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  2. Nothing really to do with the core AutoIT programming language. I'm sure I could come up with some nice to have's but nothing that is an absolute need. I've been using AutoIT since early 2000's and I still haven't touched 80% of the features so I just assume if there's something that I suddenly want it to do, it's probably already got a UDF. Plus, if there isn't a UDF that does what I want then I write one and add it to my ever expanding library. But there are two areas that I personally wish the AutoIT coding team would take on and that is developing a standalone AutoIT IDE that contains the features of a commercial IDE. It would include the custom features developed for AutoIT code that are built into Scite as well as a true debugger with the ability to walk through lines of code, set breakpoints, create a watchlist of variables, etc. The other would be a Forms development tool that would be integrated into the IDE for the creation of forms. The only reason I'm suggesting this is that while it appeared that some significant progress was made on some standalone apps (i.e. Koda, dbug, AutoIT Debug) the last versions released are from years ago. In the case of Koda the last version I've seen was released in 2010. It generally works but it's quirky. I came across an app called DBUG a few months ago. It looked it hadn't been updated in recent years. From the documentation and looking at the code it was supposed to have the ability to step through lines of code but I could not get it to work. I didn't realize until today that there's an AutoIT include file called Debug.au3. After looking at and then running the example I'm not sure it will do what I want it to do, which is being able to step through code one line at a time and be able to view specific variable values from a specific script. After I get off her I plan on doing some additional searching to see if I can find some pictures or maybe a YouTube video that expands on the Debug help. The problem with using some of these programs or investing time and energy into learning them is that they are developed externally and none of these niche products seem to make it to universal or mainstream use. I understand, life happens and the need to make money outweighs hobby development. But, if the AutoIT coding team took ownership of developing a branded AutoIT IDE and AutoIt Forms Builder then I think there's a better chance that those two applications would, at least, be completed, and any addtional development would continue. Thanks, O.G.W.
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  4. Yeah just re-running the normal installer didn't fix it.. Fixed it by removing the SciTE Folder from the Roaming Folder in my profile
  5. Start with checking the SciTEUser,properties for any modifications, which contains the user specific changes. Resetting the installer supplied standards is simply a matter of running the latest installer again. Jos
  6. Added to AutoIt Wiki UDF List :
  7. Perfect! Exactly what I thought I would need to spend hours trying to write by myself (and wouldn't get right). Thank you!
  8. So I don't know what I did with my install of autoit but my hotkeys seem all messed up. For example F5 launches FileOpen.. Instead of Go. F12 Launches "Print" for some damn reason.. Is there a way to reset the hotkeys? I'm using SciTE Version 3.7.3 on Windows 10 x64. I already uninstalled both Autoit and SciTE and then reinstalled them.
  9. I have a script that launches an application. Is there any way that my script can test whether the application has been signed, and only run it if it has been signed? I am trying to avoid a situation where my script might be used to launch a hacked version of the signed application. Thanks for any advice on this.
  10. @Trolic18 You seem to have strolled right past the forum rules on your way in. I suggest you read them now, especially the part about game automation, before you post again. You will receive no help on this subject.
  11. That is similar what I usually suggest to customers - lock everything down and then use SCCM. Publish applications that are free to use or low risk to the Application Catalog, and create an approval/escalation/chargeback system for the rest. The problem is most companies are stuck in the "but our teams want it now" mode of firefighting they can't or won't take the time to properly architect something that will ultimately ease their frustrations.
  12. Hello. It's a complex question But a start point is GUIRegisterMsg. But You need go to deep Windows Information. Check MSDN. Saludos
  13. I was trying to get WM_LBUTTONDOWN and WM_MOUSEMOVE to work. They do not fire in the label, probably because it is a static control. I also tried a picture control, and an edit control. WM_LBUTTONDOWN and WM_MOUSEMOVE don't work in any of these controls. Both WM_LBUTTONDOWN and WM_MOUSEMOVE work in the form, outside the control.
  14. What if you where given way to compile in the direct language, so in a way Interpreting what's been interpreted back to the the source of C#\++ code script Call it "the added fun of reinventing wheels but differently !!" This is something that might be missing here, nothing to do with autoit being closed source or not, more to do with user interactions and how they can learn to do new things on the forum and what they can come up with .Etc Just curious to hear what some of the objecting opinions may sound like if such a side project in the forum would want to surface without judging what the owners opinion is like or should be ..
  15. Hi I want to do an aplication where you can open only game so it wont take fps The problem is when i log in it starts the game and i have black screen weird thing is when i wrote the code first time it worked i restarted it and now it doesn´t work any solutions ? You have to delete cookies from IE Code:
  16. According to the help file:
  17. I totally understand about fighting the corporation to update. I would be the people on the Security team that encourage the endpoint team to lock systems down via group policy and push authorized software through SCCM. If I had my druthers we would also institute application whitelists wherever possible. with things like uniextract, i dont really install a packing tool anymore, so much as just run them from an archive.
  18. Hello. This is enough. $a=null Saludos
  19. I create a Scripting.Dictionary obj to dell with very large data $a = ObjCreate("Scripting.Dictionary") when i do not need to use $a anymore how can i close $a ? (in order to release systems resource )
  20. @TheSaint I never understand when you talk. I don't know when you're joking and when You aren't lol. Saludos
  21. Thank you for your example. Using it as a framework and spending hours of tinkering i was able to get my head around this UDF. I am terribly useless when it comes to networking Encase others find this i used _WinHttpOpenRequest instead of _WinHttpSimpleSSLRequest One small question in terms of GET performance though. #Sudo Example Code Local $hRequest = _WinHttpOpenRequest() _WinHttpSendRequest($hRequest) _WinHttpReceiveResponse($hRequest) $Data = _WinHttpSimpleReadData($hRequest, 2) Now the sudo example works and $Data contains the binary for my file but it takes a very long time to download. My version or Inetread is able to do it in less than a second but the example above takes almost 6. This is only a 6MB file and i could be downloading up to 100MB. Looking into this i found _WinHttpSimpleReadData is loops _WinHttpReadData in bytes of 8192. Using the code below the download completes is under a second. $Data = _WinHttpReadData($hRequest, 2, 999999999) Is there anything wrong doing it like this? I tired to make this cleaner by using _WinHttpQueryDataAvailable @Extended value to get the exact bytes but this returns 3544 which is wrong. The full info from _WinHttpQueryHeaders() returns Content-Length: 6417819 which is correct and i will probably use instead.
  22. Don't know why corporations are so strict on updating 7-zip... can't they trust their employees a little more? They might end up using WinRAR with the perpetual trial license LOL P.S Sorry, couldn't resist the joke.
  23. @iamtheky at work I have just prepared my new notebook with win 10 1709 build 16299.15, and with the agent 12.0.1708 plus the update KB4043961 (see the link) I obtained only BSODs. Seems that you have to choice to stay without trendmicro client or the KB4043961. Oh, it's true that trendmicro has already released a patch but we are part of a "corporation" since two years and updating also 7zip is a "state affair"....
  24. According to the help file, the only valid options are ByValue and ByIndex. One option would be to use _IEFormElementGetCollection to get a collection of all form elements and then check each element until you find the desired one.
  25. Is it possible to select in IE a checkbox for text? <TD width="33%" rowSpan="1" colSpan="1"> <INPUT name="Ck007099000013" class="inputRadio" id="Ck007099000013" type="checkbox" value="13"/> Alumínio </TD> My code attempt: #include <IE.au3> checkBoxName("AutoCalculo", "Alumínio") Func checkBoxName($checkBoxForm, $checkBoxName) $oIE = _IECreate("https://www. ..........", 1, 1, 1, 1) Local $oForm = _IEFormGetObjByName($oIE, $checkBoxForm) _IEFormElementCheckBoxSelect($oForm, 0, $checkBoxName, 1, "byText") EndFunc ;==>checkBoxName Is it possible to select by text? or just by value, name and ID? Thank you!
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