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  2. If you're using Send and MouseClick on the active window you should probably use ControlSend and ControlClick instead. Send is very unreliable as it never checks to see if the window you want is the active one, it just sends characters to whatever is active at the time, same with MouseClick.
  3. I solve the problem using: $oSpans = _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, "div") Global $oIE = _IECreate ("https://www........") Local $oSpans = _IETagNameGetCollection($oIE, "div") For $oSpan In $oSpans If $oSpan.className = 'btn btn-primary btn-sm font-sm property-details-button' Then _IEAction($oSpan, "click") ExitLoop EndIf Thank you
  4. water, thank you for your reply - It was just a matter of time that someone came across this problem. So: It will be a pleasure to help out by testing modified/new script code. Maybe other forum members will help out, too. I think so... As for me, all the time/work we spend should keep your UDF as it is now - in a consistent/working state. And our efforts should even avoid "good workarounds". There are several solutions to this issue. One idea could be to rewrite _AD_FixSpecialChars() and _AD_ObjectExists() to handle already escaped strings. All functions benefit from it.
  5. Hi database and SQL masters, This is my first time dealing with .mdb files and Arrays and I have a few questions. I just need to change one field in a databases of unknow # of records. The script runs on different PC's. Each PC has a database with the same structure just more or less records. Let me explain what I want to do: 1: Open .mdb 2: Get the number of records 3: Start with 1st record 4: Check DBfield "fldQSLConfByS" if Letter "Q" is in the field 5: If Letter exists goto next record 6: If not, add Letter Q to existing entry and write it back to "fldQSLConfBYs' field in DB record Put complete record (all fields) into a workable string (I think ArraytoString does that) for further processing or even better into $fieldsxy[xy] [xy] 7: next record until all records are processed. I found ADO.au3 UDF, which is over my head and an overkill to what I need to do, I think. Then I stumbled across Access.au3.I modified the example.au3 and can read the DB, display the fields etc. but I can not write back to the DB. Always get: "Error in writting Data" See Section: ; ******************************************************* ; 10 - Edit/change Record ; ******************************************************* No idea why I can not write the data back. Playing with it for a week now and can not figure it out. Is there an easier way to just edit/change one DBfield? Oh.. and how do I display or read an array value? ( $datafieldxy = $array[xy][xy] ) Is _ArrayToString($avArray_Record, "", 48,48) the only way? (48, number of field) Attached are 3 files: Access.au3 - the UDF ~~ HAMLog_AccessDB.au3 - Scripy ~~ testdb.mdb - Database Thanks for any help HAMLog_AccessDB.au3 testdb.mdb Access.au3
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  7. You are probably not waiting as mentioned above
  8. Hi, I notice that Autoit doesn't reliably switch windows which in terms messes up the entire program because the correct window is not in focus. This is the code I have Opt("WinTitleMatchMode",2) WinActivate("CUSTOMERS") The title of the window I want to activate for example is 'Foundation Production - CUSTOMERS -- LARRY SMITH'. It will switch most of the time but sometimes it simply doesn't do that . I was curious what to do to make it 100% reliable. Is there any way to notice the window is active before executing a certain portion of the program? Thanks much, K
  9. I just started to read about the need to escape characters again. I already tried to get my head around this subject some years ago. It can become quite complex as you can read here: https://www.rlmueller.net/CharactersEscaped.htm Right now my spare time is very limited. As I only have read access to our AD I can not create objects with special characters. So you (or someone else) would have to do all testing. As no one else has run into this problem since 2009 (when I started to work on the UDF) I think the best solution would be to simply create a custom function of _AD_RenameObject and remove _AD_ObjectExists. Maybe I will fix this bug sooner or later but for the time being this is the best I can offer.
  10. It seems your source name for the object is csrf, rather than trying to obtain a token (poor choice of coding on the page). So this thread is fine to continue, so long as it does not tread into territory that is against the forum rules.
  11. Yes, the account has rights to both the local machine and network path. That's why command line parameter is able to copy files but not via the autoIT code.
  12. pintas, Surely you do not expect us to help you bypass what is a pretty clear security message? Please read the Forum rules before you post again to make sure you are clear on what is not permitted here. Thread locked. M23
  13. I think someone else can probably answer this better than me... I have used sqlite extensively with AutoIt and it works really well (just use the help), but to access it from vba you will need to use ADO, this might help https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42509154/accessing-a-sqlite-database-in-vba-in-excel Or you can do it the other way around if you have access on all of the user machines you can then use ADO to connect to it from AutoIt (I'm sure someone here can help with that). Or you can flat file it (depending on the level of robustness, security, and any file locking issues). Or you could vba the external links if you don't mind having all your passwords stored / visible in a master excel document. A quick search found this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47068941/linking-to-password-protected-workbook (second answer) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42067872/how-to-get-data-from-password-protected-and-closed-workbook-with-in-excel-2007
  14. Why would you need to do this? Once you click on a window and drag it, it becomes the active window. If you just want to move it somewhere, use WinMove.
  15. Hi. I'm trying to suppress or prevent a Windows message from appearing. The message is regarding a GPO policy that prevents users from running some apps. (see pic attached) I'd like to prevent that message from appearing without making my script waiting for the message in real-time, so i don't stress the cpu. I tried 'playing' with _WinAPI_SetWinEventHook but i couldn't figure out how to use it. The message title is also relative to the app the user tries to run, so it's not a fixed message, nor do i see a new process in task manager. Is this possible in AutoIT?
  16. Hi, There is mouseclickdrag function, but .. is there controlclickdrag function? I can't find the function, I want a mouseclickdrag function that can work background.. I have no idea how to implement that .. Can anyone help me?
  17. But the macro @AutoItX64 is described as: "Returns 1 if the script is running under the native x64 version of AutoIt." So my understanding is that the script is executed as X64. And I think this causes the problem we see.
  18. thanks guys i already found it thankyou again
  19. I used index, instance. No much help to succeed. Is there a way to iterate controls that are available in TableLayoutpanel and perform click operation based on Text identification? Please help.
  20. Would be nice to add a proxy configuration option to the code.
  21. @rudi First off, use of third party tools to reach source code is not something we are going to discuss (should be common sense). As for whether it is possible to make the script itself extract the source, did you not read the suggestions given??
  22. https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/FAQ#How_can_I_control_.28click.2C_edit_etc.29_an_external_.28html.29_application.3F
  23. In many funtions one of the very first lines reads: If Not _AD_ObjectExists($sObject) Then Return SetError(1, 0, 0) That's good practice, but will lead to the same behaviour/issue _AD_RenameObject() is affected with... To me it could be more easy to extend _AD_ObjectExists() to handle an already escaped FQDN string 😄
  24. Hi SlackerAI, I agree - long term even changing the file name and then reading these to an array so it is faster to asses is somewhat flawed. I like the idea of VBA with a central repository but I have not yet tried any au3 with external data stores. I did do some searching on this once before but i did not seem to get anywhere too fast and at the time the need was less. if you have any references to point me in the right direction I am happy to go do some more reading.
  25. This makes me think that the long term strategy is not to open and parse each file - what will be the state of play in 5 years time? How about adding some vba to the files so that they automatically post the filename, date stamp and data to a central repository whenever they are saved?
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