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  2. So it sounds like you're trying to manage an SSH connection, not a cmd prompt, correct? Again, the more information you provide about what you are trying to accomplish, the less teeth we have to pull to help
  3. pixelsearch yes you probably nailed it again...the documentation just worded a bit vague I guess. jchd yes perhaps but I guess that is how things have gone for me for the past 50 years...hahaha If I needed to write a number of sub-programs I would need to be able to create variables for them dynamically, no...? In theory (I have not attempted it at this point) it should be possible to write programs from a template using the various 'file' commands...I would think 'fileread', 'filewrite', 'filewriteline', etc would work with SciTE...? thanks again to all...!
  4. @Burgs You're going to make your life way more difficult than needed but that's your own choice.
  5. Fit to window - Embedded Website

    I think you will need to use the newest FireFox or Chrome UDFs if you want images to work right though. There is a way to use Edge but that limits you to only Win10 type systems that support Edge browser.
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  7. Directory Tree List

    @Danyfirex your work has saved me lots of time! Great verification tools came out of this when I auto test my installers and give us a trail to boot. nice work.
  8. @JLogan3o13 Thank you for reply. I would prefer to stick with cmd because it will connect to a linux server and from there sending commands, using autocomplete and so on.
  9. How to insert images in combobox

    You should look in the help file for _GUIImageList_Create and _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_SetImageList and the associated functions that go with them.
  10. Fit to window - Embedded Website

    works for me on 2008R2 and Windows 10 (1803--Latest), well, let's see if I can zoom out nope, it doesn't appear so
  11. Dynamic Variable Creations?

    Glad it helped, Burgs. When things seem complicated, just restart from scratch with the simplest script you can think of! By the way , concerning the question you asked to Francesco : I dont think it's an error in the help file, look at the following script : Global $sString = "hello", $aArray[4] = [0, 1, 2, 3] Assign("sString", "goodbye") Assign("aArray[1]", -111) MsgBox(0, "Test 2", _ "$sString = " & $sString & @CRLF & _ "$aArray[1] = " & $aArray[1]) Please note that $sString was equal to "hello", then Assign changed it to "goodbye", ok ? But $aArray[1] was equal to 1 and is still equal to 1 after the Assign, it didn't change to -111 I guess that's what the help file means ; varname, the 1st parameter of the Assign function, "cannot be an array element" (i.e when you place it into quotes like in this Test 2). It's different from my precedent post ("Test") where $_raw_data[$x] wasn't into quotes because we wanted its value to become a variable name, and it worked.
  12. The value of @Extended translates to: 0x80070035 The network path was not found On Windows 7 I get this message when the executable is saved to a location that is not regarded as a secure location. Secure locations are defined by group policies. I suggest to copy the exe to another directory and try again or ask your sysadmin.
  13. Unfortunately I'm still on Windows 7, so can't test. But in the wiki you find some Debugging Information: https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/Active_Directory_UDF_-_General#Debugging
  14. Hello everyone , Text translated from Portuguese by google - please apologize for any errors Once again I need a light from the gurus of this wonderful website I am fanatic by combobox for its usability but I am not able to uncertain images within lists ... I know uncertain icons, and cursors but I am not able to insert gif or jpg images. 1) How to solve this ... 2) will the path is to convert gif into bmp and then uncertain ... how to do that? #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <GuiImageList.au3> #include <GuiListView.au3> #include <WinAPI.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> ;dados de mouse #include <WinAPIRes.au3> ;COMBO #include <GuiComboBoxEx.au3> ;Fonts #include <FontConstants.au3> ;obter imagem de arquivo #include <GDIPlus.au3> #include <WinAPIGdi.au3> Example() Func Example() Local $hGUI, $hImage, $hCombo, $hFont Local $idListview, $hImage Local $sWow64 = "" Local $Pasta = "C:\WINDOWS\Cursors\3dgarro.cur" Local $PastaROMs = @MyDocumentsDir & "\Stella\ROMs\" ;com barra no final $hGUI = GUICreate("ImageList", 500, 310) GUISetFont(14, 400, 0, "Arial") ;<<<<<<<<<<this does not work for _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_Create $hCombo = _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_Create($hGUI, "", 2, 2, 494, 200) ;GUICtrlSetFont($hCombo, 14, 400, 0, "Arial");<<<<<<<<<<It does not work ; ;Create a handle to a font object $hFont = _WinAPI_CreateFont(30, 0, 0, 0, 400, False, False, False, $DEFAULT_CHARSET, $OUT_DEFAULT_PRECIS, $CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS, $DEFAULT_QUALITY, 0, 'Arial') ;Pass the handle to _WinAPI_SetFont _WinAPI_SetFont($hCombo, $hFont) $idListview = GUICtrlCreateListView("", 2, 50, 494, 250, BitOR($LVS_SHOWSELALWAYS, $LVS_NOSORTHEADER, $LVS_REPORT)) _GUICtrlListView_SetExtendedListViewStyle($idListview, BitOR($LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT, $LVS_EX_GRIDLINES, $LVS_EX_DOUBLEBUFFER)) GUISetState(@SW_SHOW) ; Initialize GDI+ library _GDIPlus_Startup() ; Load images $hImage = _GUIImageList_Create(120, 70, 6, 2) ;32,32,5,5) ; $DadosCombo = "Escolha|" & _GUIImageList_Add($hImage, _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_CreateSolidBitMap($hCombo, 0x0000FF, 120, 70)) ;Local $aCursors[] = [32650, 32512, 32515, 32649, 32651, 32513, 32648, 32646, 32643, 32645, 32642, 32644, 32516, 32514] For $i = 1 To 10 $sFile = FileOpenDialog("Please select an image", $PastaROMs, "Image (*.jpg;*.png;*.bmp;*.gif;*.tif)", BitOR($FD_PATHMUSTEXIST, $FD_FILEMUSTEXIST)) If @error Then Exit MsgBox(BitOR($MB_TOPMOST, $MB_ICONERROR), "Error", "No image file has been selected", 30) $a = _GDIPlus_BitmapCreateFromFile ($sFile);<<<<< ok If @error Or Not $hImage Then MsgBox(BitOR($MB_TOPMOST, $MB_ICONERROR), "Error", "This file isn't supported by GDIPlus!") Else $b=_GUIImageList_Add($hImage, $a);<<<<<< Return -1 $DadosCombo &= "|" & $i & "_img_princ.gif""|" & $b EndIf Next _GUICtrlListView_SetImageList($idListview, $hImage, 1) _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_SetImageList($hCombo, $hImage) ; Add columns _GUICtrlListView_AddColumn($idListview, "Icons - Mouses", 350) ; Add items $a = StringSplit($DadosCombo, "|") For $i = 1 To $a[0] Step 2 _GUICtrlListView_AddItem($idListview, $a[$i], $a[$i + 1]) _GUICtrlComboBoxEx_AddString($hCombo, $a[$i], $a[$i + 1], $a[$i + 1]) Next ;AutoIt_Debugger_Command:Disable_Debug ; Loop until the user exits. Do Until GUIGetMsg() = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE GUIDelete() ;AutoIt_Debugger_Command:Enable_Debug EndFunc ;==>Example tks
  15. @mentosan since AutoIt can do anything the cmd prompt can do, why not just skip the window altogether? Then you can control the stop and start of that specific action in your script. It would also be easier to assist if you posted an example of what you're trying to accomplish.
  16. Hi there ! I have a script which at certain point will open a Windows cmd prompt terminal. How can I close the opened cmd window just using the Exit option from the tray? Selecting Exit from the tray will only stop the execution of the script but will not close the cmd window. Thx
  17. Something like this? While 1 $nMsg = GUIGetMsg() $CTS_PinState = _CommAPI_IsOnCTS($gFile) ;get true or false from CTS-Pin Switch $nMsg Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Exit EndSwitch If GUICtrlRead($Checkbox1) = $GUI_CHECKED Then If $CTS_PinState = True And $CTS_PinStateOld = False Then ;edge $CTS_PinStateOld = $CTS_PinState _CommAPI_TransmitData($hFile, @CRLF & "/1OA300R") ElseIf $CTS_PinState = False And $CTS_PinStateOld = True Then ;edge $CTS_PinStateOld = $CTS_PinState _CommAPI_TransmitData($hFile, @CRLF & "/1OA0R") EndIf EndIf WEnd
  18. Hello, pixelsearch...I think that nails it...! I tried it out and it seems perfect...thank you so much for that...! Now I just have to figure out how that works...I mean why does the first parameter in the "Assign" command ( "_" & $_raw_data[$x] ) know to prefix a "$" before the rest...? I guess that must be part of the 'Assign' command functionality? jchd...the reason is that I want to create a 'template' program that will pull the strings from a database and be used to populate variables, controls, other information, etc... to create/populate SQLite databases and tables in a 'creation' program...I want the variables to have meaningful names that I can plug into the 'master' database (the colon delimited strings from my initial post)...they can be used to create SQLite table names and table column headings, for example. Yes of course I realize it doesn't matter to the code what the names are...just a personal preference...I don't want to deal with 'generic' variable names... Thanks again to all that responded...that is much appreciated.
  19. Hi Jos, I would like to check the condition of the checkbox. If this "checked" should run a subroutine that constantly queries the CTS pin. The CTS pin delivers a square wave signal at 0.2 Hz. The value of the CTS pin can be true and false. And always just when a flank change happens on the CTS pin, the pump suck or squeeze. The pump should suck and press until the checkbox is "unchecked" again. Ok, somewhat complicated. In simpler terms, the pump should suck and pump permanently while the checkbox is active
  20. Cisco Finesse UDF

    Updated: Minor fix to _FinesseGetUser header Added _FinesseGetReasonList, currently returns XML @mLipok Since you're following, anything you'd like to me prioritize adding? Currently, I've only added stuff I've needed in my own scripts.
  21. Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply. br Martin
  22. I am unsure what you mean here and what exactly you are expecting? It makes sense that the code only is executed at the time the checkbock gets checked as that is what you are telling it to do in the script. Jos
  23. Hello there, first of all, i want to say thank you for this awesome UDF. But since i upgraded to Windows 10 Build 1803 the UDF isnt working for me. AD, AutoIT v3.3.14.5 Can anyone confirm that? Not even the exampe _AD_Open.au3 works. "_AD_Open encountered a problem. @error = 4, @extended = -2147024843
  24. Hello Autoit community,I try to control a syringe pump via rs232. To do this, I have to send the syringe pump the command "suck 300 ml" (/ 1OA300R) and send the command "Press the syringe together to zero ml of contents" (/ 10A0R).The syringe pump should always suck or pump with a change of edge (0.2 Hz from a function generator). And the whole sucking and pumping should only begin when a checkbox of Gui is pressed.I thought you could solve this: While 1 $nMsg = GUIGetMsg() $CTS_PinState = _CommAPI_IsOnCTS ($gFile) ;get true or false from CTS-Pin Switch $nMsg Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Exit Case $Checkbox1 If GUICtrlRead($Checkbox1) = $GUI_CHECKED Then If $CTS_PinState == True And $CTS_PinStateOld == False Then ;edge $CTS_PinStateOld = $CTS_PinState _CommAPI_TransmitData($hFile, @crlf&"/1OA300R") ElseIf $CTS_PinState = False And $CTS_PinStateOld == True Then ;edge $CTS_PinStateOld = $CTS_PinState _CommAPI_TransmitData($hFile, @crlf&"/1OA0R") EndIf EndIf But unfortunately, the code works only if I press the checkbox exactly at a flank change.It seems to me as if I ask the checkbox event incorrectly.I hope you can help me.Thanks and regards
  25. Directory Tree List

    @rcmaehl Most of the example work in the windows cmd. You can try it and add your own ANSI symbols. Thank you for your comments guys. Saludos
  26. @Burgs What we collectively don't understand is your requirement to dynamically create variables with specific names. That a variable is refered to by $a, $_My_Favorite_Variable, $aMyArray[43] or whatnext is irrelevant to the behavior of code. In your example, instead of dealing with pieces of your SQL group_concat output, you could as well retrieve the wanted data using a simple "select X from... group by X ..." and get an array as result, say it's assigned to $aResult. Then your code would use $aResult[0], $aResult[1], ..., $aResult[n] instead of the Assign/Eval ugly and useless machinery.
  27. Dynamic Variable Creations?

    @Burgs : what about this ? $_import_data = "lions:tigers:bears:oh_my" $_raw_data = StringSplit($_import_data , ":") For $x = 1 to $_raw_data[0] ; $_raw_data[0] contains the number of elements Assign("_" & $_raw_data[$x], $x) Next MsgBox(0, "Test", _ "$_lions = " & $_lions & @CRLF & _ "$_tigers = " & $_tigers & @CRLF & _ "$_bears = " & $_bears & @CRLF & _ "$_oh_my = " & $_oh_my)
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