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  2. As described here: https://www.justremotephone.com/sdk/Help/html/T_JustRemotePhone_RemotePhoneService_Application.htm
  3. @Blois, your code for Agente.Teste.exe is wrong. there is no simpler way to describe it. your code must interact with Windows Service Manager, and you must look at the UDF example to see how it's done. #include the UDF is not enough in this case - you must use the appropriate functionality of the UDF to respond to requests from Windows Service Manager, and since you do not do that, Windows Service Manager tells you simply that "The service did not respond". how much more do you want the answer to be simplified?
  4. Thanks! Have updated the documentation accordingly. The misleading function names are inherited from the original ADFunctions UDF written by Jonathan Clelland.
  5. Try this : JustRemotePhone.RemotePhoneService.Application
  6. Apparently SRER don't scare you so you might use this one too $txt = ";12345" & @CRLF & ";54321" Msgbox(0,"", StringRegExpReplace($txt, '(?m)^(.*?)@(.*?);(.*)', _ "full ip address: $1" & @crlf & "username: $2" & @crlf & "password: $3" & @crlf) )
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to write a script that connects with a VBA/COM API to get the status of a connected phone. I've been looking up and down this forum for tips or other user's experiences, but I can't seem to find anything (even remotely) similar. It shouldn't be so hard to do, however. Software I'm trying to connect to I'm trying to integrate CallCenter by using their API, which is documented over here : JustRemotePhone API Reference Things I've tried I've tried using ObjCreate but I don't get any result, it always returns the same (negative) error. #Version 1 tried ObjCreate("JustRemotePhone.RemotePhoneService") #Version 2 tried ObjCreate("JustRemotePhoneCOM.RemotePhoneService") #Version 3 tried ObjCreate("JustRemotePhoneCOM.RemotePhoneService.Application") None of the three versions I tried seem to deliver any result other than a negative error value which basically says that the given class is not valid. I am starting to get the hang of AutoIt by now, but unmanaged programming languages and object-oriented stuff is still quite a grey zone for me. If anyone could help me 'talk' to this application, I'd be immensely grateful! Thanks in advance and kind regards from Belgium! Jan
  8. Try to copy again. I changed the code, but did not find the reason. Manually rewrite this line: MessageRequester("Disk label", DriveGetLabel("C:\")) Delete the parenthesis at the end of the line and type on the keyboard
  9. I do not download in my work, this is blocked, so I'm using AutoIT to create the service, since I can create the code.
  10. The file copy is performed in the installation script. Script service installation: It validates which directory is being used to create the correct path in services.msc The Agent.Test.exe already exists there but when running it reports error 1053.
  11. It shows you the issue right there. You need to use a valid xpath expression. When you look here, it doesn't list @text as a valid option. Try using text() instead.
  12. You still need a loop otherwise the program will just exit. This line is useless : $nMsg = GUIGetMsg(). So replace it with: While True Sleep (100) Wend And, if you post code please use <> just before emoticon. It will help us to help you...
  13. In fact, it works with the function _AD_AddUserToGroup.The problem lies in the combination of the various selected objects, a few of which I still have to intercept, such as user objects on both sides. Attached is the source code. There are some changes compared to the original adcg.au3 included, especially in the area of ini-file, authorization and maximize functionality. Maybe you find the idea of the ad-commander useful. ADC.au3 ADC.ini
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  15. happens sometimes with copy/paste, just delete the bad character
  16. @AZJIO Hello friend at home he does not return anything that does not work DriveGetLabel(Drive$)
  17. @Nine that's about the way I'm doing it right now. (I use a spool file inbetween instead of grabbing the output directly) I've been wondering if native Autoit Functions can get hold of the sam information *WITHOUT* using PS. Thanks for pointing out win32_process. I'll take a closer look to that one, too. Rudi.
  18. Hi AutoIt Scriptwriters! I want to extract my RDPs informations and write in file/console here is my code: $txt = ";12345" & @CRLF & ";54321" $ArrayTXT = StringSplit($txt, @CRLF, 3) For $IP In $ArrayTXT $Ex_IPAddress = StringRegExpReplace($IP, ":.*", "") $Ex_IPAddressPort = StringRegExpReplace($IP, "@.*", "") $Ex_DomainUsername = StringRegExpReplace(StringRegExpReplace($IP, ";.*", ""), ".*@", "") $Ex_Password = StringRegExpReplace($IP, ".*;", "") $O_RDPFile = "full ip address: " & $Ex_IPAddressPort & @CRLF & "username: " & $Ex_DomainUsername & @CRLF & "password: " & $Ex_Password & @CRLF & @CRLF ConsoleWrite($O_RDPFile) Next I want to extract texts, convert them and then show in console or write in file like this: full ip address: username: Administrator password: 12345 full ip address: username: Guest password: 54321 [SOLVED] I've putted on right code here, you can use this little code if you need
  19. _AD_AddUserToGroup should do the trick, I think (can't test at the moment). The function name and th docu is a bit misleading. If it works for you I will update the documentation.
  20. so, describe your non-particular algorithm then. no point building from scratch if you already have something working. start with this: how is the "DNA" stored? what "genes" are you using?
  21. @Docfxit, again, you are encapsulating your strings wrong. @TempDir is literally included in the command you run. review your command carefully, look at the colors - red is a literal string - and understand which quote and double-quote is closed by which. as for the registry - you need to use reg.exe, not regsvr32.exe
  22. Thank you for your adivce, I have changed the code (below) to include a fButton1 function and now nothing happens. the GUI shows for a second and disappears. please advice. Thanks, Amos ------------------------ Code #include <GUIConstants.au3> #include <File.au3> #include <Array.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> AutoItSetOption('GUIOnEventMode', 1) $_1 = GUICreate("LanSweeper Update tool", 537, 356, 248, 137) $Button2 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Exit", 390, 236, 75, 25, 0) $CsvInput1 = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 145, 19, 225, 21) $Button1 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Browse...", 390, 16, 75, 25, 0) GUICtrlSetOnEvent($Button1,'fButton1') ; *********** new line ************ GUISetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_CLOSE, 'quit') $combo1 = GUICtrlCreateCombo("", 42, 146, 120, 25) GUICtrlSetData(-1, 'Computer_Name|Business_Owner|Group') GUICtrlSetOnEvent($combo1, 'fsetgrp') $combo2 = GUICtrlCreateCombo('', 42, 186, 120, 25) GUICtrlSetOnEvent($combo2, 'fSetgrp2') $combo3 = GUICtrlCreateCombo('', 42, 226, 120, 25) $Checkbox1 = GUICtrlCreateCheckbox("Check to enable specific selection in LanSweeper", 40, 72, 273, 17) $Label1 = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Select to match SQL (combo) with input csv", 40, 118, 211, 17) $Input1 = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 145, 19, 225, 21) $Label2 = GUICtrlCreateLabel("sdf", 180, 150, 108, 25) $Label3 = GUICtrlCreateLabel("sdfg", 180, 190, 108, 25) $Label4 = GUICtrlCreateLabel("sdf", 180, 230, 108, 25) GUISetState() Local $line,$List,$col,$arrCsv,$sHdr1 $nMsg = GUIGetMsg() Func fButton1() ; ************ new function ********* $csv=FileOpenDialog("Open", "C:\" ,"csv files (*.csv)") GUICtrlSetData($Input1,$csv) EndFunc Func fsetgrp() Global $c_msg = GUICtrlRead($combo1) Switch $c_msg Case 'Computer_Name' GUICtrlSetData($combo2, '') GUICtrlSetData($combo2, 'Business_Owner|Group') Case 'Business_Owner' GUICtrlSetData($combo2, '') GUICtrlSetData($combo2, 'Computer_Name|Group') Case 'Group' GUICtrlSetData($combo2, '') GUICtrlSetData($combo2, 'Computer_Name|Business_Owner') EndSwitch EndFunc Func fSetgrp2() $c_msg2 = GuictrlRead($combo2) Switch $c_msg2 Case 'Computer_Name' GUICtrlSetData($combo3, '') $sMsg = StringReplace('Business_Owner|Group',$c_Msg,"") GUICtrlSetData($combo3,$sMsg) Case 'Business_Owner' MsgBox(0,"",$c_msg2) GUICtrlSetData($combo3, '') $sMsg = StringReplace('Computer_Name|Group',$c_Msg,"") MsgBox(0,"",$sMsg) GUICtrlSetData($combo3,$sMsg) Case 'Group' GUICtrlSetData($combo3, '') $sMsg = StringReplace('Computer_Name|Business_Owner',$c_msg,"") GUICtrlSetData($combo3,$sMsg) EndSwitch EndFunc Func quit() Exit EndFunc ----------------------------- End of code
  23. I think this is a case where everyone thinks autoit stuff is a virus?
  24. Hi orbs actually i didn't read anything about it...it was an idea just from scratch. Indeed i'm not using any particular algorithm, i'm just working with conditions and cycles, with a lot of interactions based on the lsims stats. Being a project from scratch, i'm open to any new idea so if you want to chip in...you are welcome And you are welcome to PM me if you need to!
  25. Hi water, first of all, you did a really great job with your udf for the Active Directory. Top!!! I use it in several smaller utilities like an AD-Monitoring/Backup Tool for example. Actually I'm working - based on your adcu & adcg comparing applications - on a tool which will act a little like the good ol' Norton Commander, but for the AD. On one side I have one user oder group and on the oder side the second user or group. There I can use the comparision functions and - so my oppinion - the possibility of copying and removing. In principle, that works, but I have no function in ad.au3 to add groups to other groups. Can you think of a workaround? Thanks in advance, Guido
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