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Hello, this is an application i did because i got tired of pasting my email and other bits of text over and over again, this takes care of that, has 20 fields, and you can paste anywhere.

used with "\" + a number. '\' can be anything you choose, it's custom.

2 modifier keys to be used with the numbers 0-9,

for fields 0 to 9 you have to use one modifier key.

for fields 11 to 20 you have to use a different modifier key from the first.

Other features include, shutting down, restart logoff pc, and turn off monitor

Fast shutdown: SDT keys all pressed in conjunction, shuts down on msgbox confirmation.

has a function to show information about the computer, cpu motherboard..

has an editbox that if it has a value between 1 and 100, that becomes the value by which the volume will change, let's call it step, a value of 5 will step system volume by 5 at each change. Empty or zero means it's ignored and uses system stock/usual way.

Modifier key 1+Pause turns off the monitor

Modifier key 1+Print Screen takes a screenshot on the active window

Modifier key 1+R jumps to registry, using content from clipboard.

Middle Mouse Button in titlebar minimizes to tray.

A left click in the tray icon restores/minimizes the window.

Best regards.

What's New in Version 3.46


Doubled the input fields

Added button with external ip, 1 click copies to clipboard.

Now the modifier keys are custom, meaning there's one key to the first set of fields 0-10 and another modifier key to 11-20.

Removed titlebar minimize. MMB minimizes to tray.

Added 2 hotkey combinations for shutdown and restart, with confirmation dialog.

S+D+T = Shutdown

R+S+T = Restart

Minor changes to Ip function, allows to refresh with buttons context menu.

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