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  2. Sorry but I don't understand what you mean by " use Autoit's sql commands on top ". You just query the SQLite database with the SQLite.au3 UDF. Again if your source Excel file will change, the DB must be changed accordingly, so going thru SQLite isn't beneficial (details may muddy the border). But if the Excel file is given once for all, you can most probably benefit from the power of SQLite queries, including add-on functions if necessary. For instance, recent SQLite versions offer windowing features, full text table search (legacy feature), and a lot more. It all depends on the needs you have and the complexity of your queries. The nice thing is that SQLite doesn't need any installation nor maintenance, contrary to "heavy" client-server DB engines.
  3. Once its accessed via ADO, and extract it into a SQLite DB (as jchd said), would you then use Autoit's sql commands on top, or would you just access it via a SQLite and use sql commands?
  4. Macro BlockInput(bool) BlockInput_(bool) EndMacro BlockInput(1) Delay(3000) BlockInput(0)
  5. @jdelaney I'm traveling now and when I go back I'll do the tests, thanks for the tips.
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  7. Updating the code I will try to simplify as much as possible the last functions
  8. What's New in Version 0.2019.04.19 fixed: GetProcessTimes() crashing on multi-user setup The code is in the downloads area.
  9. Internet search engine use https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/fileapi/nf-fileapi-getdrivetypea DRIVE_UNKNOWN = 0
  10. @AZJIO Hello friend the first example requires a correction ( Line 83:Constant not found : #DRIVE_UNKNOWN ) thank you
  11. Epicface, FrancescoDiMuro is quite right - please read the Forum rules - particularly the bit about not discussing game automation - before you post again. Thread locked. But welcome to the AutoIt forum - and see you soon with a legitimate question I hope. M23
  12. The good sense to read forum rules, since game automation is not allowed on these forums.
  13. If that's OK then you can get rid of the first column, since it's just a redundant decoration of the row number, i.e. the index thru the array. That will simplify code some more. If you want to save the simplified array while adding the "name #" prefix, you can do that while going thru the array for output. Also I still don't understand what you meant whith "A1Peter...": the A1, B2 C3 prefixes jump in your post but have no materialization in the code sample you supplied. That's why I ignored that sentence.
  14. I dug and created something like that. However, once he clicks the right one, then he does not repeat it anymore. What should I add?
  15. Element? Is it faster? I want to automate gaining things in the game. When she appears in this place, she wants to take her. There are 3 things. Two concern me, one does not concern me, so I have to use two colors.
  16. EnableExplicit Define ini$ ini$ = GetPathPart(ProgramFilename()) + GetFilePart(ProgramFilename(), #PB_FileSystem_NoExtension) + ".ini" Procedure.s IniRead(filename$, section$, key$, def$ = "") Protected res$ If OpenPreferences(filename$) If PreferenceGroup(section$) res$ = ReadPreferenceString(key$, def$) EndIf ClosePreferences() EndIf ProcedureReturn res$ EndProcedure Procedure IniWrite(filename$, section$, key$, value$) Protected res If FileSize(filename$) < 0 ; CreateFile(0, filename$) ; WriteString(0, #CRLF$) ; CloseFile(0) CreatePreferences(filename$) ClosePreferences() EndIf If OpenPreferences(filename$) PreferenceGroup(section$) res = WritePreferenceString(key$, value$) ClosePreferences() EndIf ProcedureReturn res EndProcedure Procedure IniDelete(filename$, section$, key$ = "") If OpenPreferences(filename$) If key$ = "" RemovePreferenceGroup(section$) Else If PreferenceGroup(section$) RemovePreferenceKey(key$) EndIf EndIf ClosePreferences() EndIf EndProcedure IniWrite(ini$, "Set", "KeyWin", "new_value") MessageRequester("Here it is", IniRead(ini$, "Set", "KeyWin", "Default value")) IniDelete(ini$, "Set", "KeyWin") IniDelete(ini$, "Set") ; EnableExplicit ; Define ini$ ; ini$ = GetPathPart(ProgramFilename()) + GetFilePart(ProgramFilename(), #PB_FileSystem_NoExtension) + ".ini" ; Make the ini-file was not empty Procedure IniReadSectionNames(filename$, List Groups.s()) If OpenPreferences(filename$) ExaminePreferenceGroups() While NextPreferenceGroup() AddElement(Groups()) Groups() = PreferenceGroupName() Wend ClosePreferences() EndIf EndProcedure NewList Groups.s() IniReadSectionNames(ini$, Groups()) Define List1.s ForEach Groups() List1 + Groups() + #CRLF$ Next MessageRequester("List", List1) Procedure IniReadSection(filename$, section$, Map key_value.s()) If OpenPreferences(filename$) If PreferenceGroup(section$) ExaminePreferenceKeys() While NextPreferenceKey() AddMapElement(key_value(), PreferenceKeyName()) key_value() = PreferenceKeyValue() ; key_value(PreferenceKeyName()) = PreferenceKeyValue() Wend EndIf ClosePreferences() EndIf EndProcedure NewMap key_value.s() IniReadSection(ini$, "Set", key_value()) Define Map1.s ForEach key_value() Map1 + MapKey(key_value()) + " = " + key_value() + #CRLF$ Next MessageRequester("Map", Map1)
  17. The best way is to click in the specyfic element, not in color. Could you be more specific in the description of what you are trying to automate?
  18. Hello, I'm just starting with autoit. I have a question. I wrote a short script. How do you add to it to check if the given coordinate is in a given color, if so, then click the right mouse button? It's my script:
  19. Uia and control functionality should not be mixed as that will not work. Study examples from uia thread or try simplespy that will give some direction.
  20. The version that you are looking for is now called _DebugArrayDisplay.
  21. Hi, I used older version of AutoIt and ArrayDisplay had these buttons of Copy data, copy data and rows/columns number, Exit script. I am on latest version and these buttons are gone. It was very convenient. Is it possible to get it back?
  22. Oh so I'm basically not allowed to get help if it's for a game. Sounds fair enough. Thank you,
  23. Yesterday
  24. Hi everyone, I just found out that I can create a script to click for me (I'm using it for a game to get some bonuses and stuff while sleeping), not really sure how I got in the cave I was in. I did some additional research and found out I could make it non-intrusive, so I could watch a movie, or do anything else while the clicks still go. I did found the controlsend[raw] and controlclick pages, but I can't make them work for some reason, I'm pretty sure I'm terrible. I'll paste below my script that I use that is doing everything I want it to do: WinActivate("WindowNameExample") while 1 Sleep(25) MouseClick ("left", 255, 250) Sleep(25) MouseClick ("left", 105, 250) Sleep(25) MouseClick ("left", 180, 250) Sleep(500) MouseClick ("left", 1040, 600) Sleep(33000) MouseClick ("left", 965, 806) Sleep(500) MouseClick ("left", 1040, 600) Sleep(33000) MouseCLick ("left", 1095, 309) Sleep(25) MouseCLick ("left", 1155, 395) Sleep(25) Wend Could anyone provide me some guidance on how to use controlsend[raw] and controlclick please? Thank you in advance.
  25. Define pulse, and wrists. Is a pulse a send? I'm not understanding if it's a programmatic send, or user based send. There is no way a human can send quicker than the 10 ms sleeps....that's 100 individual presses a second. You can remove all sleeps, but watch one of your cpu cores go up to 100% #include <Misc.au3> HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Exit") $sendCount = 0 While 1 If _IsPressed("70") Then $sendCount += 1 While _IsPressed ("70") WEnd ContinueLoop EndIf Sleep(10) WEnd Func _Exit() MsgBox(1,1,$sendCount) Exit EndFunc if that's not fast enough, then AutoIT is not the solution you are looking for...slightly modified to include sleeps when the current loop did not have _ispressed. Proof of concept...I compiled and started the above, and then ran: AutoItSetOption("SendKeyDelay",5) For $i = 1 To 40 AutoItSetOption("SendKeyDownDelay",Random(10,100,1)) Send("{F1}") Next Send("{ESC}") The message box displayed 40 Just for fun, I did this one to see how fast I can send '0' repeatedly: HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Exit") $j = TimerInit() $sendCount = 0 While 1 If _IsPressed("30") Then $i = TimerInit() $j = TimerDiff($j) While _IsPressed ("30") WEnd ConsoleWrite(TimerDiff($i) & @TAB & $j & @CRLF) $j = TimerInit() ContinueLoop EndIf Sleep(10) WEnd Func _Exit() Exit EndFunc output: TimeKeyIsDown|TimeWaitForNextSend 38.5811 1433.9669 60.3951 75.5055 57.3372 63.8362 19.618 96.3084 35.7309 85.2414 10.7798 85.2756 38.7877 51.8923 42.2014 73.8966 41.3293 64.4828 29.7217 86.5125 37.8254 64.5799 55.5981 63.7196 52.7291 64.0097 52.5025 62.7217 38.963 77.1272 58.137 62.738 49.7552 76.4725 68.762 63.2584 55.5568 64.6286 36.5252 84.6798 75.4104 75.4531 53.4436 52.8638 44.8142 86.4005 61.8499 84.044 57.119 74.213 40.9023 95.4116 67.0561 84.0198 59.6137 61.6889 30.9173 95.3387 51.887 94.1365 42.998 63.1183 9.6173 116.8636 30.0914 85.7146 22.4921 93.7678 47.7521 84.4666 43.1216 61.6884 29.9012 86.1493 36.3007 84.6724 25.0176 86.1363 40.8244 84.9485 35.4981 85.6375 26.3855 84.7178 27.4497 73.2501 5.444 95.4684 humans are pretty slow...I was able to see 2 sends less than 10 MS , but that is an like in the 3 sigma range. I'd be lucky if I got 11 sends a second.
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