User Abbreviations

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Although there is a long list of abbreviations included with SciTE it is very likely that users will wish to add their own.

Abbreviation Manager

A management utility is included with SciTE4AutoIt3 which enables you manage User Abbreviations very easily - see here.  However, read on if you wish to add the abbreviations manually to the relevant files.

Abbreviation definition

Look in your User folder for "C:\Users\your_user_name\".  Create the file if it does not exist.  Then add your abbreviations in the following format:
Abbrev=Expanded abbreviation text to be entered into the script
Use \n to start a new line and \t to add a TAB within the expanded text.  Each abbreviation should be on a separate line.

Abbreviation expansion

To enable the abbreviation to expand when SPACE is pressed in the same manner as the installed abbreviations, you need to add the abbreviation to SciTE's internal list.  Look in the User folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\AutoIt v3\SciTE when using the Installer version and ...\AutoIt3\SciTE\  folder when using the portable version for file "".  Again create the file if it does not exist.  Then add the abbreviations to the file so that it read as follows:

au3.keywords.userabbrev=abbrev_1  abbrev_2 abbrev_3 abbrev_4 abbrev_5 \
        align="left">abbrev_6 abbrev_7 abbrev_8

Note that all abbreviation names are in lowercase and that all lines other then the first begin with a TAB.


Save these files in your User folder and close and restart SciTE. Now your personal abbreviations can be used as easily as those installed with SciTE.  The files will be also be accessible via the <Options> menu within SciTE.