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  2. You do have vlc's hotkeys you could use. What else do you need that isn't present in vlc's hotkeys?
  3. did you try ?   Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 4) Sure is weird that you can activate the window but not do anything else, and the mouse issue.. How are you giving the title to the functions? just normal title, or did you try class or otherwise?
  4. @iamtheky Thank you for taking time to explain that section to me. Now I know how to apply it in the future. Hobbyist
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  6. sorry my script is $Variable = PixelSearch(0, 0, 501, 435, 0x0D0D0D) If IsArray($Variable) = True Then MouseClick("Right", $Variable [0], $Variable [1], 1) Else $Variable = PixelSearch(0, 0, 501, 435, 0x0D0D0D) If IsArray($Variable) = True Then MouseClick("Right", $Variable [0], $Variable [1], 1) Else $Variable = PixelSearch(0, 0, 501, 435, 0x0D0D0D) If IsArray($Variable) = True Then MouseClick("Right", $Variable [0], $Variable [1], 1) Else Send (escape)
  7. Hello i wanna know how if posible to add hotkeys on my script and "F1" and run the scriopt once. but i want script to be there not disappear like you can see on picutres, so when i press f1 again to rune the script hope someone will help me i really need hope my english is not to bad,THANKS AUTOIT.
  8. Howcome you pass the ADODB connections as reference, objects are pointers and will not be affected by ByRef unless you want to destryo the object. I am using this with AutoItObject and then i have to do this local $handle = $someObj.handle _Ado_xxx($handle)  instead of just _Ado_xxx($someObj.handle)
  9. sorry!
  10. @RTFC, Doubt our fiend is getting your hint.
  11. SasiAB, Stop necro-posting! Or you may find yourself unable to post at all! Posts from both threads merged. M23
  12. Lol I didn't say anything regarding to that.
  13. Before you start making condescending remarks about other people's language skills, you might want to learn how to spell properly in your native language.
  14. Let's continue in PM and not bother all those none Dutch speaking people with our complicated crazy Dutch language. Jos
  15. Haha.. Ik ben 12, word bijna 13.. (Best jong nu ik er over na denk )
  16. Wow... Bekende Amerikaanse bedrijven?
  17. Hello, I have a dialog box that pops up during an install on a foreign OS. In this case Spanish. The dialog displays a message the program being installed needs to install .Net, CRT, and C++. When inspected the dialog it seems normal. I can get control IDs, Text, Position, everything. But when I try to have AutoIt interact with it e.g. move it, click a button, click on a control, ControlGetFocus, Send("{TAB}"), ControlClick(). Nothing works. What even weirder is I can WinActivate the dialog but then can't move the mouse with MouseMove. If I don't WinActivate(), I can use the MouseMove() function. I can not figure out how to interact with the dialog box. Any thoughts on a way to interact with this dialog box? Thanks.
  18. Ik heb het grootste deel van mijn leven voor Amerikaanse bedrijven gewerkt dus heb voornamelijk in "een soort van Engels" geschreven en gesproken in mijn werk. Dit zegt iets over jouw leeftijd, omdat het relatief is... voor mij is mijn moeder erg oud... ik nog niet. Jos
  19. @Jos Sooo... Dan ben je best goed in Engels.. De meeste 50+'ers kunnen geen reet Engels Maar dat is al best oud dan..
  20. ... leuk... gewoon even een persoonlijke vraag in open forum. Ik ben 58, dus ga al een poosje mee in de IT wereld. Jos
  21. @Jos was just wondering, how old are you? Because you joined 2003.
  22. This topic is 10 years old, please open a new one with a much better description of what you're doing, what you want it to do, and post a reproducer script so we can see how you're doing it.
  23. Program updated to v4.9, see first post. See previous post for information about the bug which has now been fixed. Bugfix and improvements to 'Google Converter Address' for 'Exchange Rate'. This includes a new field on the 'Settings' window (near bottom left), and changes noted in newly extended 'Settings Information' dialog (i.e. label clicking). NOTE - This was due to recent changes in Google's Exchange Rate Converter address, which revealed a program bug. The Address has been updated in program defaults, and it is easier now to update on any future changes. The search column field has now been belatedly widened for the previous version change to main window width.
  24. Well, I did find this snippet of documentation about one of the other control panels. I can confirm that sysdm.cpl,,3 works to bring up the Advanced tab on Win7 Pro. I haven't been able to test, yet, on Win10, but my earlier tests seem to say that at least some tabs are different. I'll continue to test ... and look for more complete documentation.
  25. RC86, In future, please leave the question intact and supply the answer you found so as to help others who might also need it. M23
  26. I tried a lot, but nothing worked for me. Even your last script line does not work. I think it depends on updates of Win10 if this is still available or not.
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