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AutoIt v3.3.15.0 Beta

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About This File (14th July, 2015) (Beta)


  • Changed: Location of the link pointing to the #pragma directive. Found in the language directives page.
  • Changed: PCRE regular expression engine updated to 8.37.
  • Fixed #3068: Switch comment was incorrect in the documentation.
  • Fixed #2997: Fixed bug with caseless UTF regular expressions.
  • Fixed #3009: MouseGetCursor() for HAND.
  • Fixed #2899: WinGetHandle("LAST") @error.
  • Fixed #2945: Center and right justified text broken on native buttons when colours set.
  • Fixed #2916: GUISetCoord() not used in GUICtrlCreatePic().
  • Fixed #2869: GUICtrlSetTip() displays wrong tip.
  • Fixed #2892: GUICtrlSetData() on Dummy Control.


  • Removed: _MathCheckDiv() documentation has been removed, as it was a basic wrapper for Mod($iNum1, $iNum2) THIS IS A SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGE
  • Removed #3071: 4th example from the Random() documentation, as it was for a workaround that isn't required anymore.
  • Fixed #3069: AutoIt Constants include constant help page.
  • Fixed #3075: _WinAPI_WaitForSingleObject() - TimeOut parameters description.


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