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  2. So my agent should be script: ServiceExample_v4.au3? Instead of what I did? I'm sorry but some things still confuse me, so many questions.
  3. @Docfxit Look at my Vollatran project. It shows you what to do and may make your installation of software easier. The Vollatran project
  4. so, i think you need to have that dll and it's xml present in your app directory. Not sure if registering it will work wither. cannot register it with Regsvr32 so.... you need to have that stuff with your autoit source.
  5. I got it using DllCall, thanks to everyone who gave tips. #include <WinAPI.au3> While 1 Key_IsPressed() GUIGetMsg() WEnd Func Key_IsPressed() local Static $count = 0, $state = 0 Local $Ret = DllCall('user32.dll', 'short', 'GetAsyncKeyState', 'int', 111); Checks if the NUMPADDIV key has been pressed If BitAND($Ret[0], 0x8000) > 0 And $state = 0 Then $count += 1 ConsoleWrite("Key pressed " & $count & @CRLF) $state = 1 Else If BitAND($Ret[0], 0x8000) = 0 And $state = 1 Then $state = 0 EndIf EndIf EndFunc ;==>Key_IsPressed
  6. what code would you like me to test? gimme... gimme gimme i'll grab your stuff above and give it a go, after i test the C# sample
  7. I've gotten it to work from within MS Access. However, Access uses VBA, where you have to explicitly reference the wanted class...
  8. Ok that's the concept: - There is a pre-existing basic folder structure (if the structure doesn't exist the first sim act like a 'terraformer' and creates the structure) with two subfolders: LSIM and WORLD. In the first one there is one folder for each lsim which contain various info useful especially for interactions until i find a better way for making them communicate besides writing/reading files. The "DNA" itself is a text file with the basic traits (stats, immune system, "genetic" modifications....) and when the "mother" get "pregnant" (i'll stop using quotes from now on) she read the father's dna file and mix the file with her dna file in a random way (ex. Stamina 100 with Stamina 245 is a random value from 100 to 245). Then when the son is born, he will get some of his stats from that new generated DNA. This is a simplified example of this non-particular algorithm, so the "genes" are simple text lines parsed. - In the folder WORLD there will be folders and files world-related which are read and parsed by every sim. This contains the Temperature (ideally geo-localized and taken from sites like weather.com), the atmospheric situation (rain, sun, cloudy, polluted, not polluted...), the resources (ex. low ram? Lsims will find less food, so becoming more aggressive or weak...) and so on Basically every lsim can be born by procreation (being launched by the mother and reading the mixed dna) or by scratch (being randomized). I was wondering if it would be good to make also a "world helper app" that would control things like weather, pollution and temperature instead of distributing the work through all the lsims. This is the idea and this is more or less how i did it years ago (besides the fact that weather was almost randomized and now i want to be more realistic).
  9. does it work with their samples? i will install it to a vm with autoit and try any samples, including yours.
  10. Can you tell us what is the application you are trying to run under nox ?
  11. I have tried to register the .dll using RegAsm. RegAsm.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\JustPhone\CallCenter\SDK\bin\RemotePhoneService.dll" /tlb:"RemotePhoneService.xml" /verbose Result (in Dutch, sorry): Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Assembly Registration Utility 2.0.50727.8922 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1998-2004. Alle rechten voorbehouden. Assembly is geëxporteerd naar C:\Program Files (x86)\JustPhone\CallCenter\SDK\bin\RemotePhoneService.xml en de typebibliotheek is geregistreerd I get no errors on registration, it says it has been exported and the type library has been registered. However, from within my AutoIt script, the same errors occur. 🙄
  12. Look at _WD_ElementAction, which offers the enabled command.
  13. @Danp2 thanks, text() is working. I am needing to store in a variable if a button is enabled or disabled. It should be possible with a function called "isEnabled()" Do you know the syntax of the command to store this in a variable ?
  14. Today
  15. Oh god. This gives me the error that the entry point to DLLRegisterServer wasn't found. I went looking for that error, but then they advised that the dll should be copied to the system path. However, copying the file to C:\Windows\System32 doesn't fix the error in AutoIt.
  16. @Deye Thanks this is excatly what I need but it needs to run in the background
  17. These files are shown in the SDK-directory of the CallCenter-app. I thought the DLL was registered, since it shows up in the OLE/COM Object Viewer, but now I see that the one referenced in OleView.exe is the one in the JustPhone-folder, not the one in the SDK subfolder. Any way to register such a COM interface/DLL myself manually? Once I get a grasp of that, I'll be on my way... I guess... #fingerscrossed
  18. Since the API is installed together with their standard software (no seperate installer) and I've just double-checked that I didn't need to check any additional options in the installer to activate this, it should be installed. I am also the admin-user on my local desktop, so I should have all rights to installed objects. Here is a screenshot from within OleView: Thanks for your replies, guys, I'm sure it'll be something very stupid and simple somewhere... Kudos!
  19. That's the "Invalid Class String" exception. You are sure that all components of the application (including the COM interface) have been installed? Maybe they have been installed for the System (or any other admin user) user and hence are not accessible by you?
  20. I've tried this as well already... Local $oApplication = ObjCreate("JustRemotePhone.RemotePhoneService.Application") This returns the same error: -2147221005
  21. As described here: https://www.justremotephone.com/sdk/Help/html/T_JustRemotePhone_RemotePhoneService_Application.htm
  22. @Blois, your code for Agente.Teste.exe is wrong. there is no simpler way to describe it. your code must interact with Windows Service Manager, and you must look at the UDF example to see how it's done. #include the UDF is not enough in this case - you must use the appropriate functionality of the UDF to respond to requests from Windows Service Manager, and since you do not do that, Windows Service Manager tells you simply that "The service did not respond". how much more do you want the answer to be simplified?
  23. Thanks! Have updated the documentation accordingly. The misleading function names are inherited from the original ADFunctions UDF written by Jonathan Clelland.
  24. Try this : JustRemotePhone.RemotePhoneService.Application
  25. Apparently SRER don't scare you so you might use this one too $txt = ";12345" & @CRLF & ";54321" Msgbox(0,"", StringRegExpReplace($txt, '(?m)^(.*?)@(.*?);(.*)', _ "full ip address: $1" & @crlf & "username: $2" & @crlf & "password: $3" & @crlf) )
  26. Hi all, I'm trying to write a script that connects with a VBA/COM API to get the status of a connected phone. I've been looking up and down this forum for tips or other user's experiences, but I can't seem to find anything (even remotely) similar. It shouldn't be so hard to do, however. Software I'm trying to connect to I'm trying to integrate CallCenter by using their API, which is documented over here : JustRemotePhone API Reference Things I've tried I've tried using ObjCreate but I don't get any result, it always returns the same (negative) error. #Version 1 tried ObjCreate("JustRemotePhone.RemotePhoneService") #Version 2 tried ObjCreate("JustRemotePhoneCOM.RemotePhoneService") #Version 3 tried ObjCreate("JustRemotePhoneCOM.RemotePhoneService.Application") None of the three versions I tried seem to deliver any result other than a negative error value which basically says that the given class is not valid. I am starting to get the hang of AutoIt by now, but unmanaged programming languages and object-oriented stuff is still quite a grey zone for me. If anyone could help me 'talk' to this application, I'd be immensely grateful! Thanks in advance and kind regards from Belgium! Jan
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