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  2. Thanks. I understand. I read all the rules before posting and saw that about game and other program automation. I'm not into that so it'll be no problem...:) All I'm doing is making a small program to control my mouse (brush/tool) in photoshop, and to send button clicks so I get even looking dots or whatever. Adding a + before the variable solved my issue but thanks for offering to help! I really appreciate it...:)
  3. Hi BrewManNH, I agree, but when 28 examples out of 30 indicate clearly the default value, then why not all of them ?
  4. Thanks! That worked. I was hoping it was something small like that...:)
  5. Controlsend

    Ok let me give you another very boring answer: RTFM ! Jos
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  7. Those aren't defaults, they're settings. The SendKeyDownDelay isn't setting it to the default setting, it's setting it to a delay of 1 ms, as an example.
  8. String Trigger

    It OK ?
  9. Hi @FMS I cannot seem to reproduce your error, however my suggestion is to use Execute, like so: if Execute('$oTag2.GetAttribute("class")') == "NewsDetail" Then It usually prevents AutoIt from crashing.
  10. prasad123, You need 2 buttons: "OK" will move you to the next GUI; "Back" will return to the previous. M23
  11. Start-Process passing trailing spaces

    I'll give it a try! Thanks!
  12. No problem, windows will close all processes. Yes you can put it in startup. I thought you didn't want another program running in background. Did you take a look at the programs that paste text in the download section? Instead of just one line, you could have multiple shortcuts and lines. Not trying to promote my program at all, just trying to show you what's available.
  13. Really battling with this one as I cannot get the info of the state of the Checkbox... using and testing many references for "IsChecked" to no avail... Anything I am doing wrong or you can suggest please? Tries: 1. ControlFocus($hWnd, "Material Editor", "[HANDLE:0x00000000000814B4]") ;Fresnel True Send("{+}") 2. ControlCommand($hWnd, "Material Editor", "[CLASSNN:WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app.0.32b818c_r12_ad118]", "IsChecked", "") 3. ControlCommand($hWnd, "Material Editor", "[NAME:FresnelCheckBox]", "IsChecked", "") These work but do the same thing: ControlCommand($hWnd, "Material Editor", "[NAME:FresnelCheckBox]", "Check", "") ;will uncheck if already checked ControlCommand($hWnd, "Material Editor", "[NAME:FresnelCheckBox]", "UnCheck", "") ;will check if already unchecked
  14. @pixelsearch OK thanks very much for all that. I gave your code a try, and it worked just as you and @JLogan3o13 described. I have a couple follow-up questions: >> When you're done, right clic on the systray icon, choose "exit" and the program will end. Is there an actual need/benefit to doing this? I'd prefer it if I could simply shut down Windows. I gave it a test, and Windows shut down without complaining. But is this disadvantageous for any reason? Do you see any issue with placing the EXE in my startup folder, so I don't have to manually run it every time? Thanks!
  15. Batch Convert To FLAC (DTS, etc)

    Updated to v1.7. See first post. (v1.7) Added support to use 'wavconv.exe' from the 'AC3Filter tools' collection, as an option to create the temporary WAV file, if 'valdec.exe' fails. Improved some message dialogs to make things clearer, give other options, etc. Bugfixes to enable an option, plus use track number and title (not Artist - Album) when decoding instead of encoding, plus horizontal scroll now enabled in selection Input field. An incremented CUE or M3U file name can now be created, if wanting to skip an existing one. Bugfix for the JOINER process, where Track Artist and Track Title were being skipped in second CUE file.
  16. Cisco Finesse UDF

    I had based my choice on what was currently in the Downloads page under the existing categories: https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/files/categories/ I feel like this might fit under IT Administration since it's mainly something HelpDesks/ServiceDesks will be using, however I didn't see an appropriate sub category. The category of Social Media and other Website API felt like more like publicly accessible pages and API in which anyone could access from anywhere compared to a local server that shouldn't have the Cisco API available to the public, only authenticated users. Internet protocol suite might have worked but was mainly used for big Protocols so far (UDF, TCP, POP, IRC) I chose Databases and web connections, for the web connections part. Databases generally aren't directly publicly accessible which Finesse also follows as it should only be accessible within a local network. I'll take a look at the Wiki and see if there's a better grouping based on what's on the Wiki. Hardware definitely feels like a better fit than Social Media and other website API though
  17. Hello everyone I have written a code i which I have many GUI's at the start of the code to take different user inputs. First GUI pops, user enters value or selects a radio button , and clicks on OK. Then the next GUI pops. Now suppose the user enters some value in one GUI and clicks on OK. Then the next GUI will pop. Now lets assume the user realised some mistake and wants to change the input given in the first GUI. So is there any way the user can go back to the previous GUI and make some changes in it, by pressing some hotkey maybe...... Can anyone please suggest how this can be achieved. Thanks and Regards
  18. any particular reason for using RunWait() rather than Run()?
  19. We need to see your script to help you make it faster
  20. Help file : AutoItSetOption where all 30 Opt() are clearly explained + a grouped example in the end. 28 Opt() are correct : their default is the same in their explanation and in the final example. 2 Opt() show a default which is not the same in their explanation and in the final example, they are : SendKeyDownDelay : Time in milliseconds to pause (default=5) Opt("SendKeyDownDelay", 1) ;1 millisecond WinSearchChildren ; 0 = (default) Only search top-level windows Opt("WinSearchChildren", 1) ;0=no, 1=search children also The help file should probably be updated, so all 30 Opt() will show the same default in their explanation and in the final example. Thanks for reading
  21. Controlsend

    #RequireAdmin $key1 = "{^o}" $key2 = "{o}" AutoItSetOption("WinTextMatchMode",2) $hWin = WinGetHandle("WhatsApp") $hWin2 = WinGetHandle("WhatsApp") $controlid = "" $text = "" ControlSend($hWin,$text,$controlid,$key1) ControlSend($hWin2,$text,$controlid,$key2) Omg, didn't even remember that post, it work great Jos just one last double =( Its possible send two keys at same time? Trying send ctrl+o. Tried ^o but the command dont recognize it, tried $key1 = "{lctrl}" $key2 = "{o}" ..... but it dont send both keys at same time.
  22. Moved to the appropriate forum. Moderation Team
  23. Controlsend

    Maybe a good start is where you left off in September?
  24. Interesting find. I use this arg to use my own profile on my W7-64 PC: "--user-data-dir=C:/Users/' & @UserName & '/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data"
  25. Cisco Finesse UDF

    super fine. but I do not think that "Databases and web connections" is correct place for this UDF , for this I sugested other group. This should be consistent with Wiki https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/User_Defined_Functions#Databases_and_web_connections And when I look there then I see one "releated" UDF in: https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/User_Defined_Functions#Hardware I thought about: _FB_Tools - manage your FritzBox from Autoit But maybe you have right, could you explain your choice ?
  26. @cag8f : if you want the text to be written really fast, you have to change 2 options, as shown in this code : Opt("SendKeyDelay", 0) ; 0 removes completely the delay Opt("SendKeyDownDelay", 0) ; 0 removes completely the delay HotKeySet("{F11}", "SendMe") While 1 Sleep(100) WEnd Func SendMe() HotKeySet("{F11}") ; deactivate the hotkey in case the user presses it too long Send("my custom text") HotKeySet("{F11}", "SendMe") ; reactivate it EndFunc I tested it with Send() of 1000 characters, it took 2 seconds on my antique PC, then compared these 1000 characters to the originals, there were exactly the same. JLogan3o13 means that you have to double clic on the .exe, then its icon shows in the Systray and the program runs constantly in the background (because of the While WEnd loop that will never end) so you will able to press the F11 key in any window you like. When you're done, right clic on the systray icon, choose "exit" and the program will end. Good luck.
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