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  2. It looks like two scripts need to communicate advice to search for Mailslot Memory mapped files Client server tcp ip communication tcpsend and tcpreceive in help files Check clr runtime and related threads to run c# on the fly. ...
  3. mmm... what exactly is it you are asking us? You want us to do the coding for you or have you started and facing issues with something? Jos
  4. I was restricted in the TOPICS display when I clicked START A NEW TOPIC. This area seemed the most likely to garner a response. I was not deliberately being a jerk! Really want to know why my script is not running synchronously. I just signed up to follow you since you are so active. Thank you!
  5. Moved to the appropriate forum, as the AutoIt Example Scripts forum very clearly states: Moderation Team
  6. Hi all, I hope someone can help me with this topic: I need to work with SharePoint.com SharePoint Lists in order to Create, Update, Delete records using Azure Active Directory APIs. So far what I have found is that I need to: 1. Request an Authorization code: https://login.microsoftonline.com/{tenant-id}/oauth2/authorize?client_id=1234-5678&response_type=code 2. Request an Access token using Authorization code: POST /{tenant-id}/oauth2/token HTTP/1.1 Host: https://login.microsoftonline.com Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded grant_type=authorization_code &client_id=1234-5678 &code={code-from-step-1} 3. Finally, Access the resource using the Acess token: GET /data HTTP/1.1 Host: service.domain.com Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciO... If you need additional information, let me know. Hopefully I will be able to provide. Thanks a lot for your help/contribution. Regards,
  7. Buttons on GUI to perform different tasks. SETUP is a task that involves displaying another GUI, doing calculations, writing lines to 2 external files, displaying information on GUI labels. The info from the displayed GUI (quantity made and job completed YES or NO) must be included on the written lines. I cannot get the script to run synchronously (waterfall execution 1st one ends before 2nd one starts.) That means lines written to the files do not contain the required data. I have read through FORUM and thought by inserting a boolean value and changing TRUE FALSE that I could solve this issue. I would have to set/reset the boolean before every function call to make it work. I've tried using Sleep but that just slows everything down and makes main GUI look unresponsive Is there a trick or tip someone can provide that forces synchronous execution? I am using OPT GUIOnEventMode Thank you for any insight into this issue.
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  9. Is it possible to get autoit to stop or error out on every minor warning or error? Like lets say it can't access a file.. instead of just continuing, forcing a quit or a warning? I want to debug my program and when I initially wrote my massive and bloated program I didn't include much in the way of error catching.. Is there a trigger of some sort that I can add so it runs in 'stop on EVERY error or failure mode'?
  10. In my Tree View class is ' Modeled Tree View' and i tried functoin like Control Tree View in below code but none of them is able to expand the tree view. I am coding in java using AutoITX jar. Kindly help getAutoItX().winWaitActive("proddb - BigFix Development Environment","",10); getAutoItX().controlTreeViewExpand("","","[Class:ModeledTreeView]","BitLocker"); getAutoItX().controlTreeViewExpand("","","[ID:ListViewSubItem-0]",""); getAutoItX().controlClick("","BitLocker","","",2); getAutoItX().controlClick("","","ListViewSubItem-0","",2); // getAutoItX().controlCommandShowDropdown("","","[Name:BitLocker]");
  11. 7Z has the option to create a real zip file. So it would only be a small change in your automated process. This would make the installation of an additional program superfluous. Not everybody has '7Z' installed.
  12. Exit, Because the process of creating 7z-files (selecting files, setting timestamp on updated files, generating the 7z-file and keeping track of updates) is automated. philkryder, You can download a version of UIASpy that works on all Windows 10 versions in this post. IanN1990, There is probably another control in a child window, also named Next. And this is the control you have identified. Because the control does not belong to $oWindow1, the creation of the $oButton1 object fails. In the pictures you can see that the button is a direct child of the top window, so I think you can just replace TreeScope_Descendants with TreeScope_Children, so that FindFirst() only searches for direct children.
  13. Take a look at the DemoActions function in wd_demo.au3 for an example of moving the mouse pointer to an element. As far as giving an element focus, just setting its value with _WD_ElementAction should be enough. You could send it a click with _WD_ElementAction as well.
  14. Without using Execute StringRegExpReplace($sText1, '\G\h|\h(?=\h*$)' ,"*")
  15. If he needs the fastest solution, I wouldn't recommend using this function, because it will reopen the dll for each window. Since it is really just a one liner, I would suggest to open the dll before the loop and using the dll handle afterward.
  16. Dear Bert, This coding is very important to me. I have a few more data retrieval procedures. Please ask for help. 🙏
  17. Redundant alternations in the expression are useless. Try this one : $res = StringRegExp($str, '(*UCP)(?x) (?| ' & _ ' ([[:alpha:]]+)\h([A-Z][^,]+),\h? ' & _ ; names, Eds ' | ([[a-z\h.]+),\h? ' & _ ; et al ' | \((\d+)\)\.?\h? ' & _ ; year ' | ([A-Z][^.]+.\h) ' & _ ; ChapterTitle, PubLoc, Name ' | (\d+[\(\);.-]) ' & _ ; vol, issue, pages ' | (?:https?://)?(\w+\S+)$) ' , 3) ; url along with a little more restrictive condition here : While StringRegExp($res[$i], '^[A-Z]\S*$') ;<<<<<<<<< $s &= '<editor>' & '<givenNames>' & $res[$i] & '</givenNames>, ' & _ '<familyName>' & $res[$i+1] & '</familyName>' & '</editor>, ' & @crlf $i += 2 Wend
  18. AutoIt has the _WinAPI_ShowWindow function, which looks like it could easily be used to use ShowWindowAsync instead if needed by modifying the UDF.
  19. Maybe this. Untested but it looks like it would be way faster this way... Edit : tested and it works great on a few windows !
  20. You're using an older version of the Excel.au3 UDF, you should update AutoIt to the latest stable version instead of modifying the one you have.
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