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  2. _ADO_Connection_OpenMSSQL($oConnection, $sServer, $sDatabase, '', '', 'YourAppName', @ComputerName & '_' & 'YourProgram_UID', False) @mLipok I did reinstall AutoIt as x86, so now what should I put in yourappname and yourprogram_UID???
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  4. ..so I click click the script in explorer and nothing, error, so I'm like, whaaaa ! If StringInStr(@AutoItExe, "\autoit3.exe") Then Exit ShellExecute( StringReplace(@AutoItExe, "\autoit3.exe", "\autoit3_x64.exe"), '"' & @ScriptFullPath & '"') Add that to the examples in the next release, it'll save us from a scare
  5. I think I misspoke. In this particular case, your "DejaVu Serif" is the font family, which contains both Regular and Condensed styles. I believe that when the fonts are installed in Windows, it puts all of the metadata related to the fonts in a database. I think that database is what is queried by the different APIs. ChooseFont and EnumFontFamilies just make different queries against that database. I don't have DejaVu Serif installed on any of my PCs so I can't see exactly how that font/family is organized other than your screen shot. Below is a good link to show how some Windows 10 fonts have similar names but are in different families. It also shows what fonts and font names belong to the default Windows 10 font families. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/fonts/windows_10_font_list
  6. Oh, I'm a pain !, I'm relentless !. But the thanks goes to you for getting this running for AutoIt
  7. yes, just like that. But I needed an update. I'll restart the PC and let you know
  8. oh hmm, and your project directory looks like this? C:\projectdir\ │ autoyolo.dll │ AutoYOLO3.au3 │ basic_example.au3 │ gui_example.au3 │ opencv_videoio_ffmpeg430_64.dll │ opencv_world430.dll │ people-2557408_1920.jpg │ scooter-5180947_1920.jpg │ └───yolo yolov3.cfg yolov3.txt yolov3.weights
  9. ..so I run opencv_version.exe and got these errors: The program can't start because MFPlat.DLL is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. The program can't start because MF.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. The program can't start because MFReadWrite.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. This error usually occurs when you are running on Windows N or Windows KN operating system, which does not include some media features required. To install the required media features, follow the link and select your particular Windows system to install the required files. Once you complete the installation, this error should no longer appear. Solution from: https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/204933118/How-to-Resolve-Dependency-MFREADWRITE-DLL-is-missing-Please-reinstall-the-game-errors-on-GTAV-for-PC
  10. ok, I extracted from "opencv\build\x64\vc15\bin", opencv_world430.dll and opencv_videoio_ffmpeg430_64.dll. But still the same as my first post.
  11. I've now, bar the testing, completed my new complimentary program - Get Blurb For Calibre. See previous post. Hopefully I will be able to upload that soon and the modified UpdateFromOPF, that now supports it. P.S. This also means I have been able to resume work on my other new, but unrelated program .... which I chat about here, with some screenshots ... latest post here.
  12. Good, download and extract/install https://sourceforge.net/projects/opencvlibrary/files/4.3.0/opencv-4.3.0-vc14_vc15.exe/download The DLLs will be in {your extracted path}\opencv\build\x64\vc15\bin\ Good luck!
  13. I had seen the article you mentioned. And what you say makes sense. But unless I'm being especially dense (a distinct possibility), it still doesn't make clear to me: If DejaVu Serif and DejaVu Serif Condensed are in different families, by what criteria does ChooseFont determine that they should be grouped together under the single heading "DejaVu Serif"? The Windows Fonts Settings page does the same.
  14. @argumentum Hello, thanks for giving it a go. Yes, do you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64) installed? You can download here - https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe
  15. copy the 3 files to \yolo\ but the ""Using autoyolo version:" & _AutoYolo3_GetVersion()" returns nothing and running the GUI example gets error "unable to use the DLL file". I'm with a 1080 Ti. Do I need to do anything other than decompress to a random folder and run in x64 ?
  16. The answer to your question is in the question itself. The EnumFontFamiles Win32 API lists/enumerates fonts by their Families. Referring to your example, although they have the same base font name (Typeface), DejaVu Serif & DejaVu Serif Condensed are different families. The ChooseFont Win32 API lists all fonts without taking the family into account, Bold & italics are types within a given font family. Maybe the article below will help: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/gdi/enumerating-the-installed-fonts
  17. Hi UEZ i want return value this func is 256 color, (not greyscale). How to edit this function (this func i'm copy and edit from _GDIPlus_BitmapSetPixel example in help file) Thank you. Hi careca make a clone bitmap obj when you want one pixel only. is it wasting memory ? Thank you.
  18. @CYCho That seems appropriate to me. In fact, it might be good to make this an option built into _WD_Startup.
  19. Yes. Shortly after I posted, I did that. So then I guess my question is: Why (and how) does that Win32 API function decide that all 8 DejaVu Serif styles belong together, but _WinAPI_EnumFontFamilies() doesn't. But I guess maybe that's more of a Windows question than an AutoIt question ... /John
  20. The _ChooseFont() function uses the ChooseFont Win32 API function in the comdlg32 DLL. To see for yourself, just open the misc.au3 include file and find the _ChooseFont() function. Or, If you have Scite4AutoIt installed, just place your cursor on the _ChooseFont() function in your script and hit CTRL+J, it will take you directly to the function in the misc.au3 include file.
  21. In short, I'm trying to replicate some of the functionality of _ChooseFont(). A quick Google search suggests I'm not the first person to consider this, and at least one of the answers is to use _WinAPI_EnumFontFamilies(). Which seems reasonable. I don't quite get one thing about it, though. For example, I have a font installed on my system named DejaVu Serif. There are actually 8 associated font faces: DejaVu Serif DejaVu Serif Bold DejaVu Serif Bold Italic DejaVu Serif Italic DejaVu Serif Condensed DejaVu Serif Condensed Bold DejaVu Serif Condensed Bold Italic DejaVu Serif Condensed Italic Inspection of the C:\Windows\Fonts directory shows these are TrueType fonts, kept in 8 separate *.ttf files. However, when I view them through Windows Explorer, it is clever enough to combine them into 8 variants of the same font, called DejaVu Serif. Similarly, if I call _ChooseFont(), it displays DejaVu Serif only once in the Font list, with each of the 8 different font faces as a separate entry in the Font Style list. On the other hand, if I call _WinAPI_EnumFontFamilies() with a null string as the second argument, it lists DejaVu Serif and DejaVu Serif Condensed as separate entries in the return array. If I call _WinAPI_EnumFontFamilies(0, "DejaVu Serif", ...) it returns four items (the first four in the list above). If I call _WinAPI_EnumFontFamilies(0, "DejaVu Serif Condensed", ...) I get the second four. As (I think) I understand it, you should call _WinAPI_EnumFontFamilies() once with an empty string for the typeface name, and get one font in each available typeface. Then you call it a second time with the specific typeface name to get all the fonts within the specified name. Following that paradigm, I'd always get these fonts in two separate groups, which is not how they appear in either Windows Explorer or _ChooseFont(). I assume _ChooseFont() is using _WinAPI_EnumFontFamilies() (or more likely, I suppose, the corresponding underlying Windows function). How does it know that these 8 fonts "go together"? Simply by their similar names? Appreciate any insight anyone might have. Thanks! /John
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