.5 (Jos)
    - Major change in approach for the created string variables to allow OnAutoIt3Start.
    - Fixed Problem with "Enum Step *"  which doesn't allow Number("") but requires a real value.
    - Added obfuscation for HexValues.
    - Fixed problem with objevent() that needs param 2 Translated to a FuncName
    - Added Func stripping and Parameters for ObfuscateFuncs and ObfuscateVars.
    - Moved all Functions that use a FuncName as String parameter into Obfuscator.dat included in the Obfuscator.Zip file.
    - Avoid translation @extended which caused scripts to break.
    - Fixed Processing first record correctly.
    - Only check used Functions for Obfuscator Errors. This means that reported errors are true problems now.
*** Updated Obfuscator.exe v1.0.1 (Jos)
    - Fixed:added support for Func OnAutoItStart(), OnAutoItExit() and Opt("OnExitFunc","User_OnAutoItExit")
*** Added Obfuscator.exe v1.0.0 (Jos)
    - Obfuscate your compiled source to make it less readable, NOT Safe.
*** Updated Tidy v 2.0.9 (Jos)
    - Minor fixes.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.8.0 (Jos)
    - Added Obfuscator run logic and also run au3check on the obfuscated source.
    - Added Support for Directive #compiler_run_obfuscator, #obfuscator_parameters,
                  #Obfuscator_Off and #Obfuscator_On.
*** Updated SciTE v 1.73 (Neil Hodgson)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.7.7 (Jos)
    - Added resource Language compiler directive  #Compiler_Res_Language=2057.
    - Fixed conflict when both #Compiler_OutFile_Type and #Compiler_OutFile are used.
*** Updated Tidy v 2.0.8 (Jos)
    - Added support for Struct...EndStruct introduced in AutoIt3 v3.2.3.0.
*** Updated CodeSnippet v (gafrost)
*** Updated SciTE v 1.72 (Neil Hodgson)
*** Updated UpdateDefs v1.4 (Jos)
    - Fixed an issue with abrev.properties on initial load during installation. (tnx nol)
*** Updated SciTEConfig (Jos)
    - Fixed changes not being saved in Win98. (tnx Nol)
*** Updated au3.properties (Jos)
    - Added $(chars.accented) to word.characters to allow for accented characters in words. (tnx th.meger )
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.7.6 (Jos)
    - Fixed Bug with #Compiler_OutFile.
*** Updated PROD definitions to AutoIt3 v
*** Updated Beta definitions to AutoIt3 v
*** Updated Tidy v 2.0.6 (Jos)
    - Fixed tempfile name issue when scriptname is also in the directory name.
    - Fixed continuation line issues.
    - Changed the defaults that it will both fix Indents and Proper Casing.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.7.5 (Jos)
    - Added #Run_Debug_Mode Directive to Run script with console debugging.
    - Fixed Resource update to update the original 2057 resource info in stead of loading another language.
    - Changed ConsoleWrite message replacing @LF with @CRLF.
    - Fixed Run of RC.EXE in case the default path for CMD is changed.
*** Updated CodeWizzard v 1.5.2 (gafrost)
    - Change Helpfile link to work without hhkey.exe.
*** Updated CodeSnippet v (gafrost)
*** Updated Abbreviations file. (MHz)
*** Moved the Abbreviations into a separate properties file to allow update of definitions via Autoit3 installer
*** Updated Tidy v 2.0.3 (Jos)
    - Fixed missing commentlines in the documentation file for a script.
    - Removed debug causing sometimes to show up in the console window.
    - Fixed Input file case bug.
    - Fixed to ignore Comments on Dim/Local/Global statements.
*** SciTE4AutoIt3 Installer.
    - Fixed bug in NSIS script that didn't run UPDATEDEFS.EXE when only autoit3 production is found.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.7.3 (Jos)
    - Fixed "Allow Decompile" to not use that latest GUI option used.
    - Fixed path fo AutoIt3 and AUT2EXE. In some circumstances it would fail to run them.
*** Updated FuncPopUp v1.3.2 (Jos)
    - Fixed Proper displaying of the helpfile pages which was broken due to the splitup of the helpfile.
*** Updated CodeSnippet v (gafrost)
*** Updated Koda v 1.6 (lazycat)
*** Updated AU3record v3.1.1 (Larry)
*** Updated SciTE v 1.71 (Neil Hodgson)
*** Rewritten Tidy as Console Application v 2.0. (Jos)
    Tidy is now converted to BCX/Pelles_C and is, depending on the size and complexity of the script, up to 50 times faster.
    Some test results on a Pentium M 1.60 GHz:
    Script Lines   Old_Tidy     New_Tidy
      400            4 seconds  0.7 second
     1400           22 seconds  1.0 second
     9800          170 seconds  3.6 seconds
    17680          310 seconds  6.6 seconds
    The Tidy default options are located in Tidy.Ini and can also be set via Commandline or Directive parameters.
    Tidy will read the #Tidy_Parameters directive and use it to set/override options.
    see helpfile for details on the parameters/INI file settings.
    Also made updates to the Documentation file that is optionally generated.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.7.1 (Jos)
    - Added option to run Tidy at Compile time before the AU3Check. Added 3 #Compiler Directives to support that.
    - Fixed path search for AU3Check when using Ctrl+F7 (Compile with Options)
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6.2
    - Fixed msgbox for version check. (Jos)
    - Updated GUIRead() to the changed behaviour. (Mhz)
*** Updated UpdateDefs v1.3 (Jos)
    - Removed all AU3Check logic. Au3Check is now supplied via the AutoIt3 installler.
*** Updated Koda with v 1.5.
*** Removed AU3check program and definitions. This is now supplied via the AutoIt3 installer.
*** Updated Beta definitions to AutoIt3 v
*** Updated CodeSnippet v (gafrost)
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.6.2 (Jos)
    Fixed #Compiler_Compression.
    Fixed removal of multiple @CRLF's in console.
*** Updated installer with SciTE v1.70. (Neil Hodgson)
*** Updated Beta definitions to AutoIt3 v
*** Updated Tidy v1.31.6 (Jos)
    - Removed tidy logic for [] due to problems.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6.1 (Jos)
    - Added check to ensure that SciTE is running because else SciTEUser.properties potentially contain empty settings
      removing all colors for AutoIt3 scripts.
*** Updated installer with SciTE v1.69. (Neil Hodgson)
*** Updated Beta definitions to AutoIt3 v
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.6 (Jos)
    Added Check for valid Output-path to avoid aut2exe errors.
*** Updated Tidy v1.31.5 (Jos)
    - Fixed: Bug which removed in some occasions the space before the continuation character.
      It will now also add a space when the it is missing in before the continuation character.
    - Added tidy logic for [], removing the spaces around them.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.6 (Mhz)
    - Added Tab which allows you to en-/disable Tool menu items.
*** Updated CodeSnippet v1.0.4.4 (gafrost)
*** Updated Abbreviations file. (MHz)
*** Fixed F5-Go Bug in Windows 2000 caused by AutoIT3Wrapper.
*** Fixed Helpfile screen captures.
*** Added AutoIt3Help.exe back in the installer for adding to Current AutoIt3 production directory.
*** Renamed CompileAu3 to AutoIt3Wrapper, because the old name doesn't reflect its
    current purpose anymore.
    Your setting (compileau3.ini) and standard files (Reshaker.exe) will be moved/renamed to
    the new directory by the installer.
*** Updated AutoIt3Wrapper v1.6 (Jos)
    - Added check for SciTE4AutoIt3 updates which will run ones a day.
      This option can be disabled in SciTEConfig.
    - Added UPX compiler directive :
      #Compiler_UseUpx=          ;(y/n) Compress program works only for and up. Default=y
      #Compiler_Run_cvsWrapper=  ;(y/n) Run cvsWrapper to update the script source. Default=n
*** Updated Tidy v1.31 (Jos)
    - Changed: Will now use au3.api for all tables and also Tidy the standard UDF names.
*** AutoIt3.lua (Jos)
    - Updated TraceAll(): it will not add a ConsoleWrite after Select or Switch statements.
*** Update SciLexer (Jos)
    Added support for Syntax Highlighting the standard UDF's.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.5 (Jos)
    - Added support for SciTE4AutoIt3 Update check.
    - Added support for UDF color settings.
*** Updated Abbreviations (Mhz)
***  Released cvsWrapper as a separate add-on package available.
     The cvsWrapper script will enable you to save versions of your scripts to
     CVS repository (sandbox) by just pushing F12 to make a new snapshot.
*** Updated CompileAU3 v1.5.1 (Jos)
    - Fixed memory leak in ReturnCode function.
*** Updated Au3Check v1.54.1.1 (Jos): : Changed the registry check for User Include directory from HKLM to HKCU.
*** Updated SciTE4AutoIt3 Installer (Jos)
    - Fixed copying of the AU3Check v to AutoItDir\Beta subdirectory.
    - Fixed some files that didn't get deleted with uninstall
    - Fixed avoid copying AU3Check.dat to Production AutoItdirectory.
    - Moved AU3CheckJos.exe from SciteDir\defs\unstalble\au3check to SciTEdir\AU3Check.
*** AutoIt3.lua (Jos)
    - Fixed issue with the ProperCase func when typing "- $".
    - Fixed Open Include file when surrounded by ""
*** Updated installer with SciTE v1.68. (Neil Hodgson)
*** Updated Au3Check v1.54 (Tylo):
    1.54 : Added: Support for #compiler_plugin_funcs= directive. Replaced -U option with -v 3.
    1.53 : Fixed: Extended block nesting levels from 20 to 128.
                      Added: Allow callback args in Call(). Replace the line %Call 1  to %Call 1  in the .dat file for this to work.
    1.52 : change: -U outputs an improved linebased list. -u removed. #uses directive changed to #forceref.
    1.51 : added: File name and pos ref to -u and -U. -u - and -U - sends to stdout. Other improvements.
    1.50 : fixed: ReDim require prev decl and no init. "Not used vars" warning default off. Added -w 6 -w 7.
    1.49 : added: option -u file. Added warning on local vars and params declared, but not used.
*** Added Au3Check v1.54.1 (Jos):
    1.54.1 : Changed The include search logic to make it the same as the AutoT3 Beta release.
             This file will be copied to the AutoIt3 Beta program directory when it exists by the UpdateDefs script.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v1.4 (Jos)
    - Implemented the SciTE director interface which enables it to:
    - Update SciTE settings without restarting SciTE.
    - Read all current properties without having to read SciTEGlobal.,AU3. and
      SciTEUser.properties files.
    - Update the Background Color selection logic.
    - Fixed save of Backup value to SciTEUser.properties.
    - Added Setting to activate/deactivate ProperCase Lua function.
*** Updated CompileAU3 v1.5 (Jos)
    - Changed logic for running AU3Check. When ${AutoItDir}\Au3check is available run that.
    - Added Returncode reporting in CompileAU3 for AU3Check. (Tnx Mhz for UDF)
    - Changed the AutoIncrement logic to use the SciTE director interface to avoid the
      occasional 1 minute deadlock of SciTE on a file refresh.
    - Added colors to the console output in SciTE to show Errors and success.  (Tnx Mhz)
*** AutoIt3.lua (Jos)
    - Updated Open Include LUA function to allow to open Production (Alt+I) or
       Beta (Alt+Shift+I) include version. (Jos)
    - Added fix for "One-line IF", Switch and Select AutoIndent issue. (Tnx Valik)
    - Added ProperCase option selectable by the Proper.Case keyword.
      Default is disabled, but when enabled in SciTEConfig, it will change all the casing
      of all defined Keywords/Function in au3.api on the fly in SciTE.
*** Updated Tidy v1.30 (Jos)
    - Changed: Tidy will now close the file in SciTE and reopen it to avoid the occasional
      1 minute deadlock in SciTE. It will now also jump to the first Error when Tidy
      found errors or else to the line that was current before Tidy.
*** Updated UpdateDefs v1.0 (Jos)
    - Added: Logic to copy the new Au3Check and AU3check.dat to the AUtoIt3 Beta program Directory.
      This is needed to support the new Include search logic in the current Beta version.
*** Updated Abbreviations (Mhz)
*** Added CodeSnippet Ctrl+Alt+s created by gafrost.
*** Fixed bug in SciLexer were sometimes <> were colored as String in stead of Operator. (Jos)
*** Updated installer with an updated version of SciTE v1.67 to fix a Group UNDO bug.
*** Updated guibuilder (JPM)
    Changed $WS_VISIBLE and after GUISetState().
*** Updated CompileAU3 v1.4.1 (Jos)
    - Added support for the following variables in resource info:
      #Compiler_AU3Check_Parameters=            ;Au3Check parameters
*** Fixes issue with Installer when using the silent install option.
    The autoit3dir= in au3.propertes was empty after the install.
*** Updated CompileAU3 v1.4.2 (Jos)
    Fixed: RC error when no FileVersion is given. It will now use the AutoIt3 version number you compile with.
*** Updated Tidy v1.29 (Jos)
    Fixed: Proper reporting of Variables that occur only one time.
*** Updated installer with SciTE v1.67. (Neil Hodgson)
*** Update Au3Recorder: (Larry)
    Fixed a BUG when Title contained a double quote.
*** Updated SciTEConfig (Jos)
    Fixed a Bug swapping between proportional and Fixed fonts.
*** Updated guibuilder (JPM)
    Removed all references to "Handle=" for BETA compatibility.
*** Updated CompileAU3 v1.4 (Jos)
    - Added support for the following variables in resource info:
      ; %AutoItVer% which will be replaced with the version of AutoIt3
      ; %date% = PC date in short date format
      ; %longdate% = PC date in long date format
      ; %time% = PC timeformat
      #Compiler_Res_Field=AutoIt Version|%AutoItVer%
    -Fixed some CompileAU3.ini not being set correctly.
*** Fixed LUA Calltip for OPT. (Valik)
*** Updated Both SciTE4AutoIt3 and SciTE4AU3Upd installers commandline options:
    SciTE4AU???? /S (Silently install the patches and Load Beta definitions when AutoIt3\Beta
        is installed, else Production definitions are loaded.
    SciTE4AU???? /S beta (Silently install the patches and the BETA definitions)
    SciTE4AU???? /S prod (Silently install the patches and the production definitions)
*** Update SciLexer:
    Fixed some issues with Sendkeys in strings.
*** Updated Au3Check v1.48 (Tylo):
    - Allow empty expressions as COM method args. E.g: $obj.method(1,,,,$val)
    - Allow multiple tabs/spaces before cont. char _.
    - updated: Require space/tab before, and allow comment after cont. char _.
    - fixed: Disallow loops/branches after single line IFs.
*** Updated CompileAU3 v1.3 (Jos):
    - Added CompileAU3.ini which contains the default settings for the CompilerAU3 compiler directives and updated
      CompileAU3 to read this info. It will be overridden by the Script.au3.ini or Compiler directive settings.
    - Added the following Compiler Directives:
      #Compiler_Res_FileVersion_AutoIncrement=y ;This directive will trigger CompileAU3 to increment the 4th number
         by 1 in the "#Compiler_Res_Fileversion=" directive version number after the Script.EXE is created.
      #Compiler_PlugIn_Funcs=Func1,Func2 ;comma separated list of PlugIn functions  ;This Directive will temporary
         add the specified function(s) as Valid Functions to AU3Check to avoid getting "undefined function." errors
         when Running or Compiling scripts that use the new Plugin feature.
      #Compiler_AU3Check_Stop_OnWarning=N ;Continue when only Warnings from AU3Check. N=Default
*** Updated Tidy v1.29 (Jos)
    - Fixed BUG with Comment behind a Continuation character when using the Indent option.
    - Added  support for Switch...EndSwitch.
    - Added Macro's to the Documentation file and reformatted the output.
*** Added Koda to the installer which is a nice tool to develop your GUI syntax. (Lookfar & Lazycat)
    Just Hit Alt+M in SciTE whic will start FD.exe. In the F9 menu you have an option to save it to SciTE.
    Click on this button and Close FD which will paste the Syntax at the carrot position in SciTE.
*** Updated SciTEConfig (Jos)
    Have changed the GUI which is now using tabs and added an option that shows
    the currentSciTE definition loaded and to change between Production and BETA.
*** Updated the abbreviations (Mhz)
*** Updated installer with SciTE v1.66. (Neil Hodgson)
*** Added Switch...EndSwitch support to Folding in SciLexer.dll.
*** Added LUA check to avoid the Autocomplete dropdownbox popping up when _ is typed. It now only
    pops up when the second character is typed. (Valik)
*** Updated AU3Check v1.46 (Tylo):
    added: Support for Default keyword.
    fixed: Const ByRef parameters.
*** Updated SciTEConfig v 1.2:
    - Added the number of BAK files option to the menu.
*** Updated Tidy v1.28.11:
    - Fixed Indent Bug when a line contains Comment after "Then _".
*** Updated CompileAU3 v1.2.0:
    - Added support for a3x compilation. This can be done by specifying the output file name xyz.a3x or using the
      Compiler directive: #Compiler_OutFile_Type=a3x
    - Made the Au3Check Errors display scrollable.
*** Updated installer with SciTE v1.64. (Neil Hodgson)
*** Updated installer not to prompt for the Definitions anymore.
    It will now load the Beta definitions when the Autoit3\Beta version
    is installed, else the Latest production definition is loaded.
*** Changed Ctrl+F5 to run AU3Check with Production definitions and
            Ctrl+Alt+F5 to run AU3Check with Beta definitions.
*** Updated CompileAU3:
    - Added commandline switch to just run AU3Check (/Au3check) and select Production (/prod) or Beta (/beta)
    - Added the possibility to specify the path to Reshacker.exe and RC.exe in CompileAU3.ini:
*** Changed default msgbox and Trace levels to 1 (Less info. ) to increase the level just copy the lines
    from au3.properties you your SciTEUser.properties and set them to the level you want.
*** Update SciLexer:
    Included fix from Scintilla CVS to solve empty autocomplete box on WinXP without SP1/2 installed.
    Fixed issue with Sendkeys in strings.
    Fixed issue with Commentblock lexing.
*** Updated AU3Check v1.43 (Tylo):
    added: Const parameters. Array initialization. Prevent redecl. of parameters.
*** Updated the abbreviations (Mhz)
*** Update AU3.properties to support the Beta Installer:
    F1=Help Production
    F5=Run Production
    Alt+F1=Help Beta
    Alt+F5=Run Beta
    Alt+F7=Compile Beta
*** Update CompileAU3.exe v1.1.5 (Jos):
    Added Beta support to run AU3Check and Autoit3 Beta versions.
    The shelled Autoit3 program will now also be terminated when CompileAU3 is terminated from within SciTE.
    The "Stop" button will now have the focus to be able to Enter in case of errors.
    Using the new Autoit STD functions.
    Changed the retrieval of the AutoIt3 path from the registry.
    Fixed Registry check issue.
*** Update Tidy v1.28.9 (Jos):
    Changed shortcut to Ctrl+T
    Fixed line numbering in the documentation file in case empty lines were removed.
    Added -= += /= *= operator support.
    Added Indenting support for With...EndWith keywords.
    Added support for ComObj notation
*** Updated SciLexer.dll (Jos):
    Fixed issue when commenting #CE.
    Added folding support for With...EndWith keywords.
    Fixed issue when typing continuation character in #cs-#ce section.
*** Added LUA script for Trace Functions (Valik)
*** Added LUA script to Open #include file (Alt+I) when caret is on the #include line.
*** Updated several LUA Debug script  (Valik)
*** Updated AU3Check v1.39 (Tylo):
    support for += -= *= /= &= assignment operators, and True False keywords and more.
*** Updated CodeWizard.exe v1.4  (gcriaco & gafrost)
*** Updated the abbreviations (Mhz)
*** Updated SciTEConfig using the _ChooseColor and _ChooseFont UDF's
*** Added Silent support with Definition selection to both SciTE4AutoIT3 and SciTEAU3UPD installers:
    SciTE4AU???? /S (Silently install the patches and the production definitions)
    SciTE4AU???? /S beta (Silently install the patches and the BETA definitions)
    SciTE4AU???? /S prod (Silently install the patches and the production definitions)
*** Update CompileAU3.exe v1.1.2 to facilitate the next couple of changes.
*** Changed the "Go" option to run the CompileAu3 wrapper which will Run Au3Check and then AutoIt3.exe.
*** Added  #Compiler_autoit3 directive to CompileAU3 to enable you to specify which AutoIT3 program to use.
*** Changed the "Build" option to run the CompileAu3 wrapper which will Run Au3Check and then Aut2exe.exe with
    defaults when no Compiler directive is specified.
*** Removed "SyntaxCheck Go" and "SyntaxCheck Build" options which are now obsolete.
*** Updated installer with SciTE v1.63
*** Updated AU3Check with v1.32
*** Updated CodeWizard.exe v1.3
*** Added Switch-Definitions ShortCut to the start menu
*** Added an adapted version of CyberSlug's GUIBuilder that will assist you building GUI and the
    generated code will be pasted directly into SciTE. Start it with  Alt+G.
*** Updated Tidy v 1.28.6:
    Fixed bug where Tidy inserted space with "" or '' inside quoted string.
*** Updated Tidy v 1.28.5:
    Fixed to handle spaces after continuation character.
    Fixed extra spaces between double braces.
    Fixed Save of Config issue with combo boxes.
*** Added FuncList LUA script which lists all available Func's and allows you to jump to them. Alt+L
*** Updated Trace LUA script: When lines are selected it will only add trace lines to those lines.
*** Updated Abbreviations LUA script that now also the ToolTip is shown for the expanded function
    and the indentation is set correctly for the inserted text.
*** Added LUA script which allows you to keep backups of your edited script.
*** Fixed #include-once in definition files (was #include_once)
*** Updated CodeWizard.exe v 1.2
*** Updated ScTEConfg v 1.0.3 to be able to handle other languages.
*** Added VoSs2o0o's AutoItMacroGenerator Alt+F7
*** Added Peppe's CodeWizard.exe to SciTE and linked it to Alt+M
*** Updated Production definitions to V 3.1.0.
*** Added /S switch to UpdateDefs for silent install.
*** Fixed SciTEConfig issue retrieving the currect setting.
*** Updated installer to skip Updatedefs.exe when using Silent (/s) switch.
*** Updated Tidy to skip BlockComment lines (:~) and changed :
    comment.block.at.line.start.au3=1 (Back to what it was before)
*** Updated CompileAU3 docs and directives.au3 to incorporate:
    #Compiler_OutFile=              ;Target exe filename.
*** Updated SciTEConfig, added option to update the default action for AU3 to either Run or Edit.
*** Updated FuncPopUp, Fixed the new registry location and Helpfile not found error for new release.
*** Added abbrev.properties supplied by Mhz.
*** Added a LUA script which will automatically expand the abbreviations in the list.
*** Updated SciteLexer.dll with an extra table for abbreviations.
*** Updated UpdateConfig with the abbrev.properties update logic.
*** Included updated AU3Check v 1.24.
*** Changed Ctrl+F6 to execute AU3Info.exe.
*** Added AutoIt3Help.exe to facilitate opening the helpfile with the correct "Current directory".
*** Several au3.properties settings.
*** Updated CompileAU3 1.06:
   - Added #Compiler_Res_Field directive. There can be up to 15 lines with format:
     See Directives.au3 in the Compileau3 directory for an example.
*** Added Console Debug line LUA script Alt+D
*** Added DeBugging LUA scripts:
          Ctrl+J      : Jump to the "FUNC ???" definition under the cursor for fast jumping to the function
                        The original line will be BookMarked so you can jump back with F2.
          ALL debug MsgBox and ConsoleWrite lines with one key combination:
          Alt+Shift+D : Comment all Debug MsgBoxes/ConsoleWrite lines
          Ctrl+Alt+D  : UnComment all Debug MsgBoxes/ConsoleWrite lines
          ToolsMenu   : Add TRACE ConsoleWrites to all lines to easily trace your program.
          ToolsMenu   : Remove all Debug MsgBoxes/ConsoleWrite lines
*** Updated SciTEConfig v 0.6.5:
    - Added Button to set the Background color
    - Added Button to set the Current line Background color
    - Added option to set Tab for indent and the Tabsize.
*** Updated Tidy 1.27.6:
    - Fixed issue when #CE is on its own for example when #CS is commented with an ;
*** Added all Standard UDFs to AU3.api SciTE will also autocomplete them and show the
    Intellisense popup showing the parameters and the needed #include file.
*** Updated AU3Check ver 1.16:
   - Supporting New Func syntax.
   - Supporting New and Old AutoIt3 registry settings.
*** CompileAU3: recompiled with latest version which will now show status messages during process.
*** Fixed SciLexer Syntax HighLighting issue.
*** Tidy 1.27.4:
    - Fixed issue when more than 50 lines are used in a single "continuation" line.
*** Fixed AU3Check: to properly handle the new registry settings for AutoIt2 v 3.0.103.
*** Fixed CompileAU3 registry check....
*** changed sciteGlobal.properties default Lexer to au3. This will start the AU3 lexer for new files.
*** Updated AU3Recorder  with Larry's new AU3 recorder.
*** changed to color of the SciTE Line numbers to be able to print them.
*** SciTE Lexer: Fixed SyntaxHighlighting for Unterminated strings on a continuation line.
*** Tidy 1.27.3:
    - Fixed Unterminated string on a continuation line bug.
    - Added marker in the documentation to indicate variables that only occur once.
    - Added markers in the documentation for ContinueLoop and ExitLoop.
       0011  |  +-While 1
       0012  |  |  +-While 1
       0013  |  |  |  +-While 1
       0014  |  |  |  |    $x = 1
       0015  |  |  |  |  +-If $a = $b Then
       0016  |  ^--|--|--|----ContinueLoop 3
       0017  |  |  |  |  +-EndIf
       0018  |  |  ^--|----ContinueLoop 2
       0019  |  |  |  |  +-If $b = $c Then
       0020  |  v--|--|--|----ExitLoop 3
       0021  |  |  |  |  +-EndIf
       0022  |  |  |  +-Wend
       0023  |  |  +-Wend
       0024  |  +-Wend
*** Updated installer to properly handle the new registry settings for AutoIt2 v 3.0.103.
*** Updated UpdateDefs.exe to properly handle the new registry settings for AutoIt2 v 3.0.103.
*** Updated CompileAU3.exe to properly handle the new registry settings for AutoIt2 v 3.0.103.
*** Upgrade to SciTE 1.62:
    - See http://scintilla.sourceforge.net/ScintillaHistory.html for details.
    - Updated Lexer to check/validate numeric information.
*** CompileAU3 1.0.2:
    - Multiple Run-Before/After compiler directive now possible.
    - Fixed retrieval of Target program setting from INI.
    - Fixed save of AU3Check run setting to INI.
    - Added Browsebutton for target program.
    - Run_Before/After handles the following variables:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ;   %in% , %out%, %icon% which will be replaced by the fullpath\filename.
       ;   %scriptdir% same as @ScriptDir and %scriptfile% = filename without extension.
*** Tidy 1.26.3  (changed version numbering):
    - Added option to put OLD files in a Backup directory.
    - Added check if sourcefiles is read-only
    - Added option to remove trailing spaces.
*** Scite4AutoIt3 Helpfile info:
    - Updated SciTE 1.62 docs.
    - Updated CompileAU3 docs.
*** Added "calltip.au3.end.definition=)" for better scrolling within Tooltip/Intellisence popup box.
*** Tidy (v 1.0.25):
     - Added the propercase for Functionnames parameters within Call() and HotKeySet().
     - Added logic to skip PreProcessor lines from being changed.
*** Fixed UpdateDefs.exe (v0.3) which sometimes didn't update the autoit3 location.
*** CompileAU3.exe (v 0.23) Minor Updates/Fixes:
     - Legal Copyright save to INI bug solved
     - reshacker not available notice in Console changed.
*** SciTEConfig (v 0.3) :
     - Create SciteUser.properties when it doesn't exist.
*** Added SciTeConfig.exe to be able to change the Font/Color setting used by SciTE. (Ctrl+1)
*** CompileAU3.EXE  ver 0.22.5:
    - BEFORE and AFTER programs will be run as: RunWait(@comspec & " /c " ....... ,'',@SW_Hide).
    - Double quotes are removed whe nused around filesnames in compiler directives.
    - Several issue in Win9x.
    - SciteUser.properties is now searched in the following order:
        1. @UserProfileDir.
        2. EnvGet("userprofile").
        3. @HomeDrive & @HomePath.
        4. for Win9x it uses the SciteProgramDirectory.
    - Msgbox containing au3check errors is now also displayed for Win9x.
*** Updated au3check,au3.api and au3.properties and added au3.keywords.properties.
    The generation of these files is now done with a script written by Valik.
*** Moved the #Compiler directives from the Preprocessor to the Special keywords for proper
    syntax highlighting.
*** Changed AutoIt3.Lua script to avoid AutoComplete in Special keywords to avoid autocomplete
    popups when typing Compiler directives.
*** Updated the SciTeLexer to show Comments in the #Special regions.
    This makes the #Compiler directives more readable.
*** Updated UpdateDefs.exe which will now properly update the autoit3 location in the au3.properties file.
This program is located in the Scitedir\defs and makes it possible to change the definition files
    used by SciTE/au3check/funcpop/Tidy between the production and unstable version.
    Its also run at the end of the SciTE installers.
*** Include Tylo's updated AU3CHECK ver 1.12.
*** Updated Tidy script ver 1.0.23 with the new GUI commands.
*** Updated the Scite4AutoIt3.chm helpfile.
*** CompileAU3.EXE  ver 0.20:
    - Fixed bug when special character in @tempdir path.
    - Fixed bug with ICON not properly updating from the GUI.
    - Added status window to report AU3check errors in the warning window.(only for WIN2K/WinXP)
    - Added Variables for the run_before and Run_After commandline:
      ; Commands to run before or after the au3check/compile programs they can contain the following variables:
      ; %in% which is replaced by the "fullpath\script.au3"
      ; %out% which is replaced by the "fullpath\script.exe"
      ; %icon% which is replaced by the "fullpath\Icon.ico"
      ; e.g copy compiled program to target dir:  xcopy "%out%" "C:\program files\script\*.*" /y
      #Compiler_Run_Before =          ;process to run before compilation
      #Compiler_Run_After =           ;process to run After compilation
    - Added check for FileVersion info to avoid RC failures.
    - Fixed %1=>%l for the right-mouse-click "Compile with Options" selection.
*** CompileAU3.EXE  ver 0.19:
    - Modified GUI code to the latest unstable build.
    - Added Tabs to the Gui to handle the extra fields.
    - Changed:When the ICO file is specified without a fullpath,
      the scriptdir is assumed and is checked if it exists.
      when the file isn't available it is changed back to the last used ICO.
    - Added 2 directives and fields to the menu for:
         #Compiler_Run_Before =          ;process to run before compilation
         #Compiler_Run_After =           ;process to run After compilation
    - Added Directive and menu option to precheck you script with AU3Check.
      You are prompted to stop or continue, when errors are detected.
         #Compiler_Run_AU3Check=y        ;Run au3check before compilation
    - Added error checking for all tasks and display the status in the console.
*** Tidy 1.0.22: Added option to remove empty lines.
                 Fixed error in Documentation option.
*** CompileAU3.EXE:
    - Added support to update the resource information in the target EXE file.
    - Added support for Compiler directives in the source script. ( see helpfile for details:Ctrl+F1).
    - Added save to INI file of all settings specified per script to avopid retyping of your settings.
*** Tidy 1.0.21: Added extra Case option for variables:
    Added an Option called "as DIM/GLOBAL/LOCAL" to the setup menu for the Variables case.
    When selected it will:
    1. Initially scan the script for all variables as they are defined by a Dim, Global or Local
       statement. Use the first one encountered when multiple times defined.
    2. When processing the script, change the case of the variable according this table.
    3. When a Variable isn't in the table then use the first version encountered in the script
       as the way to write it for all occurences.
*** Added AutoIt3 script which will is run at the end of the installer and will update all
    SciTE/Tidy/AU3Check/FuncPopUp tables with either the Production or Unstable definitions.
    This script can be run any time from the DEF subdirectory change between Production and Unstable.
*** Updated the AutoIt3 Lexer:
    - Added logic to handle Syntax Highlighting correctly for the last script line.
*** Updated the Au3Check.exe v1.08 to handle ExitLoop with a parameter. eg "ExitLoop 2".
*** Tidy 1.0.20: fix when Literal not properly closed and minor other fixes.
*** Added "command.go.subsystem.*.au3=1" to AU3.properties for it to work properly on Win98
*** New FuncPopup program which will stay open now and is integrated into SciTE using
    its Director interface. Also help is made much more dynamic.
    The Window will be split into 1/3 FuncPopUp or Help and 2/3 SciTE.
    All windows are automatically sized.
*** Fixed the Icon creation when running the installer with /S for the Scite4AutoIt3 installer
*** Updated all definition files for SciTE/AU3CHECK/Tidy/FuncPopUP for both 102 and current 103 unstable.
*** Added a subdirectory Called DEFS to the SciTE Directory. It contains 2 directories, Production and Unstable.
    Both directories contain all definition files for SciTE/AU3CHECK/Tidy/FuncPopUP for that particular release.
    This will enable you change between Production and Unstable definitionfiles with one Copy&Paste operation
    to the SciTE directory.
*** Added a AutoIt3 Function selection PopUp program and linked it to Shift+F1.
    This gives you a quick way of looking at the available AutoIt3 functions and their
    brief description. Double click or Enter the selected function which is then
    pasted into your script.*** Added a modified version of Larry's AutoIt3AU3Recorder .exe which
    Dumps the recorded script directly into the active script.
*** Added Alt+F6 shortcut to start the modified AutoIt3SAU3Recorder .exe
*** Added Ctrl+F6 shortcut to start AU3_SPY from SciTE
*** Changed the default for F5-AutoIt3.exe to use parameter /ErrorStdOut so Run errors
    are now shown in the Output Pane.(check the Helpfile for details - Ctrl+F1)
*** Updated the Scite4AutoIt3.chm Helpfile.
*** Updated SciTE's os.execute with the available patch from Steve Donovan to avoid
    the popup cmd windows.
*** Added Ctrl+Shift+F5 - Run Tylo's Au3Check and when no errors/warnings found
    run Autotit3.exe. Done with a LUA script.
*** Added Ctrl+Shift+F7 - Run Tylo's Au3Check and when no errors/warnings found
    run Aut2Exe.exe. Done with a LUA script.
*** Added BatchFiles for Ctrl+Shift+F5 and Ctrl+Shift+F7.
*** Fixed CompileAU3.exe, issue with /nodecompile on older releases
*** Added Ctrl+F1 - open the Scite4AutoIt3.chm Helpfile.
*** Added LUA script to AutoIt3.lua, made by Valik, to suppress AutoComplete
    inside comment lines/blocks and strings.
*** Updated the Ctrl+Shift+D LUA script.it works now as follows:
    - if text is selected then put that in the Debug msgbox.
    - if no text is selected then select "Current Word" and strip the \n \r
      and spaces from it.
    - if the length of the selected text is zero then display msg in output pane
      and don't add the msgbox.
*** Change the Ctrl+Shift+B to Ctrl+Alt+B for the Copy Bookmark LUA script to
    resolve a conflict with the BoxComment function.
*** Added Ctrl+F11 shortcut to a new LUA script which will replace the use.monospaced=1
    which will be removed in the next release of SciTE. (LUA script by Bruce Dodson)
    The behavior is the same as before.SciTE will start in MONOSPACE
    font :Courier New,size:10
    The change it to start with a proportional font add this to your SciteUser.Properties
    file: font.override=
    To change the font add this: font.monospace=font:Courier New,size:12
*** Added Tylo's AU3check.exe under Ctrl+F5.
*** Updated/Fixed CompileAu3.au3 with the latest GUI changes.
*** Updated/Fixed Tidy.au3 with the latest GUI changes.
*** Updated Helpfile with description of AU3check.exe.
*** Added latest new/updated Keywords to AU3.properties & au3.api
*** Updated Included helpfile with Tidy/CompileAu3 changes an minor other fixes.
*** Updated CompileAu3 /comp parameter to be compatible with the aut2exe.
*** Updated Tidy: added option to keep only the last ?? _OLD versions. older files are recycled.
*** Update SciTE to minimize to TaskBar in stead of SystemTray
*** Updated others.properties to show Errors in RED&Bold
*** Updated Lexer to highlight comma as operator.
*** Updated Lexer use fold.compact on Commentlinesblocks, #Region-#EndRegion, Preprocessor blocks.
*** Updated Lexer not to fold inside commentblocks unless "fold.comment=2" is specified
*** Updated Tidy description page to Helpfile explaining the Tidy Error checking.
*** Updated Getting started page in helpfile.
*** Added SciTE/AutoIt3 lexer page to Helpfile explaining the Syntax Highlighting and Folding.
*** Updated AUT2EXE wrapper script which allows you to compile with options.
*** Fixed Tidy issue with IF/Else ....