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  2. i thing i reached 350-ish on one of them yesterday
  3. I would look into it Thanks, to everyone very much for suggestions (^v^)
  4. How big are these arrays getting during execution?
  5. With these new details it's now clear that without putting some solid semantics there you'll end up with extreme spaghetti code.
  6. You have yourself a FIFO queue a Null (sentinel value) for blank items is the way to go
  7. i thought of that but there is one thing i forgot to mention in my previous comment. there will be elements moved from one array to another (moved not swapped) depending on the last run of the main function plus there are other parts of the script that keep adding elements to the end of each array and the main function will keep "eating" from the beginning till one of them runs out and currently all of this is solved using one _arraydelete and one UBound at the begging of the main function and i really don't want to over complicate it (i'm just a beginner and i only started programming less than a year ago and started using autoit about 2 monthes ago)
  8. Multi OR

    oshiet thanks xd
  9. Then declare a single array with 20 columns and the max number of rows you need. When you have to store an incomplete set of 20 values, just store NULL in the cells concerned, i.e. where you have no value. That's the meaning of NULL, merely saying "I don't know the value". Don't delete rows, keep a running index of the row to be processed next. That will result in cleaner code garanteed to work correctly by avoiding extra complexity. Finally if you have a significantly large volume of data to handle, you should look towards use of a database to keep it organized and safe. Of course the recommended RDBMS engine I'd recommend is SQLite, which is well supported from within AutoIt.
  10. Multi OR

    that should be an AND if you want OR it needs to be ;And if $col <> $Color[0] AND $col <> $Color[1] Then ;Or if Not ($col = $Color[0] OR $col = $Color[1]) Then
  11. Multi OR

    What do you expect from that If other that it is always true? Do you want to test whether the $col is not equal to either color and want an AND condition? Jos
  12. $SE_DACL_PRESENT = 0x0004 $SE_DACL_PROTECTED = 0x1000 $oSecurityDescriptor.Control = BitOR($SE_DACL_PRESENT, $SE_DACL_PROTECTED) This work on windows 7 for disabling inheritance, but not on windows 10. Any way to make it work on windows 10?
  13. Multi OR

    Checkout this why "OR" not works thats my code Global $color[2] = [0xE74747,0xE94747] Func Refresh() $StartConst[0] = $Start[0] ; reset value While $StartConst[0] <> $End[0] Local $i $i += 10 $StartConst[0] += 17 $col = PixelGetColor($StartConst[0], $StartConst[1], $Title) ; get color ;For $t = 0 to 2 ; <- i know it could be done in for loop but it not works in my program If $col <> $color[0] Then ; <- why this not works Global $NowVal = $i ; GUICtrlSetData($m_actual, $NowVal) ; ExitLoop EndIf ;Next WEnd EndFunc I want to check 2 colors without for loop but this below not works . it checks only first value why? If $col <> $color[0] Or $col <> $color[1] Then ; <- why this not works
  14. Where is the function _UserForm? Func _UserForm() ;??? EndFunc
  15. Why Not Store the progress in the first element to make it really easy just store the count in the element and decrement each time you read?? $atest[0] = [3, "A","B","C"] Func Read() if $aTest[0] > 0 Then ConsoleWrite($aTest[$aTest[0]] & @CRLF) $aTest[0] -= 1 EndIf EndFunc
  16. to put it in short words i have a function that takes about 20 variables the vales of each variable are stored in the arrays and the function takes the first vale of each array then returns a result and then it has to take the second set and so on till one of the arrays runs out of values(all of them are of different lengths). i know i could easily keep an index or something to see when the function has reached the end of the shortest array. however its critical that the function down NOT take the same set of values twice and the easiest way of ensuring that is by simply deleting the value :).
  17. Today
  18. cmd Unicode text maker

    Thank you to all for your beautiful responses. I repeat my apologies for the appearance of the window if it isn't in the proper form I apologize if i commit an unintended violation. I am Always in service
  19. ListView KeyUp Event

    kklee69, You do realise that the post above yours dates from close to 12 years ago - and that the poster has nor been on the forum for over 4 years? What makes you think that he will reply? Please do not necro-post like this again. M23
  20. @xra7en, Welcome (back?) to the AutoIt forum. Unfortunately you appear to have missed the Forum rules on your way in. (there is also a link in my signature) Please read them now particularly the bit about not discussing game automation - and then you will understand why you will get no help and this thread will now be locked. See you soon with a legitimate question I hope. Jos
  21. I don't believe the default browser matters in this instance. If Firefox is installed in the default location, then it should be found automatically by the webdriver application. Otherwise, you need to provide the executable location so that it can launch the browser. Are you still getting the error that it can't find the browser? Post the results from the Scite output window. P.S. Remember that you will need to surround the provided full path with quotes if it contains spaces.
  22. I am trying to utilize a script that will provide a GUI that remote users can enter their domain user and password to cache their credentials during a OS deployment. Long story shot during the deployment a processes launches the company's VPN and establishes a network connection and joins the system to the domain, then reboots and once more establishes a network connection to the domain and I need users to be prompted to enter their AD creds to cache their creds since these a remote users. I had a script that I used many years ago but am running into errors and was looking for some help. Thank You Attached is the script and below is the errors the that I encounter. >C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\SciTE\..\au3check.exe "C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\CacheCredentials.au3" AutoIt3 Syntax Checker C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\CacheCredentials.au3(35,11) : ERROR: _UserForm(): undefined function. _UserForm() ~~~~~~~~~~^ C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\CacheCredentials.au3(82,72) : ERROR: RunAs(): undefined function. RunAs($uname, $domain, $pword, 1, "ipconfig.exe", @SystemDir, @SW_HIDE) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^ C:\Users\administrator\Desktop\CacheCredentials.au3 - 2 error(s), 0 warning(s) >Exit code: 2 Time: 0.237 CacheCredentials.au3
  23. for those who play FFXI already know about the annoying login. I wrote an autoit script that works really well. No issues!! However, I decided to make some adjustments, like including the 2step auth, and take out timers and such. Thats the problem, it uses timers. From various tests after it went public, it works great for some, no issues, others it is too slow, and still others say it is too fast. So I dug it up and went back to work on it to replace timers with other methods. The only way to works this, without timers, is to do a pixelsearch, unless someone here can come up with a better idea. Here is a snippet of code that is NOT working, and I tried many ways, but it just doesn't see the color - or something isn't working -snip- FORGET that the code is a little sloppy, will clean it up later once I figure how to get this to work right. any suggestions? If you are not sure of the logon used by FFXI you will have a difficult time trying to figure out what I am doing, would be best to view a couple youtube vids to see where this is getting stuck at (it is when the menu comes up to select the final fantasy xi game, in a menu to the left)) I am pretty good with Autoit, have been using it off and on for several years. Usually i don't have an issue. I've used piexelsearch before with great success. but now.. it is not working for me.
  24. ListView KeyUp Event

    Will you solve the problem?
  25. KindEbook Suite

    KindEbook Wishlist updated to v6.3, see Post #2. (v6.3) Improved selection of recipient name, when doing COPY or MOVE, by using CTRL with CANCEL button, to cycle through available names. An item (ebook) can now be selected or de-selected for the COPY or MOVE LIST from the 'Selected Entry Detail' image window. A Bugfix for the related line color issue. (v6.2) BUGFIX for Exchange Rate, due to Google changing its web page again. This includes an option to continue using the previous Rate (if it exists), when a query has failed. In the case of using the previous, that only lasts the usual amount of time, before another query occurs (where you may get prompted to use previous again, if it fails again). TOP
  26. List the networks I already can without using netsh and also I can create and import a new profile, I just could not encrypt the password to put in keymaterial of the new profile so I could not continue.
  27. Ok... that was for your "other" topic, but did you try the netsh command I gave to list the potential networks? Jos
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