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  2. So as it turns out _IEBodyReadHTML does what I'm looking for, but unfortunately the site seems to have trouble with Internet Explorer - it runs smoothly in Chrome, but in IE it totally bugs out. I tried the WebDriver UDF but haven't been able to find the option to create a hidden window just like _IECreate does.
  3. @SomeoneFixThisShit so after creating a nasty thread it turns out to be your own lack of coding skill. Per your report we will not remove this thread but will lock it so that others can see 99.9% of the time it isn't the language's fault you aren't capable of figuring something out. If you approach future thread with the same attitude, be assured your time on this forum will be brief.
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  5. Why not fixing your own shit by after reading the help file seriously?
  6. Paste your text into something like Notepad++ turn on symbols and you can see what characters you can split on,. As mikell and AutoBert have shown as long as you know the character to split on, it should work. If it doesn't its usually because something you've missed, not a bug in Autoit. "a good workman never blames his tools."
  7. Graphical AutoIt Debugger

    Why are you doing this ? You can find the latest version of the Graphical AutoIt Debugge here http://www.thefoolonthehill.net/drupal/AutoIt Debugger
  8. This language works nice if you do things as they should be done So you can't even make difference between the string '\n' and the newline macro @LF ? Please have a look at the help file before grumbling Dim $cData = ClipGet(); Dim $split = StringSplit($cData, @LF, 1); MsgBox(0, "test", $split[0])
  9. i have no problem with clipboard using standard data: #include <Array.au3> $sData = 'Line 1\n' $sData &= 'Line 2\n' $sData &= 'Line 3\n' $sData &= 'Line 4' ClipPut($sData) $aSplit = StringSplit(ClipGet(), '\n', 1); _ArrayDisplay($aSplit) So you must find out which delimiter are used and maybe fine tune with StringRegExp for your needs. Are there any delimiters in clipboard data?
  10. Dim $cData = ClipGet(); Dim $split = StringSplit($cData, '\n', 1); MsgBox(0, "test", $split[0]) If I set $cData to "test\ntest" then it will work. But multiline data from the clipboard? It doesn't get split at all. And I tried \n, \r\n, @CR, @CRLF. ($split[0] is 1, even if I have a long multiline string in the clipboard)
  11. Big text file encrypt

    Use https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/functions/StringMid.htm in a loop. Look at the https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/libfunctions/_Crypt_EncryptData.htm in Helpfile.
  12. hi Junkew, Thanks for the article ... very interesting indeed. But DotNet Core has some good and some bad news... Dotnet Core is definitely the way forward replacing the full blown .Net environment. The bad news is that some functionality has been dropped by MS ? One of them is APPDOMAINS : What I like about .Net Core is definitely being cross platform functionality One code compiles to multiple OS's and Architectures ! I have been playing around with .Net Core a while and like that feature the most ... https://audministrator.wordpress.com/2018/04/15/windows-core-iot-dotnet-core-on-a-raspberry-pi3/ https://audministrator.wordpress.com/2018/04/15/windows-core-iot-sqlite-on-a-raspberry-pi3/ https://audministrator.wordpress.com/2018/04/20/windows-core-iot-asp-dotnet-core-razor-pages-on-a-raspberry-pi3/ https://audministrator.wordpress.com/2017/01/23/windows-core-iot-accessing-a-dotnet-dll-assembly-on-a-raspberry-pi3/ ... PowersShell 6.0 Core has been released for .Net Core +2.0 SDK https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/scripting/whats-new/what-s-new-in-powershell-core-60?view=powershell-6
  13. Hello i have a text file which contain over 600KB of BASE64 strings like : TVqQAAMAAAAEAAAA//8AALgAAAAAAAAAQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... Now what i need is divide this long string as autoit variable each max lenght (4000characters per line) example: Local $var $var &= TVqQAAMAAAAEAAA.. $var &= VbAmejwqqqAACEE.. and then how to i add encrypt function on every line ? how to i can xor it? example final will be : $var &= XorEnc(TVqQAAMAAAAEAAA..) $var &= XorEncVbAmejwqqqAACEE..) Thanks for any help and ideas
  14. Using IP addresses in variables without quotes

    ah, okay, I see what my problem was. I forgot to add those " " in-between the IPs and the " /c " and #requireadmin. Thanks @Subz
  15. Yes I understand, but why can't you just use: $ipchange = 'netsh interface ipv4 set address "Local Area Connection" static ' $one = "" $two = "" $three = "" ConsoleWrite("Run('" & @ComSpec & " /c " & $ipchange & $one & " " & $two & " " & $three & "')" & @CRLF)
  16. Using IP addresses in variables without quotes

    the "netsh interface ipv4 set address" command doesn't work if the IP is set in quotes
  17. Shouldn't it be: '*|$RECYCLE.BIN', _ ; $mask: exclude recycle bin
  18. You can't, any reason why you require quotes?
  19. $ipchange = 'netsh interface ipv4 set address "Local Area Connection" static ' $one = $two = $three = Run(@ComSpec & $ipchange & $one & $two & $three) how would I go about using ip addresses in variables without using quotes?
  20. This code is showing an empty treeview: $sPath = _CFF_Choose('Choose drive or directory', _ ; $title Default, _ ; $iW Default, _ ; $iH Default, _ ;$iX Default, _ ; $iY 'H:\', _ ; $root '|$RECYCLE.BIN', _ ; $mask: exclude recycle bin 2) ; $display: Entire folder tree, no files What do I have wrong? With $iMask as Default, this code works as expected: folders on H: drive, including $RECYCLE.BIN) (I am including Melba23's ChooseFileFolder.au3, not the version to which I have added mapped drives and drive labels.) Melba23: I think you answered this question from me before, but my goggling did not find your answer.
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  22. [PROJECT] Ailave Project Development

    Yes, website died. This project is paused until i finish experiments with dlls.
  23. I've written the function as this form, please give me your opinion. Func _MakeReadable($sString) Local $aReg = StringRegExp($sString, '%[0-9a-fA-F]{2}|.', 3) Local $sChar = "" Local $sReadableString="" local $number = 0 For $i = 0 To UBound($aReg) - 1 $sChar = StringReplace($aReg[$i], "%", "") If StringLen($sChar) = 2 Then $sReadableString &= Chr("0x" & $sChar) $number += 1 Else $sReadableString &= $sChar $number -= 1 EndIf Next if $number < 2 then return string($sReadableString) else Return BinaryToString(StringToBinary($sReadableString), 4) endIf EndFunc
  24. @nacerbaaziz You can either use @Danyfirex's function on all titles to make sure they are converted if necessary or you can search each title for an ampersand followed by 2 numeric digits, and if found, use the function. The safest and most efficient way would be to do the check for the escape sequences and only convert if necessary.
  25. If you look at the help file for the ControlClick function (or any of the GUI or Control functions), look at the "Title" parameter's definition. You will see a link for special title definitions. Go there and you will see a few different ways. Hint: Mode 2 (or Mode -2 for case-insensitive partial match) or you can use a regular expression.
  26. Hello it's worked with me, thank you very much Now I have a simple request if you can help me please the question Is how I can know if the string as this type or normal string I have to make it detect this type so there is no contradiction between the strings types I mean the playlist can be in Arabic and it can be in English I hope that my request is clear for you Greetings
  27. Graphical AutoIt Debugger

    Try ISN AutoIt Studio https://www.isnetwork.at/isn-autoit-studio/ https://www.isnetwork.at/phocadownload/170/ => (portable verion) Graphical AutoIt Debugger was a very good debugger ... but sadly the developer abandon it ...
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