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SciTE has many options,which are set in in the (for settings that affect all files) and (for those settings specific to AutoIt scripts) files.  These files can be opened via the <Options - Open Global Options File> and <Options - Open> menu items.
All of these options are explained in the SciTE Documentation.  If you wish to change any of them it is recommended that you do not amend the Global and au3 properties files directly but add the required lines into the file - opened with <Options - Open User Options File>.  This file is actioned by SciTE after the others and so the settings within it are those used by the editor - there is no need to delete or comment out the lines in the other files.  Keeping your personal settings in this file also means that they will not be overwritten on update.


SciTEConfig uses the SciTEUser file to save nearly all the options selected by the user - the exception is the "Explorer AU3 Setting" setting to select Run or Edit as the default behaviour which is saved in the registry. 

Some useful settings

In addition to the options offered by SciTEConfig there are several other settings which you might wish to enable/disable/modify by adding lines manually to your SciTEUser file:

Initial position and size

Making the line found by Search appear in the middle of the editor

Adjust the final figure to half of the lines displayed

Add tooltips within the script for Au3Check errors and warning

The style lines set the fore and back colours for the warning and error tooltips.  These tooltips are in addition to the display in the SciTE console and are automatically removed by SciTE when the line is corrected and Au3Check rerun.

Highlight all instances of the currently selected word

The lines above are the default settings in the SciTEGlobal file.  To disable the highlighting set the first line to 0.  The next 5 lines set the requirements for SciTE to match the other instances of the selected word, while the final 3 set the colour of the additional highlighting.

Function CallTips

The CallTips that appear when entering function parameters can be set above or below the line and the fore and back colours changed.  The final line selects the colour of the current parameter.

Adding personal utilities to the SciTE <Tools> menu

You may well have written a small utility in AutoIt or LUA to help you code - you can add an item to run this utility to the SciTE <Tools> menu yourself very easily. 
Then open the file and scroll down to the long series of "command" lines that begin about Line 58 (#x 00 Beta RUN) and go down to the last one - in v3.3.8.1 it is Line 267 (#~ # 34 Generate UDF header). You need to find the highest value used so far - 34 in this case - as your own tools need to use command numbers greater than those already allocated
Top Tip: Starting with a command number of 40 will allow for future additions to the built-in SciTE tools.

If your utility is a compiled AutoIt script or another executable file, enter the following into the file:
# 40 Utility_Name
command.40.$(au3)="$(SciteDefaultHome)\SciTE Utils\Utility.exe"$(au3)=Utility_Name
Of course, you need to amend the path to match the location in which you have placed the file and select your required short cut key combination or omit it altogether (adding a # to the start of the line will prevent it being actioned by SciTE).

If your utility is a LUA script then save the script in .....\SciTE\LUA and then add the following lines to the file:

# 40 Script Name
command.40.*.au3=dofile $(SciteDefaultHome)/Lua/Script_Name.lua*.au3=Script Name
As before, you may need to amend these line to fit your own requirements.
Any further utilities should obviously use increasing command numbers.  Finally save the file, restart SciTE and you will find your utilities appearing in the <Tools> menu.