Comparison Between TLI.au3 And TLBINF32.dll

Feature or OptionTLBINF32.dllTLI.au3
Direct ListBox/ComboBox manipulation TypeLibInfo.AddTypes* not planned
Type/member query interface TypeLibInfo.GetTypes*, TypeInfo.GetMembers* not implemented (future release?)
Index base of collections 1 0
Application object TLI.Applicationinterface implemented as global functions in TLBINF.au3
VTable view falsified: moves [retval] parameters in place of HRESULT return type correctly lists [retval] parameters and HRESULT return type in methods
Base interface access InterfaceInfo.ImpliedInterfaces InterfaceInfo.Interfaces
Property info access TypeInfo.Members + filter TypeInfo.Properties
Method info access TypeInfo.Members + filter TypeInfo.Methods
Access to VARDESC.varkind not implemented PropetyInfo.VarKind
Access to FUNCDESC.funckind not implemented MethodInfo.FuncKind
Array type info VT_CARRAY is returned as VT_VECTOR, array dimensions are impossible to retrieve from AU3 (lack of VB array support) All array types and their dimensions are returned correctly